One Life Hub for men summary

Hi there

  • There are 8 main areas to the hub; Mindset, time, health, fitness, family, business, money and technology
  • There are no wrong or right ways to make your way through the content, just take a look and think about what you need most right now – the intro audio will help you with this.
  • Some hub areas include entire programs, others individual calls
  • Some hub areas have three or four programs, others just have a few calls
  • We will be adding new content to the hub throughout the year – if you have any requests, simply emails us!
  • You can do one entire program at a time followed by another
  • You can do more that one program at a time along side each other
  • You can pick and mix between the content most suited to you and your current needs
  • Or a combination of these
  • Some programs come with daily or weekly emails and audios that you can set off to be sent straight to your inbox.
  • For all these programs, ALL content is also available upfront.
  • So you can always work at a pace or timeframe to suit you.
  • Some of the programs have optional coaching ebooks and homework, you decide what you want to do and you don’t need to submit anything.
  • At the moment, we are not running group coaching calls with the men’s hub. We did some research and the general feedback was it would be useful to have audio Q and As, but not the group coaching.  The Q and As will be pre-recorded, so you don’t have to be anywhere to listen. Simply submit questions via email ( or by this anonymous survey link if you prefer –
  • Once we receive them, we will record them and email them to you.
  • When submitting a Q and A, we always cover anonymously and they will NOT be shared with the women’s hub and club.
  • However, there will be other men in the hub that will hear the Q and A replays. So please take out any major personal details; i.e. you can change where you live, or your occupation, or the amount of children you have etc, if you want to remain completely anonymous!
  • If you have a female partner or wife that you know is the women’s hub / club, please be assured that ANY details you share on the Q and A or emails in will NOT be shared with them. And vice versa!
  • Client confidentiality and integrity is absolutely key. And the men’s and women’s tailor made content is NEVER shared  with any other group.
  • I would advise you to get a notebook to make notes as you make your way through audios and content (if useful to you).
  • Writing down questions as they come in to your mind can be very useful.  You can then send them in to us to help you.
  • And if you’re setting off daily / weekly emails, then definitely create a folder in your inbox.
  • As per the intro audio, some of these programs (like BEST, BEST:Business, Tummy ATTACK, SELF-CARE, Best Body bootcamp etc.) were originally created for women.  This does not mean that you can’t do them – in fact many of our clients’ partners have done these programs with or alongside them – with HUGE success!
  • However the audios are likely to start with ‘Hi Ladies’ so just ignore that part!
  • One client’s husband did the Tummy ATTACK and got a running PB after the 28 day program, he couldn’t believe it. But he didn’t listen to the daily emails, he just followed the videos, eating plans and recipes.
  • RISE, 30 days to a high vibe life, I’ve got the POWER, TIME Boss, Tech Boss and Money Boss were all designed to help men and women from the outset.

Any questions let me know!