Behind the scenes of an online bootcamp!

Before you’ve taken part in online fitness program with us, it’s hard for you to know what to expect. So I wanted to put together a blog for you that explains the “behind the scenes” of our Best Body, Sugar HIIT & Tummy ATTACK bootcamps. Even if you have done one of these bootcamps before, you’ll find some really inspirational things here – so read on and enjoy!

  • Global boot campers! – You can take part anywhere in the world – here is a map to show where our lovely online clients are based at the moment!


Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.11.48


“Having moved from the UK a year ago, I was finding the Expat lifestyle a little lonely & stressful. I then discovered Janey’s online bootcamps and I can’t imagine my life without them!”

  • A breath of fresh air – When you do an online bootcamp you don’t have to do all your training inside. In fact on all our programs you can do some or all of your cardio in the fresh air. We encourage our online clients to share their training pictures (now via our new secret Facebook group) –  check out the lovely image below from one of our April Best Body bootcampers doing her 60 min power walk session across the fields.

11th April - Client power walking view


  • Blending bootcamps and eating bacon! – Here’s some photos that our Wandsworth Fit for a Princess client shared on the April Tummy ATTACK secret Facebook group. Saturday, she did a TA workout, then on Sunday, went to a FFAP bootcamp, starting her day with a green smoothie to balance out Sunday brunch with bacon! Although these bootcamps are only 28 days, many clients like this repeat them all of the time anytime. Plus we encourage balance on all our programs – you can eat interesting, yummy and exciting foods without worrying about it and it being boring! With the Tummy ATTACK we have a great recipe planner for you to refer to and get top tips and ideas on quick and easy meals!

11th April - Bootcamp and food inspiration


“I just love the flexibility of the online bootcamps and they are so cost-effective too!”


  • Bootcamps with babies! We have many new Mums doing our online bootcamps – a big advantage to doing our programs is if you can’t get out the house you can still get in your daily workouts! This is one of our serial online bootcamp clients who’s used our programs to get in shape after all three of (and in between!) her children. She also uses the secret Facebook groups to get extra motivation and support now. The other day this client did her workout before any of her children had even got up, which inspired the rest of the team to crack on with their workouts! Where there’s a will there’s a way…

11th April - Baby I-pad


  • The Cat ATTACK – It’s not just the kids that like to get involved with the online bootcamps, here is another new mum of ours whose cat joined in with her six pack ATTACK workout from the April Tummy ATTACK program! Some people think that online bootcamps could be lonely, but with your pets children and secret Facebook group family, it’s the complete opposite!

11th April - Gemma & Cat


  • Giddy up – One of the best things about working with online clients all over the world (especially with the new secret Facebook group!) is that we can share photos of our training views, which is an awesome way to keep motivated with your fellow bootcampers and feel part of a team. Our client that shared this picture of her local horse racing track has been one of the most inspirational online clients we’ve had. She is in her fifties and last weekend managed to walk 19km with her husband (see even hubbies get dragged into our online bootcamps – more of that below!) and she’s signed up for the next bootcamp because she is making great progress and loves the support she gets with an online program.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.14.49

“Just back from another power walk, I even found myself smiling. Initially I worried I’d be ridiculed being outside in my kit, but so far all I’ve received is smiles and encouragement from the Stable lads, lassies and jockeys that I see when I’m out. I could almost say that I’m enjoying this bootcamp!”


  • A problem shared is a problem solved –  As well as having food organising tips within the program webinars our lovely clients do so much to support each other with their food management top tips and ideas that make healthy eating even easier! Having these wonderful quick and easy recipe ideas in the palm of your hand is an added bonus to taking part in an online program.

11th April - sharing organisation

“There’s two things I’ve learnt this weekend 1) That eating pudding and cake was disappointing (first one I’ve had in three weeks) and 2) Healthy eating needs very good planning!”


  • Changing habits effortlessly – This client inspired the entire bootcamp group to think about Bank Holiday treats in a different way. She ordered herself a Riverford organic veg box and quite a few other bootcampers decided to do the same. You can never have too much healthy inspiration!

11th April - sharing ideas 2


  • Inspiring others – Women are the nutritional gate keepers of their homes so if you have a partner and or family, doing one of bootcamps can create a ripple effect of positive eating and exercise habits that make it easier to sustain a healthy lifestyle long term. Gemma (who works in the MTE office and runs the Kent FFAP venue) got her husband in on the Tummy ATTACK. Not only did he love the TA water, but having completed the program, lost pounds, inches and shaved minutes of his PB running time!

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.22.31


  • Not your usual online workouts – As well as a great backdrop (with birds singing and church bells ringing!) our online videos are taught by real women. On the SugarHIIT and Tummy ATTACK  Janey is joined by some of the FFAP trainers so for our FFAP clients, it’s home from home! Plus there is plenty of chit chat to take your focus of the pain, he heee!

Gem tuck jump

“I loved the videos, found it very easy to upload & watch them on my computer in the kitchen. You don’t need props, just your trainers so it’s easy to get on with it without making excuses. If you travel (as I did), it’s easy to watch on an iPad. For example- I did one video in a hotel room in Madrid!  The fact that they are two like minded trainers,  (rather than those vids with “perfect” people, with “perfect” bodies in their “perfect” gym kit who never seem to break a sweat – no offense ladies, you both look fab but I did enjoy that you were also sweating it!) honestly I felt like I was exercising with friends in a lovely English garden with the birds singing in the background! It’s fun and there is plenty of variety so you never get bored. There are also different levels depending on your fitness. I can’t recommend the Tummy ATTACK enough!”  

  • 24/7 support – Janey has brought Gemma into Making Things Easy to run the office and offer extra expertise and support because Gemma is a fully qualified trainer who also runs Kent FFAP. Gemma has been working at MTE since Jan 2015 so knows all the programs and has taken part in all the bootcamps as a client too. She’s a busy Mum of three like Janey and despite Janey being on maternity leave (pah what maternity leave!), Janey and Gemma work really closely to ensure all our clients are looked after. Either one of them are on emails or the secret Facebook groups daily. This is what a normal day looks like at the MTE HQ (currently in my lounge!).

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.05.56


Although we are an online business, there are real people behind the scenes who can’t wait to help and support you.  My passion and ethos is to really nurture every single one of my clients, so if you have any questions about any of our programs, or want to speak to Gemma or Janey about anything, just give us a call.

Our online bootcamps run all year round and up and coming dates include, Monday 6th June, Monday 4th July and Monday 12th September. For more info and to book your place visit HERE.

Hope this blog finds you happy and healthy!

Janey x

PS – for those who want a giggle here’s Janey and Gemma with a classic Tummy ATTACK out take after a long days filming back to back Tummy ATTACK workouts in a mini heatwave! 🙂




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