Let me introduce you to The One Life Hub for men!


My name is Janey Holliday and I’m a very experienced mindset, life management and small business coach.

I have been running online programs since 2011. Which were primarily aimed at women. But after so many of my client’s husbands and partners getting so much from listening to their program content (!), I started to create new programs that were aimed at men just as much as women.

And my One Life Hub for men is now open!

I know there is simply not enough help, ideas, resources, coaching, training, inspiration and support for men out there. So if you are someone who wants to boosts their mindset, motivation, mental health and mojo. And want to improve the way they manage their time and life. The One Life Club has an abundance of resources for you!

Although I have previously only offered my online programs and group coaching to women, I have coached a lot of men over the last 15 years. I’ve also spoken at business events for men and I’ve been a motivational keynote speaker at a variety of corporate businesses – aimed at men and women.

“Janey has changed my life twice. First time, in the middle of a major career change, I went to her with a dozens ideas buzzing through my head. She helped me distil them down to a working plan that launched me on the road to success. Five years later, when I was looking to diversify and expand, Janey again used her practical knowledge and ability to inspire and draw the best out of clients to get me focused and up and running”

Roger Love, Small Business Coaching client

My One Life Hub for men, is a one stop shop; where ALL the content I’ve ever created and will ever create is on ONE place. At ONE price. To help you make the most out of your ONE life.

It covers eight areas; mindset, time management, health, fitness, family, business, money and technology.

The One Life Hub will help you if you:

  • Want to create a better life experience for yourself
  • Want to lower stress, fear, anxiety and worry
  • Want to increase calm, clarity and confidence
  • Need to improve your mindset, motivation and mental health
  • Need to take back control of your time, energy, boundaries and choices
  • Need strategies and ideas you cope better with difficult things you may have going on behind the scenes
  • Would like to be able to communicate better and be heard by those around you
  • Would like to lighten up and enjoy life a bit more!
  • Would like neutral and expert advice with things that you might not want to discuss with colleagues, partners or friends


  • Hundreds of bitesize mind, time and life enhancing audios, videos and resources, that will help you take command of your life
  • You can complete the individual courses in there, one by one. Or, as many do; pick and mix the parts you need across the different ones.
  • You can submit any questions as the men’s hub also includes unlimited Q and As (ONLY shared with the men’s hub members)
  • It’s all hosted in my easy-to-use membership platform, with a simple log in.
  • And it’s accessible from any desk top, laptop, gadget or smart phone.
  • There is also an optional Facebook group

Think of it as a Netflix Library of mind, time and life resources.

At your finger tips, 247!  With tailor-made advice should you need it.


There is no long term commitment to be part of the Hub. So if it’s not for you, or you’ve taken what you need from it, you can simply sign out any time.

Want to join?

There are 2 ways:

  1. A £24.99 as a monthly reoccurring payment (which you can sign out of any time)
  2. A discounted annual upfront payment of £249 (your first payment gives you 12 months access to the hub and a further £249 12 months later – but you can sign out anytime)

“Janey’s coaching style is very practical. And whilst no nonsense, it’s also inspirational, upbeat and actionable. I always come away from the motivational lunch talks in my company and our 30 minute 121s, with simple things that I can immediately implement straight away. Highly recommend” Zenith Optimum Media client


Get access today!



Please note that if you are woman wanting to gift a membership to your partner, you need to book on the box below with your email. And then message us his email so we can email him and give him direct access to the membership manually.




Here’s a summary of the different areas in the hub.

And if you’d like to see a list of all the calls available in the Hub, CLICK HERE.


BEST – 80 x 30 minute mindset audios

I’ve got the POWER – 40 x 15 minute motivation audios

30 days to a high vibe life – 30 x 5-8 minute audios

RISE – 6 x 30 minute audios with self-coaching ebooks



Life Management Formula – 60 minute zoom replay with templates to download

TIME BOSS – 20 x 20-60 minute audios and zooms, teaching everything from basic time and energy management, creating your optimum week and month to time blocking, time batching, managing distractions, focus techniques




The Gut Health Series with Alex Manos – 5 hours of incredible content from one of the UK’s leading gut health and functional medicine experts

The comprehensive 3PHealth program (covering principles, psychology and planning) run by me and my co-coach and experienced psychologist Gill Harvey Bush




There are are six online bootcamps to choose from; 10 mins a day bootcamp, Best Body bootcamp, SELF-CARE bootcamp, Tummy ATTACK bootcamp, SugarHIIT bootcamp, and Busy Man’s bootcamp

They are packed with online fitness videos, healthy eating and positive lifestyle advice. And all the 28 day ones have daily emails and audios that are packed with inspiration to get you going each day and get you to the end!




This family section covers home management, relationships, sandwich generation, SEN support and more. And will build up over time, depending what members need.  You can currently also access the “HOW TO deal with complicated relationships”, “HOW TO cope and make peace when your child/children turn out different to what you hoped”.




In this section there is:

BEST:Business – a small business mindset program – 30 x 30 minute audios

Business Basecamp Formula; a three part webinar series to help you get fully connected to your business and take it to new heightss

The Ideas to Income Challenge replay



Money Boss teaches people how to manage their money better and to have a more expansive energy around money. It covers simple money management techniques for personal and business. And ways to understand and improve your money mindset. Content available end of February.





“I did not come into the planet to spend seven hours a day on my phone” was something I said to myself a little while back and as parents of teenagers positive technology management in my home is hugely important to me.

TECH BOSS teaches you how to be a tech master not a tech slave.




The total cost of all the course content to buy individually is over £1500!

But to access all of these via the One Life Hub – and ALL future content – your subscription (which you can sign out of ANYTIME!) is as follows.





Please note that some of the earlier content like BEST, was originally created for women. So a heads up that a lot of those audios will start with “Hi Ladies” and there may be the odd flamingo in some of the Ebook branding! But many of my client’s partners have listened to the content of those and still found it extremely helpful and transferrable to them. The later programs have been put together with men and women in mind. As will the future content.

Finally, nothing that is ever submitted in the One Life Hub for men Q and As will be shared with the women’s hub – they are entirely separate memberships!