Online Fitness Bootcamps

Welcome to my online fitness bundle!

Five awesome 28 day bootcamps for you to have FOR LIFE – for just £39.99!

  • Want an affordable, flexible fitness plan?
  • Would love a 28 day fitness program that not only gets results, but is FUN to do?
  • Looking for a fitness program that also includes mindset, motivation, food and lifestyle inspiration?
  • Don’t like the gym, or prefer training by yourself?
  • Don’t love exercise but would love to learn how to be consistent with it and perhaps learn to enjoy it somehow?
  • Need a training program to fit around a really busy life?
  • Would love to have some fitness positivity breathed into you?
  • Need recipe ideas and eating plans?
  • Fancy going on a food, fitness and lifestyle mission ?!


You will love my 28 day online bootcamps!

If you don’t know, back in 2001 (and as a former exercise hater!), I had an epiphany in a step class and decided to quit my job, sell my flat and become an aerobics instructor! Within a few months I had trained to become a spin, aqua, Body Pump, Body Step, Body ATTACK and Body Balance teacher.  And was teaching 26 classes a week; across all the major health clubs in central and SW London!

In 2002, I qualified as a personal trainer. And in 2003, I founded the hugely popular outdoor female bootcamps business in London, called Fit for a Princess. Which provided a fun, inclusive, non-judgemental, inspiring experience for women of all ages, sizes and abilities. That I ran until 2019.

Thousands and thousands of women came to my classes in Wandsworth Common over the years. And from 2010, a few years after I became a health coach,  I started to migrate my expertise online with my online fitness bootcamps!


This online fitness bundle includes lifetime access to ALL of five of these 28 day programs:

  • Best Body Bootcamp
  • Tummy ATTACK Bootcamp
  • SELF-CARE Bootcamp
  • SugarHIIT Bootcamp
  • Busy Women’s Bootcamp

All for just £39.99!

SIGN UP NOW! £39.99

(Or, you can buy individually for £29.99 if you prefer – scroll down for details!)

Here’s a quick summary of each one with a link to the individual bootcamp pages – where there are hundreds of testimonials too!


Best Body Bootcamp

Designed to help you:

  • Create YOUR best body. Help your body function at its BEST. Create better BODY image
  • Reignite your fitness mojo and change your negative relationship with exercise
  • Break the frustrating cycle of constantly striving for a body you can’t achieve or keep
  • Have a positive health and fitness mindset

It includes:

  • Daily inspirational and audios
  • A flexible cardio & conditioning fitness plan
  • Over 7 hours of online workouts
  • 90 minutes of bonus Pilates workouts
  • Eating plans and stacks of food inspo!

CLICK HERE for full details or to buy individually for £29.99


Tummy ATTACK Bootcamp

Designed to help you:

  • Look after and love your tummy, inside and out
  • Strengthen and nourish your body
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Improve gut health
  • Get fit, fast

It includes:

  • Daily inspirational and audios
  • Cardio & conditioning and 6 pack attack workouts
  • Recipe Ebook and eating plans
  • Body image inspiration
  • 90 minutes of bonus Pilates workouts

CLICK HERE for full details or to buy individually for £29.99


SugarHIIT Bootcamp

Sugar-Hiit-Just-SugarDesigned to help you:

  • Beat the white stuff and train smart
  • Change the way you see your sugar habit
  • Give you ideas and confidence to live with less sugar
  • Push your body
  • Daily sugar quizzes

It includes:

  • HIIT workouts with body conditioning workouts
  • 28 x daily sugar inspiration emails and audios
  • Sugar Education Ebooks, eating plans and recipe ideas
  • 90 minutes of bonus Pilates workouts

CLICK HERE for full details (link to SH sales page –


SELF-CARE  Bootcamp

Designed to help you:

  • Get results, but in a different way
  • Inspire you to look after yourself more
  • Positively challenge your body
  • Find the self-care ideas that work for you

It includes:

  • 5 rotating workouts (kick boxing, power conditioning, HIIT, yoga, cardio-conditioning) with 5 different trainers
  • Daily morning and evening emails
  • Comprehensive healthy eating resources
  • Female nutrition webinars
  • Emotional Eating webinars

CLICK HERE for full details or to buy individually for £29.99


Busy Women’s Bootcamp

Designed to help you:

  • Get fit in less time
  • Cleverly challenge your body
  • Find solutions to time blocks in a busy life
  • Make easy, quick & healthy meals

It includes:

  • Combination style online workouts
  • Daily 3 minute audios and emails
  • Eating plans and recipes for busy women!

CLICK HERE for full details or to buy individually for £29.99


There is also the 10 mins a day bootcamp, but this is a 12 week program (including 70 x 10 minute female fitness and lifestyle audios!) and can be bought separately for £39.99 HERE.