Ode to the mums who train

This is to you all you mums out there who are juggling kids and training… 


Well done, for motivating yourself to go for a jog or a walk or get to a class, when quite frankly you’d rather be chilling out on your sofa with a cup of tea, a piece of cake and reading hello magazine.

For setting your alarm before your kids get up, when you’d really rather have an extra hours sleep so you can get your workout done at the start of the day.

For still going out to train when one or all of your children are wailing and holding on to your legs begging you not to  leave.  As you walk away with tears down your face, you keep going because you know that this is your time and an important investment in your health. It makes you a better mum and will also benefit them long term.

For working super efficiently in the day so you can clock off half an hour early and squeeze some training in on the way home, when you’d rather be rushing home to get your PJ’s on and chilling with your kids in front of the telly or going out with work colleagues for a glass (or bottle of wine)

For taking your baby to a workout and juggling nappy changes and burps mid class

Sitt Gem and Ellison

For fitting in your workout when one of your children is napping when you’re house is a mess and you really need to do some housework or so tired, you’d rather crawl into bed and nap yourself.

For choosing to go and train for an hour,  when other mums are sat in the café drinking lattes and eating cake.

For paying out on childcare so you can burn some calories when you’d rather be going out and having fun.

For saying no to the second glass of wine or pudding when everyone else on the table is tucking in as you go about losing your baby weight.

For prioritizing your workout over other things that you’d like to do but know won’t get you to your goal.

For doing your home DVD workout in your trackies whilst the kids are watching Baby Einstein or Mickey Mouse, when you’d rather be chatting to a friend.

(Here is little Lexie, 3 months watching her Mum Anna complete her day two Tummy ATTACK workout!)

Screenshot 2016-03-02 11.15.36

For doing the school run in your ageing workout gear that has baby food down the front, with no make up on, so you could go to the gym straight after drop off.

For cycling to and from work, often in the pouring rain, because that’s the only way you can fit your training in,

For investing in yourself fitness wise when money is tight.

For compromising time with your children as you strive to become a better, fitter you.

For acknowledging that when you compromise on fun, focus on sleeping more and make a real effort, you can get what you want.

For prioritizing me time and realizing that when you look after you, and are fit and healthy, everyone benefits.

For forgiving yourself that your body may not be  quite what it used to be, because your amazing body created and grew another human being or more.


But also, and most importantly, seeing that rest is as good as your training sessions sometimes and you can and should take a break – guilt free.

This Mothers day, make sure you’re looked after. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to train, but make sure that you have a day where you don’t do the housework, you don’t worry about the kids or the house or your finances, or your body shape.

Kick back, relax and be proud. Have some wine. Eat some pudding even (I give you full permission!)

What a great woman you are :o)

Janey x

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