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Turn your life around in a year 2.0!

“Turn your life around in a year” is an uplifting, motivational, bespoke and boutique coaching experience, like NO other.

And after the success of the first Turn Your Life Around in a Year 2024 ….  I’m kicking off  TYLA 2.0 in September!

We do the SET UP and PREP phase before August and the waitlist is open for priority bookings!

So if you’re fed up or struggling with where you are right now. You’re thinking there’s got to be more to life. You’re starting to consider the next decade or so.  And you’re 100% feeling like it’s a now or never type vibe to sort stuff out…

You are going to LOVE THIS!

It is an exclusive opportunity to work closely with me for an entire year.

Where you’ll be made to feel really special and be totally championed along the way.

As I take you on an incredible journey – and help you turn your life around!

“I am midway through the Turn Your Life Around in a Year 2024 course with Janey and I can, hand on heart, say it has already changed my life, it has been remarkable!! (Jude Watters – see full testimonial at the bottom of the page!)

“Turn your Life Around in a Year” is for you if you want to:

  • Create the changes you desperately want to make (but haven’t managed to yet).
  • Get right behind an important goal or dream that you can’t stop thinking about
  • Sort your crap out so you can become proud, lighter and free!
  • Find the conviction, confidence, consistency and courage to become the version of you that you really want to be
  • Make something truly bloody amazing happen!
  • Want to be mentally and physically empowered as you head into a new phase of your life
  • Build a strong foundation for the next 10/20 years to come
  • Rejuvenate and recalibrate yourself whilst going through or moving away from a period of difficulty
  • Have a milestone birthday or age related goal you want to get right behind and smash
  • Prioritise an area of your life that you know needs your attention, but you can’t seem to give it what it really needs
  • Protect your future, by doing what your future self is begging you to do!

“I can’t recommend TYLA enough! It is brilliant. It is transformative. Janey is fabulous at what she does and the people she matches you with, understand your story. I am finally making the changes I’ve been trying to make for years! And I’m going to do it again next year too!” Louise Heath

Be inspired, coached and completely supported for a year!

The main sessions start in September, BUT… with an all important SET UP and PREP phase – that we do simply and this side of summer.

This means:

  • You can take your time to really think about what you want as you complete the TYLA questionnaire
  • I will get to know lots about you and exactly what I need to do to help you
  • We’ll have started to build a strong foundation and connection before we get going
  • You’ll be able to head into the summer feeling positive, relieved and excited
  • You’ll maximise that September fresh start focus on another level!

TYLA is different, because you tell me what you want to make happen. And with the perfect blend of inspiration, coaching, tips, resources and stacks of positive accountability, we WILL make it happen!

” When I think where I was at the end of last year before I joined TYLA to where I am now……..I am in a MUCH better place.” Joanna Baines, current TYLA 2024 client

“Janey’s enthusiasm is contagious. She is balanced yet revolutionary. And she really does help you turn your goals and dreams into reality” Annelisa Pesa

How it works:

  • “Turn your life around in a year” (TYLA) is a boutique and exclusive small group coaching experience with just 5/6 people per group
  • There are 2 (possibly 3) new TYLA groups opening up to start in September 2024, so placed are very limited.
  • CLICK HERE for the group session dates (as you will need to make half of these live to get the most out of it)
  • All sessions take part on Zoom, replays for all calls
  • There is no program to follow, the 12 months are completely tailored to you
  • Between now and the end of July, there’s the SET UP & PREP phase!
  • Then you can kick back in August ready to start in September.
  • The SET UP phase is where you can take your time, complete a questionnaire and work through 3 simple coaching exercises – so I can find out about your goals, needs, dreams, personalities and values. As well as your roadblocks we need to overcome – this will take you about 90 minutes.
  • Then from this, I take over! And match you with the right women that compliment you; whether that be similar priorities or goals. Or, similar values or lifestyle blocks.
  • The PREP phase is when you will be introduced to your group. Gain access to your private VIP members area. And we will do a couple of simple organisational and motivational coaching exercises together in a group session. So we can get crystal clear about what the priority for the first month of your TYLA focus in September will be.
  • This means there is no pressure, no rushing and NO overwhelm. Just space, pace and peace.
  • Then, the TYLA fortnightly sessions begin in September and end June 2024 (NB there is a 5 week break over Christmas)
  • There is a TYLA membership area; that hosts all your coaching templates and bespoke resources in one place with one log in
  • And there is a private and secure group interaction option via my Telegram support service for top up inspiration and a community chat (like Whatsaap)
  • It’s a “lets do this” and “no excuses” energy. BUT… with a compassionate, flexible and solutions-based vibe too!
  • And you’ll have me every step of the way to support and empower you to make your year with me, the year you really do turn your life around!

“My biggest breakthrough from being on Turn Your Life Around in a Year in 2024, is that I’ve realised I’m not stuck. I honestly thought I was. And this has been a BIG aha for me” Helen N, current 2024 TYLA client.

A summary of what you get:

  • A tailor-made inspirational welcome audio in the prep phase to breathe some life into you for what lies ahead!
  • A tailor-made motivational audio for your group on the 1st of every month for 11 months (from August 24 to June 25)
  • 20 x 60 minute small group coaching calls – which will combine tailor-made top up tips from me, mini trainings and where we will work through any challenges or blocks you have, so we can find the solutions and breakthroughs for them. Plus, at the end of each session, there will be an accountability section!
  • 3 x 30 minute 121 sessions over the 12 months at a time to suit you (you can have these in 60/30 or 90 minute sessions if you prefer).
  • Telegram service with me (like Whatsaap but without phone numbers and in an APP). I drop motivational audio notes to the group and answer questions that come up in between sessions
  • A TYLA membership area where bespoke coaching templates and resources are hosted and released each month. And where all the motivational calls and group coaching replays are hosted.
  • Full access to the Women’s Mindset Club Membership for 14 months from 1st July 2024*
  • Discounted 121s until 30th June 2024 should you need additional help with over 30% off my 121 hourly coaching price (£99 instead of £149).
  • BONUS 121 – if you book your place by Friday 28th June – you can have this 121 this side of summer or bank it for later!

