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Create the life you’ve always dreamt of with the One Life Hub and Club

  • Do you crave a better life experience? There
  • Are you time poor, struggling with headspace and mental clarity, low on energy?
  •  Do you want to be the boss of your own life again, but unsure how or where to start?
  • Do you want to improve your mindset and reignite your mojo?
  • As a bright, intelligent woman, are you frustrated that you’re dragged down by your inner voice and the life grind?
  • Perhaps you’ve got a lot of life stuff going on behind the scenes and you’d love to be able to cope with these challenges in a calmer and stronger way?
  • Would you like to lighten up, have more fun! And move through life with more joy and ease?
  • Do you want to live life to the full and make your dreams your reality?
  • How about making great stuff happen and remember who the hell you are?!

If this sounds like you, then I have the perfect solution!  With the right blend of ideas, inspiration, coaching, resources and support. In my life-changing membership of the One Life Hub and Club.

“I love the One Life Hub. I’ve swapped soul destroying scrolling to uplifting audios – and the difference in my mood and mental health is huge” Julie M 

My One Life Hub for women (we also have a men’s hub here), is a one stop shop; where ALL the content I’ve ever created and will ever create is in ONE place. At ONE price. To help you make the most out of your ONE life. It covers eight areas; mindset, time management, business, technology, money, health, fitness and family. 

We only get one life. Make the most of it by joining the One Life Hub and Club.

What is the One Life Hub and Club?

A one stop shop for taking back control of your mind, time and life. Audios, videos, eBooks, workbooks and more. Focusing on 3 key areas: Mindset, life management and business.

One Life Hub

  • Hundreds of bitesize mind, time and life enhancing audios, videos and resources, that will help you take control of your life.
  • You can complete the individual courses in the Hub one by one. Or, as many do; pick and mix to suit your needs and lifestyle.
  • All hosted in one easy-to-use membership platform, with one simple log in.
  • Accessible from any desktop, laptop, gadget or smart phone.
  • Priced at £24.99 a month or £249 for a discounted annual upfront membership.
  • No contracts or membership hassle; sign out anytime.

One Life Club

  • All of the incredible resources, videos, training and audios included in the Hub.
  • PLUS support from an experienced, supportive and upbeat coach.
  • Q&A sessions, weekly group coaching, monthly life management group coaching call, a categorised Q&A replay library, The One Life Book Club, and regular contact with me.
  • You’ll also be part of a tribe of like-minded women all on different journeys, all working through my trainings and resources to reclaim their power and take back control of their lives.
  • Priced at £49.99 per month, or £449 annual membership
  • Or, NEW! Spring Pass also available – £99 for 10 weeks, places limited
  • No contracts or membership hassle; sign out anytime.

“What I love most is waking up and thinking ‘what shall I listen to today?’. I head into the Hub and make a decision based on how I’m feeling that day. Every audio I’ve listened to has made me feel empowered or better about myself and my life.” Sam H

I’m ready!


Want to make the rest of your life the best of your life?  

“My 2023 objective is to not waste my valuable life on late night Netflix and watching the news first thing (both make me feel crap!) – instead I’m going to listen to your calls and be the boss of my life again.” Sarah L

It’s time to take action to tackle overwhelm and start living the life you’ve dreamed of living. The One Life Hub and Club is the place to be if…

  • You want to create a better life experience for yourself
  • You’d love to lower stress, fear, anxiety and worry
  • You want to increase calm, clarity and confidence
  • You’d benefit from working on your mindset, motivation, mojo and mental health
  • You’d love to take back control of your time, energy, boundaries and choices
  • Strategies and ideas to help you cope better with difficult behind-the-scenes situations would be so helpful for you
  • Being able to communicate more effectively and be heard by those around you would make a big difference to your life
  • You’d love to lighten up and enjoy life a bit more!
  • You’d value unbiased, expert advice with things you might not want to discuss with colleagues, partners or friends

“I’m genuinely really surprised at how much I took from the Friday group call. It was brilliant! I really liked seeing you coach some of the women – I’ve never seen coaching being done like that! There was so much I could apply to me. I’m off to start RISE now. Thanks Janey!”

