Welcome to Overwhelm No More!

Here’s what you need to know to get started!

First, please listen to your intro audio HERE

Module 1 will be released on Friday 19th April, module 2 on 26th April and so on.

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“The Overwhelm navigation audio & workbook” is now available!

If you can listen to this audio / complete the workbook either before the program starts, or in the first couple of weeks that would be most beneficial to you. It’s designed to help you analyse and get specific what your key overwhelm issues are.

CLICK HERE for the audio (20 mins)

CLICK HERE for the workbook that goes with it

CLICK HERE for the word version (if you’d rather type than print and write)

There is also one of the bonus calls  “How to journal with ease, impact and joy” ready too!

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Cannot wait to get started with you!

Janey x


Modules 1 & 2 – Mindset

  • Friday 19thApril – Lighten your thoughts, lighten your life – Challenging the 5 Cs of unhelpful thinking (catastrophic, complaining, critical, complex thinking and creating stories) and choosing calmer thoughts to help you cope better
  • Friday 26thApril – Stop should-ing yourself  – Busting the beliefs and behaviours behind burnout. So you can give yourself permission to break your overwhelm patterns and start becoming the less overwhelmed you

  Modules 3 & 4 – Boundaries and choices

  • 3rdMay – The art of compartmentalising – How to segregate your thoughts, time and emotions as you navigate your way throughout your day. And how distinguish between the different hats you wear in your life
  • 10thMay – Power of saying NO – Start saying YES to what benefits you GUILT-FREE. And turn FOMO into JOMO (joy of missing out!)

  Modules 5 & 6 – Headspace habits and escaping the tech trap

  • 17thMay – Living like Grandma – Bringing old school ways into mad modern days. It’s time to free up some long overdue bandwidth in your brain, slow down a little and simplify your life
  • 2 week break
  • 7thJune – Transitioning to tech master from tech slave – Taking ownership of your tech use, so you can stop frittering away your time and energy

  Modules 7 & 8 – Calming your life down

  • 14thJune – Getting yourself out of urgent mode – Helping you turn panic into pace by trimming the fat off your never ending to do list and time-line it – no it does not all have to be done now!
  • 21stJune – How to compromise with ease, style and grace – Creating peace of mind and a less pressured life by learning to embrace compromises

  Modules 9 & 10 – Protecting your less-overwhelmed self and life

  • 28thJune – How to solidify your new identity – Reprogramming your identity upgrade and confidence boosting for long lasting change
  • 5thJuly – Giving yourself permission for you to live life your way  – Putting your new rule book of life together!


Live group coaching Q and A sessions

There are 6 live Q and A sessions – at 115pm on fortnightly Fridays – dates as follows:

  • 26th April
  • 10th May
  • 24th May
  • 7th June
  • 21st June
  • 12th July

Your zoom link for these is: CLICK HERE

MEETING ID 893 1510 3219
PASSCODE   629000