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If you’re overwhelmed, it’s your body and brain telling you that something needs to change.

It’s a friendly nudge (or perhaps even a desperate wake up call!) that you really need to lean in and listen to.

Overwhelm has never been so rife. I know, because I’ve worked with women for over 23 years!

And the trouble is, that if you are overwhelmed, you don’t need me to tell you that:

  • Working out where to start making changes, can feel really overwhelming and so you stay stuck
  • You are submerged in your thoughts and emotions, so you can freeze or brush things under the carpet
  • You are overcome with a heavy thinking / grind of life mass on your shoulders
  • You have too many tasks on your never ending to do list but don’t know what to take off
  • You need some kind of proper mental break but can’t seem to work out the ways to create it
  • You’re probably hiding a secret that you’re truly struggling behind the scenes, but no one knows about it apart from you!

Our generation of women were told that we could and should have it all. That we had to be strong and self-reliant. So women carry on. And stay exactly where they don’t want to be… Stuck between that rock and a hard place. Agh!

But what if there was a way to:

  • Address your overwhelm, but in a completely different way. A lighter, calmer way?
  • Lower overwhelm effortlessly and enjoyably by creating change; thought by thought, habit by habit, smile by smile?
  • Get a grip of that catastrophising thinking and change the entire narrative of your overwhelming life as a result?
  • Create pockets of headspace to create clarity and provide some long overdue bandwidth for YOU?
  • Manage the modern day mayhem that comes with 21st century living, in a more empowered way?
  • Be taught simple strategies that would literally transform your entire life experience without taking too much time?
  • Find the confidence, enthusiasm, motivation and energy that you’ve probably lost of late?
  • Take back the reigns of your life, but without the pressure of you having to do it all by yourself?
  • Get your zest for life back, raise your vibe from the inside out and REALLY ENJOY life again?


“Janey what an incredible program so far. I’m getting so many lightbulb moments from each and every call. I didn’t realise how much of my thinking was so negative and catastrophic! And how much obligation-driven living I’ve been doing, for way too long, all from made up from the things in my head.” 

Well that’s where I come in!

I’m Janey Holliday, an experienced mindset, life and business coach, who has been changing the lives of women all over the world for 23 years.

I have done a lot of observing and unpicking of frazzled women’s minds and lives in my time. And I know exactly what women need to do AND the way they need to do it, if they are serious about ending the overwhelm that is taking them down!

I’m ALSO someone who doesn’t have it easy behind the scenes either. As a single Mum of 3 (who I have 100% of the time) and a SEND / home educating Mum too (my 8 yo is autistic with ADHD and sensory processing disorder). So I know what it feels like to be in the firing line of life!

And everything I teach my clients are the exact tried and tested methods that I’ve not only used for many years in my coaching practice – but in my OWN life too!

“I feel free again and more like me. I’ve started saying no a lot more. And to my huge surprise, no one has batted an eyelid to my new boundaries and choices. I didn’t realise how easy it would be. I told my team I was leaving at 530pm every evening from now on and they couldn’t have been more supportive”

When you :

  • Know how to manage your mind better – because 95% of overwhelm can be lowered JUST with your thoughts!
  • Get crystal clear on what’s really behind your overwhelm and what really needs to change – because overwhelm is very layered and unique to every person.
  • Adjust the way you see overwhelm – as something to lean in and listen to with respect and duty of care, rather than with judgement, shame and fear
  • Lift up your carpet of denial – and get totally honest about what you’re allowing, tolerating, choosing and struggling with – WITHOUT the self-judgement!
  • Decide enough is enough – and this is NOT the life you want for yourself from here
  • Focus on upgrading identity shifting based habits (these are what we do because of WHO we are) instead of forced, pressured, gung-ho action
  • Address overwhelm issues in a calmer, lighter and and gentler way
  • Switch from being the stressed out pace-maker to being in the slipstream with a smile on your face

That’s when you can manage it, lower it and in many cases OBLITERATE IT!

