Janey offers two VIP services:
An exclusive 1:1 programme that is tailored to your individual needs and a group VIP coaching programme for small groups of women with similar issues.

VIP 1:1

If you are someone that needs support, coaching and mentoring and want a bespoke programme tailored to you, the VIP service will deliver just that.  The types of coaching I have offered to my VIP clients include:

  • Providing a series of recorded phone coaching calls, meaning clients can listen to their coaching sessions over and over again
  • Creating food, fitness and lifestyle plans on daily, weekly, monthly and annual timelines
  • Offering food management support, including daily food diary analysis, cupboard overhauls, menu and recipe choice, socialising and entertaining control
  • Improving mindset and motivation to create more success in your career, work-life balance, relationships, self-growth and development
  • Supporting women through big life changes including divorce, having children, cancer, relationship breakdowns and so on
  • Acting as a mentor to help women feel great about their lives and themselves again

Work is usually done on quite an intense basis to start with and often combines two 60 minute coaching sessions a week and daily top up chats in between. But VIP programmes are tailored to individuals so can be more or less intense depending on what the person needs. They can also be developed as an on-going programme.

1:1 VIP price £100 / hour

Please email if you are interested in working with Janey 1:1


I have worked on the VIP programme with Janey whilst undergoing lots of change in my life and coming to the realisation I have to move forward and get organized with new exciting, yet challenging circumstances. Janey has been incredibly useful in propelling me forward, giving me mental strength, structure and making me feel the boss of my own life. Her experience in lifestyle coaching is impressive and her energy and motivation are a big source of inspiration. Annelise, VIP client 

VIP Group Coaching Programme

If you are someone that would like some personal coaching but can’t afford the 1:1 service, Janey offers small group coaching for between two and 10 women at a time.  The types of things you can do on a group VIP programme include:

  • A one to eight week programme that combines audio coaching and advice webinars, a private forum for the group to chat privately on, and live Q and A for topics relevant to that group of women’s issues and challenges
  • The topic of the audios can vary from food management, work-life balance, mindset and motivation, career change, having children, pre/post natal support, any areas of self-development you may wish to undertake
  • Prices start at £100 per person for the whole programme but prices vary depending on the length of course and how many people are taking part

We are currently filling up some group VIP programs, so if you are interested in joining a select group of women, or if you have your own group you’d like Janey to work with, please email with your challenges, needs and any further information that will help us put you on or create the right programme for you.