The November Challenge!

November is an awesome month to lock in and get focused with food and fitness before the festive fun. But also a great month to get to bed earlier now the clocks have changed and replenish yourself ahead of winter. Of course if you’re in the southern hemisphere, it’s the month before summer! So wherever you are in the world, let’s get stuck into NOVEMBER!

I’ve created TWO 28 day challenges for you all and you can do one, the other or both!

Challenge one is the WOMAN ON A MISSION challenge, designed to help women lock into challenging, smart training sessions that will strengthen their bodies. And make clever food management choices that will increase nutrients and decrease toxins / un-needed excess calories.

It is such a great feeling to go into December feeling fit, healthy and strong, as well as having a great nutrient foundation to boost immunity and mood.

Challenge two is THE SLEEP challenge. Sooooo many of my clients are struggling to get enough shut eye at the moment and it’s impacting thoughts, feelings, food choices, metabolism and their results. Gradually over the 28 days you can increase sleep, explore and identify your sleep challenges, beliefs and habits so that you prioritise getting to bed at a better time for you and boost your quality of sleep.

The challenges run from Monday 5th November to Sunday 2nd December. And if you want additional support on either challenge then you can sign up to get free access to my secret Facebook support group (see how below!) where there will be even more bonus content, Q and As, support and inspiration!

I’m going to be doing both, because I LOVE going on a mission and really VALUE my sleep. Here’s what you have to do:




For 28 days you can either….

1) Do one of my 28 day bootcamps running 12th November to 9th December – currently on sale for just £28 (full price £99)! Choose from the Tummy ATTACK, Best Body, Sugar HIIT or SELF-CARE programs which are designed to help women change shape and strength in a short period of time but with a big focus on long term health and balanced living. They are packed with hours of online fitness videos, daily motivational emails and inspirational audios and they are a completely positive fitness experience created by a former exercise hater and sugar addict – ME!

2) Or, if you don’t want to do one of my bootcamps, you can create your own 28 day bootcamp! Ideas could include…

1. Power walking an hour everyday 5 x a week – need help with power walking? If you need ideas and training plans, access my free Power Walking Program HERE! (password: POWER)

2. Join a gym for a month and pick out some new classes to go to

3. If you love yoga, you could go to 3 different yoga classes a week and do 3 power walking sessions, same for Pilates or Zumba.

4. Maybe go swimming 3 times a week and find some online workouts to do around them

5. Do the couch to 5km challenge or a similar running program. Or if you’re already have access to classes or bootcamps like Fit for a Princess, you could up your game and fit more in, or add online workouts to them – it’s a win-win combining outdoor and online workouts as THIS BLOG explains the benefits!

The idea is you train smart, you lock in and train at least 5 days a week and you challenge your body to make it stronger and push yourself to burn calories.

All my 28 day bootcamps come with stacks of nutrition advice but if you need any extra support, download this amazing 48 page Ebook taken from my fabulous SELF-CARE bootcamp which is packed full of positive food principles, eating plans, stacks of recipes and more!

And here are the instructions on how to join my secret Facebook support group which I will be on daily, it’s great if you’re someone who thrives from accountability. Need to know more about the importance of accountability? Check out my accountability blog! I couldn’t be without it, yes even as someone who’s been in the health and fitness industry 18 years next spring 🙂

Look out for WOMAN ON A MISSION tips on my Janey Holliday Facebook page!



Sleep is the most underrated thing that women can do and need to boost results, positively impact food choices and make them feel alive again! As the clocks change it is the perfect time to embrace different habits and an earlier bedtime. Many sleep experts suggest going to bed earlier is far more beneficial than lying in

Sometimes people can just suddenly change their bed time, but others are better off easing into a healthier / earlier sleep routine by small changes, adjusted week by week.

Before you decide what to do, here are 10 sleep challenge self-coaching questions to ask yourself:

1. What time are you currently going to bed?

2. What time would you like to go bed in an ideal world?

3. What are the reasons you’re not getting to bed at that time?

4. What bad habits do you have in the evenings (things you might be doing or not doing) that are impacting when you get to bed?

5. What one thing could you do to help you get to bed earlier?

6. What is the second thing you could do to help you get to bed earlier?

7. What is the third thing you could do to help you get to bed earlier?

8. How would sleeping longer and better positively impact your life? Who and what would benefit and what are the reasons this would be the case?

9. If you were to create an evening wind down routine so that you were un-plugging, doing less and relaxing the body, what would it look like?

10. If you are able to implement this straight away, great – get started! If not, what is stopping you? Get specific and challenge those answers. BE IN COMMAND OF YOUR TIME, BOUNDARIES AND CHOICES!


Many of you will know I am a single Mum of three, but I know the importance of sleep. In order for me to get to bed at 8.30/9pm (my preferred time), I had to completely change my home organisation. Things like:

1. No work emails / client interaction in my groups after 6pm

2. All my exercise gear, clothes for the next day, my work bags packed by 5pm

3. Getting all jobs done quickly, earlier in the evening by being productive and not multi tasking

4. Taking my 2 yr old daughter’s lunch time sleep out so she can go to bed earlier

5. Sorting out a better evening routine for my 10 year old twins, ensuring there is family time once she is asleep, wind down time for us (talking / cuddling on the sofa) and a 20-30 minute read in bed before lights out

6. Putting much less on my to do list each day – this helped a lot. Only the essential / important gets done now!

7. Saying no to more things which sometimes means other people are let down (this means NOT worrying what others think of you when you start saying no) –I see so many women up until very late at night because they are doing way too much and way to much for others – slow down and put YOU first!

8. Monitoring my crappy habits (I know once I start watching TV I can get submerged and hours pass!) and drinking much less wine.

9. Switching my phone on air plane mode 60 mins before I go to bed (and I also leave it on air plane mode for the first 30-60 minutes of the day when I get up) and generally ensuring very little tech time in the evening. I don’t have an Ipad and hate using my smart phone so if I need to be online it’s for very short times on my laptop.

10. Having a turmeric latte before bed or a sleepy tea and also doing a few minutes of deep breathing / mini meditation once I’m in bed to help me get to sleep better.

My daughter still wakes up 3-4 times a night so my sleep isn’t perfect by any means and I also teach bootcamps 3 mornings a week which means getting up at 5.15am. But getting to bed early is honestly my secret weapon! But it doesn’t happen by chance, you have to create it!


Your sleep challenge is down to you to create but here’s a simple way to get to bed earlier gradually over the 28 days:

* Week one –Aim to get to bed 15-30 minutes earlier.

* Week two – Aim to get to bed 30-45 minutes earlier

* Week three – Aim to get to bed 45-60 minutes earlier

* Week four – Aim to get to bed 60-90 minutes earlier

Of course you can be fully in control of the times and adjustments, this is just an idea. 90 minutes earlier might be completely unobtainable for you at the moment and not something you want or need, perhaps 45 minutes could be enough and make a real difference. So start small and build on it each day.

Or if you’re like me, just set a big goal that says ‘Get into bed by 8.30pm!’ and make that happen!

Look out for lots SLEEP tips throughout November on my Janey Holliday Facebook page!

And don’t forget to join my secret Facebook support group (with the Facebook access instructions HERE) so that you can join me and lots if incredible women all over the world who will be aiming to get more and better sleep over those 28 days. Plus there will be lots of bonus sleep tips and evening routine ideas!

Any questions, let me know. And please share this blog if you have any friends or family that would benefit from these challenges 🙂

Here’s to a GREAT month!

Janey xx

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