Online bootcamps you can do at home: The win-win solution for women who don’t like exercising in public but want results!

I used to hate exercise and especially hated exercising around other people. In particular those who were fitter or smaller than me, had matching gym gear and looked like they were never out of breath and found exercise easy.  And I also REALLY hated training around men too!

And that’s why I’m such a pioneer of online workouts – because they offer a fab alternative to women who feel exactly the same as I used to. And of course for some of my clients who may not be allowed to exercise in public for religious or cultural reasons.

I believe it’s absolutely essential to be in a comfortable and inspiring environment to get the most out of any fitness plan. If you’re feeling paranoid, comparing yourself to others, feeling intimidated etc. It’s not conducive for enthusiasm, motivation or consistency!

Many people have a belief that online workouts and bootcamps are a waste of time and don’t work. But I beg to differ! And you’ve only got to check out the hundreds of testimonials from women all over the world who have changed their bodies without stepping in a gym and training alongside anyone at all!

Here are 10 ways my online bootcamps can HELP YOU, if you’re someone who doesn’t like to or can’t train in public!


1. You can literally transform your body, health mindset and life without leaving the comfort of your own home

Online bootcamps rock for many reasons but mostly because you can literally change your life within your own four walls (and garden!). I trained as an online coach in back 2011 and literally set up this online coaching hub from my bed as I’d just become a single parent to my twins who were 2! No baby sitting, no travel time, no parking costs and it made me realise the power of improving your life online. I’ve helped so many women with my online fitness programs, one I can think of straight away lost 4 stones by exercising every morning before they started work IN THEIR BEDROOM! They got up, got it done (after listening to the inspirational audio delivered to your inbox before you get up), had a shower and off to work they went. It worked, simply because they could do it without having to be anywhere. And without anyone looking at them exercising OR know that they were doing it!

With my busy life as a single working Mum of 3, I could not be without home training…


2. You can get better results than with a personal trainer

So many of my clients have said they they have got better results with my online bootcamps than doing anything else. With one saying “I got better results doing one of Janey’s 28 day bootcamps than I did in a year with my personal trainer”. This is not to knock personal trainers (I’ve been one for over 18 years!) but because I feel passionately that it’s not what you do in one hour a week but what you do for the other 167 hours a week! One of my driving factors behind creating my online bootcamps was to help women see beyond a couple of hours of workouts a week as the way to getting results.


3. There is a big difference between my online bootcamps and general online fitness subscriptions

Yes you can get free workouts on the internet and yes there are cheap online fitness subscriptions available. But the difference between what I provide is that I incorporate food, fitness and mindset within all my online bootcamps. This is why women get such incredible results. Because results are 80% nutrition, 20% fitness and mindset is the last jigsaw piece of the results puzzle that oversees everything. As well as hours and hours of online videos (tailor-made to my female client base that are specifically designed to change women’s body shapes), you’ll get recipe ebooks, eating plan and lifestyle tips such as sleep and stress management. Also included are mindset switches, body image boosters and self-motivation techniques via the daily emails and audios that come with all my 28 day programs 🙂 You are supported, the office is run by a friendly human being and the online support groups that provide accountability, really make a difference. You are not alone when you do my online bootcamps that’s for sure!

Women all over the world are looking and feeling their absolute best, without leaving the comfort of their own home…


4. It’s the most cost effective way to change your body

All of my online bootcamps come with a 100% recommendation from other women who’ve done it with 100% saying they enjoyed their bootcamp, thought it was good value for money and that they would recommend it to other women. In a world where there are lots of freebies we forget about the value of a) paying for something and b) looking at the price in terms of value (i.e. what you gain) as opposed to just the cost. One client sent me a card and a present a few years back that said “I wanted to send you a little gift because what I paid for your courses (in this instance the Best Body Bootcamp – £99), doesn’t seem to correlate with what  I have gained in return”  Also you can press play and start my bootcamps over and over again and get your bootcamp content for life. So the value increases the more you use them too!

