BEST 2: The Next Level


BEST 2: The Next Level is for clients who have already completed my BEST program and who would like to step up a level.

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email confirmation containing details of what happens next! Check your emails and contact info@janeyholliday.com if you don’t receive it.

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  • Open for March intake – content available upfront for you to work through at your own pace
  • Calls vary from inspiration, education, practical and self-coaching (some combine two of these categories)
  • Inspiration and education calls which you just listen to, and practical / self-coaching calls which have optional questions to answer on the call or in your new monthly E-books (see below).
  • Typically 3-4 calls a month by Janey (some months have 4 sub steps, others have 5)
  • Typically 1-2 calls a month with Gill (some months have 4 sub steps, others have 5)
  • Weekly Q&As/laser coaching calls month with Janey and/or Gill
  • Access to the BEST 2021 Facebook page for the whole year
  • 3 week break in April and 5 week break in August



CLIENTS WHO HAVE NOT DONE BEST 2 BEFORE (but you must have completed BEST 1):

Direct Debit: 10 x monthly direct debits of £29.99
Upfront payment: £275
Direct Debit: 10 x monthly direct debits of £17.50
Upfront payment: £140



STEP 1 – You are enough 

  • Just the way you are
  • The high standard myth
  • Understanding your ‘not enough’ beliefs
  • Your invaluable contribution to the world

STEP 2 – Super charge your success 

  • Getting clear on what success means to you and building you confidence to create it
  • Knowing your current success beliefs and where they come from
  • Breaking through your fears of success and fears of failure
  • Redefining your new success beliefs so your successful life becomes a reality

STEP 3 – Subliminal beliefs and building new beliefs

  • Understanding presuppositions and the subliminal beliefs you hold
  • Cultural subliminal beliefs analysis
  • Your incredible impact on others’ subliminal beliefs
  • Powerful visualisation techniques to make new beliefs hold strong

STEP 4 – Communication 1 

  • Understanding your personal communication style and habits
  • Understanding other’s personal communication styles and habits and how to respond best
  • How your personal fears, feelings, beliefs and values impact how you communicate to others and how you listen
  • Communication mistakes that aggravate others and aggravate you
  • How to improve your communication with children and friends

STEP 5 – Communication 2 

  • How to give and take feedback and constructive criticism
  • Communication and mind-mapping
  • Communicating with yourself – getting a bigger handle on your inner voice
  • Who are you listening to? The positive power of the right inner voice

STEP 6 – Throw back 

  • The impact of technology and social media on our bodies, boundaries, hormones, anxiety levels and minds
  • Let’s play a game and go back in time
  • Cherry picking from the generations and creating your new life standards
  • How to cope if the world or your world drastically changed tomorrow

STEP 7 – Anxiety and stress management  

  • How to identify the anxiety in you
  • Understanding your own anxious or stressful feelings and how to manage and break through them
  • How to cope better with ‘stressful’ things
  • The importance of connecting with yourself in a busy world

STEP 8 Acceptance

  • How to accept a sudden change of circumstances
  • Accepting other people’s behavior and actions
  • Accepting yourself when other’s don’t
  • How to manage rejection
  • Things may be the way they are, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change them

STEP 9 – Obliterating comparison

  • What makes me compare
  • How to say no confidently and not worry what others think
  • Removing the fear of missing out and the desire to be what others are and have what others have
  • I am me
  • Wrap up call


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Upfront payment £275, Upfront payment £140


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