Procrastination Buster Bootcamp – 21 Day Outline

The Procrastination Buster Bootcamp outline!

Week one – Understanding procrastination properly!

I’m going to ease you in… NO action required! All you need to do open your daily email, press play, listen and be inspired!

  • Day 1 – Stop beating yourself up
  • Day 2 – Mind Stress causing your procrastination
  • Day 3 – Actual Stress impacting your procrastination
  • Day 4 – Procrastination, perfectionism and rejection connection (it’s a biggy!)
  • Day 5 – Procrastination habits not identity
  • Day 6 – Feel good false protection and procrastination lies
  • Day 7 – Let the procrastination busting begin

Week two – Unpicking your personal procrastination personality / problems and what the causes AND solutions are for these

Daily emails and audios, with optional mini self-coaching exercises should you choose to do them!

On each of these audios, I’ll be sharing the common habits, barriers and blocks each type has and the practical AND mindset switch ups they need to make.

  • Day 8 – Procrastination types 1-3; Priority, I can do it all, positive procrastination
  • Day 9 – Procrastination types 4-6; Micro minute, distracted, all or nothing procrastination
  • Day 10  – Procrastination types 7-9; Over thinking, convincer, last minute dot comma procrastination
  • Day 11– Procrastination types 10-12; Dopamine deficient / neuro-diverse, planner and rebellious procrastination
  • Day 12 – Procrastination types 13-15; Burnt out, chronic and sabotage procrastination
  • Day 13 – So what are you procrastinating about? It’s time to list it!
  • Day 14 – What actually needs to change so you can change?


Week three – Unravelling the mindset and inspired action you need to help you push past your procrastinations for GOOD!

Daily emails and audios, with optional mini self-coaching exercises should you choose to do them. As well as helping you put together your peaceful (or plaster ripping!) procrastination busting plan of inspired action together!

  • Day 15 – Change your story entirely from today!
  • Day 16 – The ultimate procrastination identity and mindset makeover
  • Day 17 – Your procrastination triggers and glimmers
  • Day 18 – Mapping out your inspirational road to freedom
  • Day 19 – Pace and peace approach or plaster off now?
  • Day 20 – Future you and forget me not
  • Day 21 – Your procrastination possy! (because accountability is most procrastinators super power!


There is also an optional Procrastination Buster Bootcamp INSPIRED ACTION PHASE for after the 21 day program ends. You’ll have continued access to The Women’s Mindset Club Facebook page for 3 months; for accountability, camaraderie and celebration!

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