(*If you’re already a member of The Women’s Mindset Club, we will cancel your subscription straight away when you sign up and refund any pro rata membership fees if applicable.) 

‘Janey, you are brilliant. Thank you a million times over for pushing me out of the world I’d been trying to get out of for 10 years!’ Sarah Buchanan, former 121 client

The cost:

  • The early-bird rate for Turn Your Life Around in a Year is £1500 (full price is £1750) – and includes a bonus 121 worth £149 if you book before 28th June

Secure your place here!

Please make sure you can attend the live group coaching sessions before signing up – CLICK HERE for group schedule

It’s perfect for you if you:

  • Are bloody well ready for change!
  • Want to be fully supported to create change with me, but without the much heavier investment of long term 121s
  • Find bigger group coaching overwhelming and get more from being in much smaller groups
  • Struggle to follow a program; especially if not everything is completely geared up to what you truly really need
  • Prefer knowing exactly who you are working alongside so you are able to be completely yourself
  • Struggle to keep motivation and momentum long term, so value on-going support
  • Don’t want to be pressured, nor work at too fast a pace. But also knowing that you need regular connection to stay on track and keep going
  • Want to learn cutting edge coaching methods that are simple and easy to implement. And ones that are tailor-made to you and your goals
  • Would like to ENJOY the process of change! And not feel the weight of responsibility on your shoulders.

“Janey invests her total energy and passion into mentoring her clients. …It’s rare to find such a dedicated mentor” Janet Henson, BEST:Business client


Secure your place here!

(The early-bird rate for Turn Your Life Around in a Year is £1500 – full price is £1750 – Please make sure you can attend the live group coaching sessions before signing up – CLICK HERE for group schedule)

“I only have to listen to Janey’s voice and I know I’m in good hands with great advice to follow” Women’s Mindset Club client


Never worked with me before? Here’s a bit about me!

I’m Janey Holliday!

An experienced mindset, life and biz coach, who’s been helping women for over 23 years. First in the health and fitness industry and then as a mindset / life / business coach.

  • I have over three thousand coaching hours under my belt
  • My energy, style and delivery is upbeat, inspirational and motivational
  • I help women get stuff done and make changes, without shouting or shame!
  • I have an empowering, compassionate and solutions based approach
  • I really understand women and I bring brilliant women together
  • Some of my business values include; camaraderie, inspiration, judgement-free, inclusive, community, friendly, empowerment, caring, education, growth and anything is possible!

“Janey is the Mary Poppins of the industry. Fun, firm, fair with a little bit of magic thrown in” Journalist

“Janey’s coaching style is what brings me back to her programs year after year. Open, honest, transparent, fun. And of course her incredible knowledge bank” Karen Zimmerman, BEST and BEST:Business client

And if you don’t know:

  • I am a single Mum of three (15 year old identical twin boys and a 8 year old girl who is autistic with ADHD and SPD)
  • I live in Sidmouth in Devon (I moved her back in 2017 by myself with my kids – then 8, 8 & 1- and didn’t know one person! BEST decision ever!)
  • My hobbies are paddle boarding, kitchen discos and singing.
  • My favourite things are the moon, charity shops and Christmas!
  • My values are happy, upbeat, kindness, consideration, love, honesty, health, mischief, inspiring others, community, magic and intuition, nature and outdoors.
  • I am currently finishing my Master Mindset Coaching qualification which I am loving and can’t get enough of!
  • And I honestly believe I was put on the earth to help women embrace and enjoy their one life!

I cannot wait to help you turn your life around.

Secure your place here!

(The early-bird rate for Turn Your Life Around in a Year is £1500 – full price is £1750 – Please make sure you can attend the live group coaching sessions before signing up – CLICK HERE for group schedule)


“Janey calls it the “Ah Ha” moment, I call it the “TYLA” moment.

I am midway through the Turn Your Life Around in a course with Janey and I can, hand on heart, say it has already changed my life, it has been remarkable!!

At the end of 2023 I felt flat from both a personal and business perspective and was wondering how I could start to make changes in my life and then Janey created TYLA, I was very quick to sign up.

On joining I did not know what kind of changes I wanted to make, I just knew something had to shift.

The group we have is great, all strong women, all very different but we have a common goal, in 2024 we want to make some kind of change.

For me starting with understand habits, removing the bad habits and focussing on the great ones; created a fantastic platform to start turning things around.  For the first time in my life, I focussed on me as a priority and business second.  Six months in I feel happier in myself, more confident and lighter with life.

The next six months Janey and I are focussing on my business, I am very excited. Who knows what will happen (we are starting to explore), but I do know my business is going to look very different by the end of the year.

I never in a million years thought I would be getting so much healthier , reshaping by business – and having fun at the same time.

This is not a one year course, it’s a forever course. I know that everything I am doing this year is the foundations to a really great future.

If anyone is able to support you, with turning your life around, it is Janey.

I am having such fun and looking forward to what me and my business will look like at the end of 2024!

Jude Watters

(Jude is also happy to have a quick chat with anyone who has any questions about it too!)