The One Life Hub and Club will support you to:

  • Address your mindset with easy-to-understand psychology and coaching – which offer game-changing thinking and strategies – transferrable to all areas of your life.
  • Gain clarity, calm and confidence with aspects of your life where you currently feel overwhelmed and out of control
  • Develop a second-to-none mind and life management tool kit; with both quick-wins and long-term strategies, to help you feel good about yourself and your life and cope better in life.
  • Feel more motivated and focused enabling you to be more productive and successful with your goals
  • Create more time and energy for the people and things important to you
  • Build an authentic life where you thrive, so you have peace of mind and can live life to the max


And the membership doesn’t just benefit YOU. It also benefits other women: I donate 5% of all subscriptions of the One Life Hub and Club and 5% of all non-membership program bookings to Women’s Aid via Work for Good each month. This is through my “GIFT FOR WOMEN”.concept.


Here’s what you get when you join the One Life Hub:


  • BEST – 80 x 30-minute mindset audios
  • I’ve got the POWER – 40 x 15-minute motivation audios
  • 30 Days to a High Vibe Life – 30 x 5 to 8-minute audios
  • RISE – 6 x 30-minute audios with self-coaching eBooks
  • HOW TO series (inc. managing inner dialogue, dealing with complicated relationships, coping better and making peace when child/children turn out differently to how you’d hoped
  • Much more to come, depending upon members’ needs


  • The Life Management Formula: 60-minute Zoom replay with downloadable templates
  • TIME BOSS with 20 time, energy and headspace management tutorials (creating your optimum week and month, time blocking, time batching, managing distractions, focus techniques and more) – with downloadable templates
  • TECH BOSS program with 15 tech management and tech mindset modules teaches you how to be a tech master, not a tech slave.“I did not come on to the planet to spend seven hours a day on my phone” was something I said to myself a little while back and, as a parent of teenagers, positive technology management in my home is hugely important to me.
  • MONEY BOSS – Simple money management techniques for personal and business finances and improving money mindset – rolls out from March
  • HOME BOSS – A variety of family-related calls in there. Home management calls roll out from March; including guest expert The Organising Lady


  • BEST: Business – a mindset program for small businesses: 30 x 30-minute audios
  • Business Basecamp Formula – a three-part webinar series so you can become fully connected to your business and take it to new heights
  • Ideas to Income challenge replay


  • The Gut Health Series with Alex Manos – FIVE hours of incredible content from one of the UK’s leading gut health and functional medicine experts
  • 3PHealth – a comprehensive health program, covering principles, psychology and planning, by Janey Holliday and co-coach Gill Harvey-Bush (experienced psychologist)

And choose from SIX online bootcamps:


Sounds amazing, right?!

I’ve designed The One Life Hub to be easy to navigate, easy to access (it’s all online, available 247, listen on the go; walking the dog, on the school run, cooking, ironing, doing the washing up…) and it’s super effective.

“I wanted to give a big shout out for BEST. Last week I was really overwhelmed with new year and resolutions. The audios have really helped me realise I needed a reset. I needed to wipe the slate clean of 2022 before beginning to think about 2023. I now feel that I have a better grip on reality and am feeling so much better about myself and my life.”  Penny T

The total cost of all the course content mentioned above to buy individually is over £1500!

But you can join The One Life Hub for £24.99 per month or a discounted annual price of £249 and get ALL of this positive goodness.

I need the hub!



If you want even more, then you can sign up to The One Life Club. In it, you get access to all the amazing courses, resources, audios, videos and eBooks in the Hub, along with:

  • Group coaching accountability
  • A tribe of like-minded women
  • Live Q&As and replays
  • check-in group coaching sessions
  • a brilliant book group
  • A friendly Facebook group

Join The One Life Club for £49.99 per month or a discounted annual payment of £449

The club is for me!



What makes the One Life Hub and Club different?

“Very upbeat and inspiring – Janey’s enthusiasm for life and living it well is infectious.”