“Goodness, the live like grandma call has hit home big time. What are we doing to ourselves? Thank you for making me see the light!”


Overwhelm is a feeling

In other words, it’s driven by our thoughts. So it’s primarily your mindset that causes overwhelm, but also where most the solutions lie too!

But there are other big “OVER problems, that are sitting underneath most women’s overwhelm that are essential to consider too:

  • OVERloaded – That’s literally when you’re doing way more than one female body and brain can realistically cope with (and sometimes dealing with things that are outside your control, so you have to do them) and you start buckling over time
  • OVERthinking – This is when your mind is making things and life a whole load more complicated than it needs to be with what I call the 6 Cs of unhelpful thinking. Including catastrophic, complaining, critical and complex thinking which means you choose excess mental load, by these default thoughts.
  • OVERdoing – This is actually when women are doing waaaay more than they need to, but doing it NOT because they have to. But because their unhelpful core beliefs (that many women have from what they were told in their childgood) are driving them to do it. They are dominated by the “should” brigade; from ambition drivers, perfectionism, self-judgement to people pleasing.  Yep ALL these are linked to living an overwhelmed life!
  • Information OVERload – I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that compared to 20 years ago, the amount of information we are taking in and trying to process, is on a whole other level.  This is filling up our heads with things we don’t need to know, often don’t enhance our lives and means we have no bandwith for ourselves!
  • OVER consuming other people’s lives – When we compare the amount we take in about how other people live nowadays (or how we think they live!). It’s hardly a surprise that women waste so much of their precious time and energy, watering the grass and lives of others. And this means they don’t have much left at all for their own and can’t see the joy under their noses.
  • OVER stimulation – Women are plugged in too much AND physically consuming more stimulants (caffeine, booze and sugar) than previous generations. These – combined with that excess tech use – wire, fry, fire up and frazzle our brains. All impacting how we think, feel and cope in life.
  • An OVER complicated world – There are SO many options and too many choices everywhere we go now! Tech advances and endless consumer options have NOT made our lives easier. Decision fatigue is a thing! Smart phones are designed to keep us addictive, social media has never been so full on. We’re a dopamine generation being programmed to reach for quick hits. There are millions of apps (one client of mine has 4 kids in 3 schools and has 17 different apps to use!). And we’re parenting children who don’t know a childhood without devices, who are permanently distracted and interrupted.

“The biggest breakthrough of all for me is how much things can change from the little adjustments here and there.”

And because it is so layered, it can be quite overwhelming to work out where to start. But if you know you need to reclaim your life, lower overwhelm and protect your future self and health.

Then you absolutely need me my BRAND NEW…


  • It’s the perfect blend of thought management, time management and tech management
  • To help you prevent (and cope better with!) overwhelming situations
  • It’s delivered with an inspirational, upbeat yet no nonsense vibe – from someone who understands overwhelm properly – from a professional AND personal experience.
  • It incorporates bite size teachings and simple self-coaching workbooks – with a big emphasis on HOW to make changing overwhelm EASY!
  • It comes with a huge tailor-made angle, so all your own overwhelm issues can be addressed thoroughly
  • Plus as it’a being run as a live program, it provides that all important female circle modern day women are missing – with stacks of camaraderie, compassion, cheerleading and kind accountability!

Yep, we’re going to work through your overwhelm together. NO MORE solo procrastination and beating yourself up in the side lines!

CLICK HERE to sign up for an overwhelm-free life!

The program summary!

  • It’s a 10 module course, that kicked off at the end of April and currently running until Mid July – but you can STILL join us
  • You can now only access this program via The Women’s Mindset Club (which gives you the option to access it on a monthly subscription basis, sign out anytime if not for you)
  • You don’t need to be anywhere at any time for any of the modules; listen anywhere, anytime
  • Each module is a 45 minute video / audio with a bite size self-coaching workbook.
  • There are 6 live group coaching Q and As on fortnightly Fridays at 115pm (5 during the program and the last one a week after the program ends) – replay available
  • Plus additional top up Q and A audios if needed as we go along
  • There’s also access to a private and secure (optional!) Facebook group.

