The 10 minutes a day bootcamp!

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A bootcamp that won’t feel like a bootcamp!

Will totally change the shape of your body and make you feel completely empowered as a woman

A 12 week program that you can start at any time

NO cardio, a SIMPLE format, perfect for BUSY women who want short term body gains and long term health wins

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  • Just 10 minutes workout per day
  • LOW impact, NO cardio, NO burpees!
  • Focusing on women’s weak body parts
  • It will help improve your shape, posture and strength
  • 12 week program
  • No prep work and you can’t get behind!
  • Gain access to entire program content upfront
  • Rebels against the ‘all or nothing’ approach
  • Double up workouts and blend with other fitness programs as you wish
  • Online videos filmed in gorgeous settings with the sea and city backdrops of Bahrain and river, beach and cliffs of Sidmouth


  • 7 x 10 minute online workouts each week
  • New workouts every second week (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11)
  • Workout Ebook with your workout summaries in an easy to follow list format
  • 6 glute workouts
  • 6 arm workouts
  • 6 back workouts
  • 6 leg workouts
  • 6 core workouts
  • 6 stretch workouts
  • 6 meditation sessions

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  • A daily 10 minute practical audio or video 6 days a week
  • They are in a 5 minute education / 5 minutes top tips format
  • That can be listened to at a schedule and time to suit you
  • Follow the way we suggest or listen / watch the ones you want to first that are most important to you
  • They tackle women’s weaknesses with food, fitness and lifestyle
  • Such as fitness mindset, health organisation, body image and self-limiting female behaviours and habits
  • Including topics like ‘being fit for life’ and ‘fit for a purpose’ and body expectations of yourself and others with the brain washed female culture we live in
  • Plus tackling the common but failing ‘all or nothing’ mentality and the ‘not enough’ mindset
  • Designed to help you listen to your intuition, and effortlessly fit healthy into your lifestyle

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  • All content upfront so you can follow the program as we’ve designed or work through the videos and audios in your own timeframe and schedule
  • Hosted by an easy to use password protected page (not Jigsawbox if you’ve done my bootcamps before)
  • Super, super simple format that you can dip in and out of, double up, repeat or mix up
  • You can go away or take a break for a week or two without it affecting your results
  • You can listen to all of the content on the go
  • Videos are streamed in Vimeo with an app available so you can download & watch them off line
  • Program content is available in a week by week format and in one long list for ease
  • All content is brand new
  • This is an effortless body and mind upgrade that will give you phenomenal results



  • Don’t have much time
  • Like short term body gains AND long term health wins
  • Don’t like exercise or cardio workouts
  • Have pelvic floor issues
  • Can’t or don’t like to jump about
  • Want to be strong and fit as they get older
  • Someone who wants to move AWAY from the ‘go nuts’ bootcamp mentality
  • Wants to break away from their self-limiting habits and behaviours that impact getting results and/or keeping them
  • Thrives from being inspired with positivity, encouragement, education and support
  • Are 14 and above (please note we recommend girls under 18 have full permission of their parents to take part and women over 60 seek the advice of their GP before starting this program)


  • Janey Holliday and Sarah Honey Lawson
  • Who have over 30 years experience between them
  • They’ve worked together for over 10 years
  • Janey Holliday, founder of Fit for a Princess and online bootcamps at janeyholliday.com
  • Sarah Honey, founder of the Army Girls guide & Health Coach at HoneyLawson.com
  • Janey, a former exercise hater, busy single Mum of 9 year old twins and a toddler
  • Sarah, always loved exercise and completed 4 years in the army
  • Both are committed to helping women become stronger, fitter, healthier and happier with their different yet highly complimentary skill set and approach
  • Who want to get women away from the classic bootcamp yo-yo mentality and train for sanity, strength and a long life and help women feel good about themselves, whatever size or shape you may be
  • Sarah does 70% of fitness videos & 30% of inspiration, Janey does 70% inspiration and 30 % fitness videos


  • Free access to a Facebook support group
  • Access to the program content with immediate effect
  • Includes an Exercise E-Book with all the 10 minute workouts in an easy-to-follow summary
  • Includes a guiding principles E-Book with how to get the most out of this program and positive eating principles
  • Includes an Inspiration Ebook with all your inspiration audio content in a 1 page summary
  • Plus a bonus eating plan E-Book
  • Keep all the content for life!


  • Includes a free 12 week power walking program blending the 10 minute workouts with walks
  • With power walking technique videos
  • Why power walking can totally change your body and your life!



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