Here’s the card I just mentioned…


5. You can exercise in your PJs 

One thing I personally love about online bootcamps (yes I do my own bootcamps, just as a client would!) is the fact you can get up and get your workout done, without having to even get in gym gear. You don’t need have special fancy fitness kit, an oversized t-shirt and a pair of trackies will do (trainers typically needed for safety though!) and the freedom of being able to just get up and get going is a huge benefit for anyone who is busy or doesn’t want to be part of the gym bunny brigade!

PJ and slipper training is a regular in my crazy home before the school run…


6. No one needs to know you’re doing it and you can take part anonymously

I can’t tell you how many clients have changed their bodies, health, minds and lives from doing my programs WITHOUT people knowing what they were up to and what they were doing! I know for many this is a huge benefit. Everyone loves to have their opinions and beliefs with regards to others. Improving yourself, from your own home, is actually a very empowering feeling.

One of my fab clients Anna has used my online bootcamps to get back into shape after having each of her 3 children. Here’s her daughter keeping her company as she set to her post natal fitness without leaving her home or making a big deal of it…


7. You don’t feel crap if you can’t do all the moves

The one thing I used to hate about exercising in public and in classes is feeling like the unfit outcast! What I LOVE about online bootcamps is that if you can’t do it all you can take a rest without being looked down on, being shouted at and feeling crap about yourself. One of the most demotivating factors about fitness and why women struggle specifically is the fact that when they see other people doing better than them, it can bring up unhelpful beliefs. Exercise is hard enough without feeling rubbish about yourself. Training at home means you can go at your own pace, rest when you need to and there’s never any pressure from me on the videos to do every single move, you can build up to do them when your fitness level improves.

After I had my 3rd child, I found it much harder to rebuild my fitness. The fact I could train at home (and struggle without a care in  the world!), really helped me…


8. You can get your friends involved if you want to

Lots of my clients sign up with friends and hook up at each other’s houses to do the bootcamps together, and some create mini accountability group with friends and family. I’m a great believer that if you can feel comfortable and inspired training with someone else, then the more you do that the better. But women who don’t like or can’t train in public forget the power of female friends and the internet!

On a nice sunny day, why not train together in your back garden if you have one…

9. Money back guarantee!

All my online fitness programs come with a money back guarantee. If you do one of my programs and you don’t enjoy it or it’s not for you, then you can have your money back. So you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose!

We have so many testimonials. check them out HERE. Here’s one of my favourites from someone who posted this on their Facebook page

“To my Girlfriends… I’m on my second month of this fitness, nutrition & mindset bootcamp and I’ve never looked or felt better. It’s such a GREAT program just for women and perfect when you have the kids at home all summer and can’t make it out to the gym. It’s packed with SO many different types of exercise videos made by real women for real women (i.e. Not intimidating!) and loads of inspiration through the daily morning motivational emails and audios, nutrition advice, recipe ideas and eating plans. It’s run by Janey Holliday who’s one of the most inspiring women I know; A single mum of three who doesn’t believe in classic dieting, still loves her vino and her burgers and chips but teaches so much about nourishment, consistency and balance. There’s a great bunch of ladies around the world doing these courses with you too and you can do them wherever you are in the world, fitting them around whatever you have going on. They are 28 days long and you can start them at anytime,  so really flexible, you can build your own bootcamp experience depending on your goals and your time.. Being part of a secret Facebook group is optional but is a REAL help –where  totally awesome women share their progress/food diaries/mind blocks and get advice from Janey. I just wanted to share as I’m not your classic motivated exercise lover but I’m loving the course and the progress I’ve made and proud of Janey for what she has created”


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And if you’d like to know the reasons behind me setting it up, especially if you dislike exercise and would like to hear how I’ve taught myself to become an exercise lover, then check out my EXERCISE HATER TO FITNESS LOVER blog!