“I don’t turn my phone on until 90 minutes after waking up. I’ve taken my phone use down by 30+%. And I’ve replaced willy nilly scrolling with 60 minutes of your audios per day. The difference in me in a few short weeks has been astounding”

The program breakdown!

Intro modules:

  • The Overwhelm navigation video & workbook – This breaks down the different causers of overwhelm and provides a self-coaching overwhelm offload and confessions opportunity. This will help you identify what you need to address as you work through the program with me
  • One of the bonus modules called “HOW TO journal with ease, impact and joy” so if you want to start creating some ME focus headspace before we officially kick off, you can!

Please note every single module on this program covers mindset makeovers and identity shifting / identity based habits (practical and mentally you need for long-lasting changes!

“I love the simple living manifesto! What a great idea. Really powerful exercise”

  Modules 1 & 2 – Mindset

  • Friday 19th April – Lighten your thoughts, lighten your life – Challenging the 5 Cs of unhelpful thinking (catastrophic, complaining, critical, complex thinking and creating stories) and choosing calmer thoughts to help you cope better
  • Friday 26th April – Stop should-ing yourself  – Busting the beliefs and behaviours behind burnout. So you can give yourself permission to break your overwhelm patterns and start becoming the less overwhelmed you

  Modules 3 & 4 – Boundaries and choices

  • 3rd May – The art of compartmentalising – How to segregate your thoughts, time and emotions as you navigate your way throughout your day. And how distinguish between the different hats you wear in your life
  • 10th May – Power of saying NO – Start saying YES to what benefits you GUILT-FREE. And turn FOMO into JOMO (joy of missing out!)

  Modules 5 & 6 – Headspace habits and escaping the tech trap

  • 17th May – Living like Grandma – Bringing old school ways into mad modern days. It’s time to free up some long overdue bandwidth in your brain, slow down a little and simplify your life
  • 2 week break
  • 7th June – Transitioning to tech master from tech slave – Taking ownership of your tech use, so you can stop frittering away your time and energy

  Modules 7 & 8 – Calming your life down

  • 14th June – Getting yourself out of urgent mode – Helping you turn panic into pace by trimming the fat off your never ending to do list and time-line it – no it does not all have to be done now!
  • 21st June – How to compromise with ease, style and grace – Creating peace of mind and a less pressured life by learning to embrace compromises

  Modules 9 & 10 – Protecting your less-overwhelmed self and life

  • 28th June – How to solidify your new identity – Reprogramming your identity upgrade and confidence boosting for long lasting change
  • 5th July – Giving yourself permission for you to live life your way  – Putting your new rule book of life together!

“I am really enjoying the calls. I feel so much less overwhelmed. And I’m really excited about making more changes and what lies ahead. I’m also loving your power motivation program and the procrastination buster program too”

Bonus modules!

  • How to journal with ease, joy and impact – Janey Holliday
  • The triple time management techniques – Janey Holliday
  • Identity shifting and identity based habits – Janey Holliday

Plus, four guest expert sessions! 

  • Mindfulness masterclass – Helen Jeffrey-Ridges from A Cup of Mindfulness
  • Overwhelm lowering hypnotherapy and meditation – Yves Smith from Yves Wellness
  • NLP techniques to help you lower overwhelm –  NLP Practitioner Jessica Vasello
  • Procedures and routines in your home and general organisation methods – Jo Cooke

Live group coaching Q and A sessions

There are 6 live Q and A sessions – at 115pm on fortnightly Fridays – dates as follows:

  • 26th April – replay available
  • 10th May – replay available
  • 24th May – replay available
  • 7th June
  • 21st June
  • 12th July

Plus top up audio Q and As if needed!

Your investment

You can only access this program via The Women’s Mindset Club



Remember, a woman who lives with the stress of an overwhelmed life, often aches with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.

And I’d absolutely love to help you change the ending!

Any questions, pop an email into the office – janey@janeyholliday.com

Janey x