Overwhelm no more!

  • Crave a less overwhelming life?
  • Fed up of feeling frazzled?
  • Got decision fatigue and run out of bandwidth?
  • Doing too much but don’t know how to do less?
  • Struggle with the noise and complexity of the modern day life?
  • Got an overwhelming inner dialogue?
  • Know that you’re plugged in more than you want to be, but can’t stop the doom scrolling?
  • Know you need to change something, but just too overwhelmed to deal with it?

Well you certainly aren’t alone! And you are 100% in the right place 😃

Please note the challenge has now finished but you can still come to the masterclass that wraps up this challenge on Tuesday 19th March at 730pm – please click the pink sign up box at the bottom of this page!

Overwhelm is everywhere right now

It is the word I hear most in my coaching practice and group coaching programs!

And despite overwhelm being a feeling – that we can absolutely lower with better thoughts alone – it’s a little more complicated than that for long-lasting, overwhelm-free living!

In my experience, it’s these OVER problems that are sitting underneath most women’s overwhelm:

  • OVERloaded – That’s literally when you’re doing way more than one female body and brain can realistically cope with (and sometimes dealing with things that are outside your control, so you have to do them) and you start buckling.
  • OVERthinking – This is when your mind is making things and life a whole load more complicated than it needs to be. It includes catastrophic and complaining thinking, analysis paralysis and indirectly choosing excess mental load, by your default thoughts.
  • OVERdoing – This is actually when women are doing waaaay more than they need to, but doing it NOT because they have to, but because their unhelpful core beliefs are driving them to do it. They are dominated by the “shoulds”,  fears and guilt. So keep pushing themselves.
  • Information OVERload – I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that compared to 20 years ago, the amount of information we are taking in and trying to process, is on a whole other level. This is only going to get worse – unless we reclaim our boundaries and choices NOW!
  • OVER consuming other people’s lives – When we compare the amount we take in about how other people live nowadays (or how we think they live!). It’s hardly a surprise that women waste so much of their precious time and energy, watering the grass and lives of others. Meaning they don’t have much left at all for their own and can’t see the joy under their noses.
  • OVER stimulation – Women are plugged in too much AND physically consuming more stimulants (caffeine, booze and sugar) than previous generations. These – combined with that excess tech use – wire AND shut down our brains. Both impacting how we think, feel and cope.
  • An OVER complicated world – OMG, there are soooo many options and too many choices everywhere we go now! Tech advances and endless consumer options have NOT made our lives easier. Smart phones are designed to keep us addictive, social media has never been so full on. There are millions of apps (one client of mine has 4 kids in 3 schools and has 17 different apps to use!). And we’re parenting children who don’t know a childhood without devices, who are permanently distracted and interrupted. And we have the fast paced, quick fix culture pressure, the post Covid aftermath… I could go on and on!

Now that’s the bad news! But we can see why so many women are overwhelmed right?

So… it’s essential that we become aware of these things and how they have sneakily built up collectively over time.

But most importantly, work out the ways to turn it around.

And that’s where I come in!

I’m Janey Holliday, an experienced mindset, life and business coach; who has been changing the lives of women all over the world for 23 years.

I have done a lot of observing and unpicking of frazzled women’s minds and lives in my time. And I know that when there’s a big, re-occurring issue that a lot of women face, like overwhelm, they usually need my help to address it.

I’m ALSO someone who doesn’t have it easy behind the scenes either.

As a single Mum of 3 (who I have 100% of the time) and a SEND / home educating Mum too (my 7 yo is autistic with ADHD and sensory processing disorder). I know what it feels like to be in the firing line of life!🤯

But, when you are clear with:

  • HOW to manage your mind better
  • WHAT is truly behind your overwhelm
  • Adjust the WAY you see it and address it properly

That’s when you can manage it, lower it and in many cases OBLITERATE IT!

So this is why I’ve put together a practical, upbeat and bite size “OVERWHELM NO MORE!” challenge – for women who crave change, but need someone to help them – and make it easy for them.

The OVERWHELM NO MORE challenge is here!

Put simply, it is for women who are:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Know something needs to change
  • Too overwhelmed to work out where to start!

I have made this punchy, practical, upbeat and fun.

Because I know if you’re overwhelmed, you need this to be super simple.

The challenge combines simple ideas and energy boosting inspiration; to help you lower, manage and in some cases completely alleviate that overwhelm you are experiencing.

All you need to do is listen to a 20 minute inspirational talk, every morning for 4 days (replay available if you can’t make it live).

And then complete a short, overwhelm-lowering exercise (that will take you no more than 15 minutes to complete), designed to give you some massive overwhelm-lowering light bulb moments.💡

I am going to share so many life-changing and overwhelm-lowering tips in this, that work!

The OVERWHELM NO MORE challenge info

Please note the challenge has now ended BUT…

On Tuesday 19th March at 730pm, I will be wrapping up the OVERWHELM NO MORE challenge. By running a cutting edge masterclass called;  “How to be less overwhelmed in a very overwhelming world” which you definitely don’t want to miss, if you’re ready to live a lighter life.

So sign up via the box below and I promise you, you’re going to love this!


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Here’s to new beginnings of living a much less overwhelming life – Yes it IS possible!

And I’ll see you in there 😃

Janey x

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