  • Hours and hours of useful, game-changing audios and resources for you to follow at a pace that suits you; choosing the ones most relevant to you
  • A combination of life-enhancing expertise with the perfect balance of mindset and practical components
  • A tribe of like-minded women all looking to inspire and encourage each other (when you join The One Life Club)
  • And me!

I’m Janey Holliday, life and mindset coach, former fitness guru, and single mum of three.

I’m not like other coaches. Why?

  • Friendly
  • Relaxed
  • Relatable
  • Fun
  • Accessible
  • Butt-kicking yet gentle

“Janey manages to be uplifting, engaging and supportive whilst focused throughout on encouraging us to take action. At the end of each audio, I really believe in myself and my ability to make changes in my life.”

How can the One Life Hub and Club help you?

Got a great idea for your own business, but your mindset is holding you back? Rachael Bowie listened to BEST (in the Hub), which gave her the ability to ‘get out of her own way’, and the confidence to set up her own business making jewellery which she sells on Etsy. She then made her way through the BEST:Business calls (in the Hub) and has grown her business, pushed through procrastination and become more confident and light hearted than ever before.

Facing challenges in your life and need some hand-holding and positivity? Honor Davis-Marks was going through a long and difficult divorce and needed help to manage the anger, regret and bitterness that the process was causing. She listened to BEST in The One Life Hub, and benefitted from live coaching in The One Life Club: “It put me in a place of strength and resilience,” she reveals. “It was also a safe place to come to rant or ask questions without dumping it all on my real-life friends. The support I have received far exceeded my expectations. I’ve become more chilled and I think I’ve become a better friend and person, due to having a much better perspective on things.”

Struggling with your weight and want to feel more positive about your body image? Catherine took part in the Hub’s Best Body Bootcamp and from doing it three times back to back; went from size 22 to a size 14. “Janey’s food plan is easy to understand and easy to incorporate into everyday life,” she explains. “After years of trying every diet on the market, I had completely lost touch with how to eat a normal balanced diet. Thanks to Janey’s advice, I can make a healthy choice in any situation. It’s no exaggeration to say that Janey’s body image webinar has changed my life.”

Sounds awesome, I’m in!


Any questions? I’m happy to help.

Q: What’s the difference between The One Life Hub and The One Life Club?

A: The One Life Hub is where you’ll find all of my training resources, videos, eBooks and programs. The One Life Club is everything you find in the Hub PLUS life coaching, accountability and live group sessions with me.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: The One Life Hub is £24.99 or £249 a year and the One Life Club is £49.99 a month or £449 a year. NEW! Spring Pass available; access the One Life Hub and Club for 10 weeks for £99! It’s super simple to sign up and will take you about a minute.


Q: What if I don’t like it?

A: There’s no contracts or membership hassle, so it’s not for you, you can sign out at anytime by cancelling your subscription or popping us an email.


Q: How many hours a week will I need to commit?

A: As with many things in life, you’ll get out what you put in! But as you probably know I like my clients to be the boss of their lives, so it’s entirely up to you. Many of the audios in The Hub are just five minutes long but can have a real impact on your life and ways of thinking. The joy of the membership is that you can do as much or as little as you like. With The Club, most weeks we have an hour-long call on a Friday afternoon for a group check-in, masterclass or coaching call. But there are replays and you can dip in as you wish.


Q: This sounds too challenging for me.

A: Making real change requires some work. If you’re looking to change your life with a 90 second reel you’re in the wrong place. But smart work pays off. So if you’re not ready to do the work, then ask yourself if you really want things to change. And I have a saying; whatever you don’t change, you are choosing.


Q: When does the membership start?
A: As soon as you join! You’ll get access to all of my online courses, audios and resources. And if you join The One Life Club you’ll get instant access to our gorgeous Facebook community plus weekly Friday (term time only) live coaching sessions. Pre-recorded Q and As are emailed out each week as and when questions are submitted and these run all year long.


Q: Do I really need to spend money on something like this?

