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Janey Holliday has teamed up with psychologist and NLP practitioner, Gill Harvey Bush to create this empowering and uplifting program that is designed to help women understand and overcome their confidence issues and to give them the strength to step out their comfort zones and have or do what they truly deserve and want in life. They have nearly 30 years experience between them and now this program has been run as a live program it’s now being offered as an automated program.

It is delivered as an audio based program so you can take part anywhere in the world, (using any smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer), you can take part anonymously and you get to keep all calls for life.

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Please find the program outline below and because this is an automated program you don’t have to do it in 5 weeks.

You can listen to the calls in a time frame that suits you.

Week 1

Understanding confidence, your confidence beliefs, confidence perception, female specific confidence issues and boosting inner and outer confidence

Webinar 1

  • Where do you get confidence from?
  • What is confidence exactly?
  • Why are people more confident in some areas of their lives and others?
  • Identifying self-limiting beliefs around confidence and where they have come from.
  • Getting in touch with your authentic self

Webinar 2

  • Perception around yours and other people’s confidence
  • Physical side of confidence: body language, voice, tone, communication style etc – outer confidence
  • Mental side of confidence: negativity, self esteem, self doubt, positive thinking, self-belief etc – the inner confidence
  • Female specific confidence issues
  • Your personal communication style when it comes to confidence

Week 2

Lowering fear, creating new beliefs, how to practice and prepare for the more confident you

Webinar 3

  • Burning desire
  • Creating new beliefs
  • Lowering fear
  • Preparing for take off
  • Trying on the confident me

Webinar 4

  • Case studies of clients who’ve overcome a variety of confidence issues
Week 3, 4 & 5
All about our clients!
  • A series of Q and As taken from our live program participants, which are packed full of real life confidence issues that Gill and Janey analyse and share bespoke top tips and techniques to boost confidence.

    • Not reaching your full potential because of your confidence issues?
    • Are confident in some areas of your life but lack confidence in others?
    • Confident on the outside but want to find more inner confidence?
    • Want to be a more confident Mum?
    • Fancy kicking some ass in the boardroom?
    • Want to feel better socially?
    • Be more confident in your own skin?
    • Would like to have more confidence in your body without losing weight?
    • Want to change career but haven’t got the guts?
    • Set up a business you’ve always dreamt of doing but lack of confidence is holding you back?
    • Want to ask for a pay rise but too weak to ask?
    • Want to be more confident in the work place, but don’t know where to start?
    • Want to be able to speak in public or make presentations without falling apart?
    • Fancy creating a big change in your life and would like confidence to implement it?
    • Want to start being the real you and could do with a confidence boost to cope with the transition?
    • Want to unravel and overcome your self-limiting beliefs when it comes to confidence?
    • Want to lower your fears and finally get out your comfort zone?
    • Have self-sabotage issues when it comes to confidence?

    Then you will love this confidence program!




    Gill and Janey first met when they were experts for a television series on ITV1 in 2007. With 28 years of coaching and mentoring experience between them, this formidable force started co-coaching high profile VIP clients, celebrities, families and couples.

    In 2014, Janey invited Gill Harvey-Bush to be an associate coach on her online mindset program, BEST and the response was phenomenal. As a result Janey and Gill have created this confidence program, plus other collaborative online lifestyle programs will be coming soon!


    Janey Holiday

    Janey Holiday

    Founder / Read More

    Janey Holliday is a motivational speaker, lifestyle coach and personal trainer with over 14 years experience working in women’s health.

    Gill Harvey – Bush

    Gill Harvey – Bush

    Coach / Read More

    Gill left her senior management position in the corporate world in 2003. Already having an Honours degree in psychology she went on to gain a life coaching qualification


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