How an online bootcamp can help you!

Over the last few years I’ve created a variety of online bootcamps. They’ve all been successful in many different ways but recently I’ve added a new dimension that has made them even more motivational. It’s helping women all over the world as you’ll see below, commit to following and reaching their fitness, mind and body goals!

Here are 10 photos taking from our current June secret Facebook group, that were shared by women (who are either doing the Tummy ATTACK, Best Body or SugarHIIT bootcamps) to inspire other women in the group to eat healthier, train harder and feel better. The result? A huge ripple effect of motivation that is just so brilliant to see!

  1. Client in India who is packing up and moving to another country yet STILL managing to do her Tummy ATTACK workouts around the packers. The group have been inspired there are literally NO EXCUSES!

SFB moving from India

2. A FFAP Wandsworth client is on holiday in Santorini at the moment and is doing her Tummy ATTACK workouts each morning from her apartment. She’s also been sharing pics of her step runs through one of the most beautiful places in the world. The group have been inspired that you can keep going no matter what!

SFB Santorini


3. One client was in work in Kuala Lumpur and took this pic from a roof top bar. She’d chosen great food all day in other meetings and was indulging in a planned and well deserved glass of wine! The group have been inspired that you can always make good food choices when you want to! 

SFB KL bar

4. One of our busy clients in Portugal fitting in her exercise around the children and her business. The group have been inspired that where there’s a will, there’s a way!

SFB Portugal beach

5. One of our clients in Switzerland is power walking on top of her videos to escape the juggle of twins. The group have been inspired to make time for them when they need it!

SFB Switzerland square

6. Many of the girls cook delicious meals and share their pictures and recipes with our group! Here’s a chilli crab wheat free spaghetti with courgetti. The group have been inspired to cook new things and that healthy eating can be tasty and easy!


SFB Chill crab pasta

7. Some clients can’t or don’t want to leave the house! The group have been inspired to set up a mini gym in your own home and get on with it!

SFB weights at home

8. One client enjoys evening HIIT sessions in the fresh air! The group have been inspired to get their trainers on and work hard even at the end of a busy day!

SFB Evening HIIT run

9. And sometimes the clients meet up in person! Here is my Fit for a Princess class on Sunday with five online bootcamp girls there. The group have been inspired to train outdoors as well as online!

Wandsworth Janey 12th June

10. And there’s a lot of crazy pictures like this with us all being silly as we come to the end of our workout! The group have been inspired to HAVE FUN WHILST THEY GET FITTER!

Janey & a horse

Plus, here’s a sneak peak into some of the written posts (without pics!) that inspire the group to train, or the group inspires themselves to train!

“I found myself not wanting to exercise today, but with Janey’s voice in my head going “press play, press play!” and the realisation that lying there wide awake arguing with myself about it wasn’t any better than just getting on with it, I got up and did my workout!”


“I realised that I was going to have to get up at 5am yesterday if I was going to fit exercise in, I was dreading it but guess what… I did it and it was fine, in fact it was better than fine – charging round the countryside at that time of the morning is sublime, I think it’s going to be a regular Monday morning slot. Janey your audio this morning was spot on for me, thank you. It made me work soooo hard!”


“You were right Janey, the secret facebook is so much more motivational than the forum!”


“Well thanks to this mornings audio and the kick up the backside and support from you all, I have had a great morning! I did today’s (tough) video PLUS the recharge video!! Woooop wooopppp!”


“Seems Wobbly Wednesday is back… It hits after a good start of the week on Monday and Tuesday. Suddenly on Wednesday you are tempted to have a little break, take it easy, not do your workout. Last week some of us pledged to fight the wobble by committing to eat well and exercise on Wednesday and report back in the evening. It worked well as it pushed us to complete our goals for the day. Who wants to join me on today’s Wobbly Wednesday fight and work through it together? Meet you back tonight to report on how the day went!”


“No working out today due to early start + late night at work. The old me would have used that as excuse to load up on snacks and junk, and than would have felt bad about being bad. But instead I feel so strong: I was awesome at food management all day. I am happy with what I achieved at the office and have the flexibility to use today as an extra bootcamp rest day. Tomorrow I’ll wake up a bit earlier to make sure I am on track again. No drama, no guilt. Come on day 10 I am ready for you.”

Women who work together and support each other are women who become more self-motivated AND enjoy their fitness journey.  COME AND JOIN US and see for yourselves!

Janey x

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