A: If you’re ready to get clarity on the overwhelming aspects of your life, and start taking better care of your mind and body to improve your life experience, then The One Life Hub or Club will be an amazing investment for you. Take a quick look at my testimonials page to see the true value that hundreds of women have enjoyed from my programs.


Q: There’s so much stuff, I find it overwhelming and don’t know where to start.

A: I can understand that! The contents of The One Life Hub are the result of more than a decade of coaching work. I’ve supported hundreds of people through my programs, and recently decided to wrap everything up into a straightforward membership offering either courses and resources (The Hub), or courses, resources and interactive coaching (The Club).


Q: What if I don’t run a business?

A: Many of my clients don’t own businesses. They may be in mid-life, managing motherhood, be part of the sandwich generation (caring for their own children and their own parents), or be keen to improve their health and fitness. Although I’m a business coach as well as a life and mindset coach, you don’t have to run a business to benefit from my varied programs.


Q: When do live sessions happen? What if I can’t make lives?

A: Live coaching calls take place on Friday afternoons (term time only) at 1.15pm GMT. If you can’t make the live call, you can catch up via a recording, which will be sent to you the same day.


Q: I’ve signed up for programs like this in the past and they haven’t worked. How soon will I start to feel the benefits?

A: Perhaps you didn’t vibe with that coach, you found the course content too overwhelming, or you struggled to motivate yourself to get going with what was on offer. My many happy clients will tell you that’s simply not the case with my programs: from my coaching style to my positive vibe and no-BS approach, this could be the one that works for you! You can enjoy the benefits straight away, with access to all the training and recordings in The Hub as soon as you sign up for membership.

Do you have any other questions? Drop me an email at

“I am so happy I found you and have joined. Your audios are helping me so much, the other women are lovely and although I haven’t quite nailed the life planning side, I am making some really nice changes and I’m feeling a lot less overwhelmed”

Perhaps you’re thinking: “Who is Janey?”

I’m Janey Holliday, and I’m looking forward to working with you in The One Life Hub and Club. Together, we can work on many aspects of your life so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

I’ve been in the coaching and wellness industry for more than 20 years. I worked first as a fitness instructor (I founded one of London’s most successful women’s outdoor bootcamp brand Fit for a Princess in 2003), and have been working as an online coach since 2011. Since then, I’ve created more than 25 programs, received hundreds of testimonials, appeared in the national press and on TV, and made a difference to thousands of people’s lives.

I created the One Life Hub to bring together all of these programs, adding in the One Life Club too so people like you can benefit from my in-person expertise and:

  • Take back control of your mind, time and life so you can create the authentic life experience you truly want for yourself, and find the headspace and energy for the things you love and that are important to you
  • Learn how to think differently so you can live better, challenge your boundaries and choices, find more peace, and be on your own side for good
  • Be inspired, making the journey of change way more enjoyable, expansive and empowering
  • Realise that ANYTHING is possible with the right approach, coach, mindset and environment. Everything is on the table, and it’s never too late
  • Life can change for the better quickly! Hanging out with me and listening to my content will give you AHA moments and breakthroughs from the get-go .  And you are going to LOVE the way you feel!

I’m ready to join you!

“A great friend gifted me the “2022 end of year 3 month BEST pass” and I instantly felt a connection to Janey and the way she works. I’ve jumped straight in with the new One Life Club.  And love the combination of the audios and programs that you can dip in and out of.  I’ve done 30 days to a high vibe life and I’m currently doing the RISE program and getting so many breakthroughs. It’s been lovely to bring out parts of me that had been forgotten! And my plan is to make my way through the BEST calls next.  I get a lot from the live Friday group coaching calls.  And I always feel a sense of calm come over me, knowing I’m going to get an hour with Janey at the end of the week. Any problems seem to melt away!  I really enjoy being part of a group of women. And I’ve never felt so heard and supported as I do in this group. I’ve sent in a few questions to the Q and As and the advice is always useful and easy to implement. I get so much from hearing advice on other people’s questions too. All of this has been hugely beneficial to my mindset and mental health. I can’t believe how different I feel and I highly recommend!”