Need a mid year reset?

In need of a mid-year reset? Here’s how…

I think it’s important that at certain times throughout the year, we give ourselves an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, create a fresh start vibe and have a bit of a life reset.

For me this happens three times a year, September, January and June! As it’s the 1st of June today, I’m having one almighty life reset, that will help me become refocused and ready for some hard (and smart) work, both business and body wise AND make time to relax and have fun with my family and friends.

That’s not to say I haven’t been working hard, or looking after myself, but I find sometimes as I get too busy or caught up being in my business not on my business, I do things without realizing it that take me away from my main goal of an enjoyable and easy life!  In other words, the balance goes. I also find personally that when I finish creating a big program like theTummy ATTACK  especially around being a single Mum of twins, I just end up doing too much and I have a little crash.

A little crash is often a good thing as it forces you to re-align your goals, but when people have crashes, get over tired, (even one client this morning was getting really grumpy with her husband and kids – right vibe for a Monday morning I’m not so sure?!), they make it a bad thing. But don’t. We all need to give ourselves the opportunity to change things and put stuff (even mistakes!) behind us. And this needs to be done GUILT FREE!

Many of my Mum clients I know are also on their last legs after half term (including me!), so as the kids go back to school today for another seven weeks or so and they get their fresh start, this is a REALLY GOOD time to get back into YOUR zone!

So here are my top 5 tips on how to reset yourself easily and successfully this June…

Make all your focus positive whilst still learning from errors or mishaps – I’ve been so busy juggling work and children with no childcare all winter, then creating a new program (and trying to be a good Mum!) in the spring, that I’ve not done as much writing and social media as I’d like. Some procedures at work have slipped through, I’ve made a few silly mistakes and I’ve had to deliver a couple of webinars late to my clients, which I hate But I’m human! So instead of looking at what I didn’t do, I literally wrote one long list of what I needed to do. Therefore I’m focusing on the solutions not the problems and my energy is one of problem solving and it’s a good energy! I have some childcare now, I’ve allocated some time to do more writing and all  my attention is on where I want to be not what I could have done better in the past.

Forget the past and begin again


Give yourself a timeframe to lockdown into – For me this is an easy one as I fly to Italy eight weeks today. Work wise and body wise I’ve devised an eight week plan that incorporates gym sessions, Tummy ATTACK videos, power walks, wine free nights etc. And work, certain days to do certain things as well as writing a clear plan on course dates for the next 12-18 months and a specific 3 month project plan between now and the end of August, delegation and so on. The fact I have a holiday at the end is a real driving force, so if you don’t have a holiday, maybe book a weekend or a day doing something as a nice reward at the end! Then you can plan another reset at the end as well. 🙂

Procrastination 3

What habits do you need to replace? I find that as I get tired, busy and juggle work and kids and home, bad habits creep in. ALL HABITS CAN BE BROKEN!  For me food is never an issue as I eat very well all of the time. But the wine was creeping in a bit too much, my house organization was dropping a bit, I wasn’t delegating stuff properly at work and I was becoming a bit forgetful.  I had sloppy habits creeping in and this is not me!  Although I was training myself, I felt like I could do more with a slightly different approach and knew I could get more out of my training sessions and me as a person with better habits! So I took the wine out on Saturday, and am back to having 5 wine free nights a week for the next eight weeks, I’ve spent this weekend getting my diary for the summer sorted, I’m delegating better and most importantly, I’m becoming more switched on! It’s an amazing feeling and has only taken a couple of days to reset and change! People really do underestimate the power of changing small things.

 Screenshot 2015-06-01 09.53.26

Have a really honest look at yourself and your life. Maybe there are things you are doing (or not doing!) that are holding you back from being the best version of you.  Maybe you’ve been in denial about something or not wanting to deal with something you know would benefit you. Maybe you’ve been shying away from getting back into a fitness routine, or changing a business plan because of fear. Be really honest about what you want and where you want to be and take a big leap of faith.  For many a reset isn’t total overhaul either. It certainly wasn’t for me this time round, but there was a conversation I had with myself (yes I talk to myself I’ll admit it!), which was ‘Janey, can you imagine how great you’ll feel if you stop doing X and start doing Y?!’ I’ve only shifted a few things (for some it will probably be more of course) but the outcome? Wow. Very powerful AND easier than you think to!

Take Control

Have courage to make the changes you need to.   Having taught my twins to ride their bikes without stabilisers off in half term, if there’s one thing I’ve realized from watching them, it’s a mental game. You want to do something but you’re afraid. You know that when you get to ride your bike (or whatever your goal is) you’re life will be so much better, easier, much more free even. Well let me tell you that the fear you have (or the resistance for that matter!) will never go away until you face up to it. Feel the fear and do it anyway!


So wipe the slate clean, see today as a new beginning and get your stabilisers off!

On my office wall I have a Tapestry my Nan made for me when I was younger which says:

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life”

DO IT. Whatever it is you want to do, achieve, be.

And let me know how you get on!

Janey x

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