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Recent TV appearances:
Tuesday 7th February – – Isabel and Eamonn – from 2 hours 45 mins – Creating more time for non-tech habits
Tuesday 31st January – Isabel and Eamonn – from 2 hours 47 mins – How to lower overwhelm

Tuesday 24th January – Isabel and Eamonn – from 2 hours 43 mins – How to create more balance in a busy world

Tuesday 17th Jan  – Isabel and Eamonn – from 2 hours 53 mins – How to motivate yourself to do the things you don’t want to

 Monday 10th Jan – Isabel and Eamonn – from 3 hours 2 mins – How to set yourself up for a great week ahead!

Tuesday 4th Jan – Isabel and Eamonn  – from 2 hours 41 mins- How to ease ourselves into the year more calmly and positively!

Sunday 2nd Jan – Alistair Stewart  – from the start – Children’s Mental Health heading back to school

We are currently uploading the 18 Sunday shows Janey did from July to December 2021 on GB News


Janey Holliday has appeared extensively in the UK media since 2003 with features and expert advice in a variety of magazines, newspapers, TV & online, including:

“You’ll never meet anyone as knowledgeable and inspirational about nutrition, mindset and lifestyle as Janey Holliday – she’s brilliant!”
Jo Good – Radio & Television Presenter
“Janey’s advice has become one of our most popular features because the tips are upbeat, inspirational and incredibly motivating. Not only do you WANT to try her advice, you actually can’t wait. Her sensible, easy-to-follow tips aren’t just for ‘detox January’ – it’s clever, every day advice you’ll use for a lifetime.”
Alaina Vieru – Editor, Easy Living
Daily Mail
Daily Express
Heat Magazine
The Evening Standard
Style Magazine
Company Magazine
Easy Living
The Metro
House and Garden
Mindful Chef Magazine
Woman and Home
Woman’s Own
Slick Mummy
The Talented Ladies Club
Lady Magazine
You and your wedding
Woman’s Weekly
The Mirror
The Times
Trend Survivor
New Zealand Herald
BBC London
Here are some of the articles:
(Please note that Janey Holliday Coaching used to be known as Making Things Easy and many of the online articles have recently been removed due to data protection law changes in the EU).
“I used to be the lifestyle editor on a woman’s website and met a woman called Janey Holliday who as well as running Fit For A Princess bootcamps, (fun, outdoor training for women),  she’s also put together online food and exercise training for women which are brill.She changed my eating with simple stuff like, stop eating fruit, controversial I know but fruit has tons of sugar in it, which makes you want loads more sugar and yet Weightwatchers are pushing it as “free” food, it’s so not. And if you eat it after lunch/dinner it just sits on your food fermenting and being gross. I cut it out and swapped it for veg, like sugarsnap peas and that in itself saw pounds drop off.I did her Food Management Made Easy course and the 28 Day Best Body bootcamp and the good thing is that you get the resources for life. So the Body Blitz had vids of toning and cardio included which I still access now.Anyway, she really helped me and I think she talks sense and isn’t making a shit load of money off women buying a brand’s low-fat products which are full of sugar. Weightwatchers and M&S Count on us, I’m looking at you. Anyway, have a google for her and check out her info. She does free webinars so you can listen and see what she’s all about. Good luck!”