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Janey Holliday has teamed up with Gill Harvey Bush to create this positive, practical, no-nonsense program that is designed to educate, support and inspire women to finally nail emotional eating! They have nearly 30 years experience between them and their shared skillsets mean you’re in for a real treat (not the sugary kind!)

  • 100% said there was enough balance between information webinars & the Q and A calls
  • 100% of those who submitted questions had them answered
  • 95% said they enjoyed the Janey & Gill combination, that the structure worked for them, they would recommend it to other women, it was good value for money, it changed the way they thought about food and said it had improved their eating!

This is available as an automated program meaning you can start at any time. 

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Program outline

Please find the program outline below and because this is an automated program you don’t have to do it in 5 weeks.

You can listen to the calls in a time frame that suits you.

  1. Information webinars will be delivered in weeks one and two to help you understand emotional eating and help you identify your own emotional eating issues, triggers, habits and beliefs.
  2. Case study / Q and A audio webinars using information / scenarios / issues from the clients that took part in our LIVE version of this program, will be released throughout weeks three, four and five.
  3. The program is being delivered as an audio based program so you can take part anywhere in the world, (using any smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer).
  4. You get to keep all calls for life.


Part 1

2 x 45 Minute Audio Webinars

Webinar 1 – What sort of eater are you?
  • Are you a comfort, reward or treat eater?
  • Or do you control your food intake?
  • How do you identify the feeling behind your eating habits and what does it actually mean?
  • Identifying your triggers and anchors and what you can do to change them.
Webinar 2 – What are your beliefs?
  • What do I really believe about myself?
  • What habits do I have that involves eating when I’m not hungry or avoiding it when I am?
  • How can I change those beliefs and habits?
  • Self sabotage

Part 2

2 x 45 Minute Audio Webinars

Webinar three – Ready to make the change?
  • Am I really ready to make the change?
  • Hello body!
  • Getting comfortable with who I am.
  • How to take control.
  • A new me!
Webinar four – Detailed Case Study

Using two real examples of Janey and Gill’s clients who have successfully broken away from emotional eating using the techniques shared in this program

Part 3

12 x 30-40 minute audios

These are taken from case studies / Q and A’s from previous LIVE program participants about a variety of emotional eating issues. Janey and Gill will share stacks of practical tips and techniques-you will be amazed at how much you get from these tailor made audios even if they aren’t specific to your needs.

Is the Program for you?

  • Know what you need to do food wise, but can’t implement it?
  • Need to reward yourself at the end of the week?
  • Comfort eat when you’re feeling uncomfortable?
  • Treat yourself with food when things are good or bad?
  • Feel like one side of your brain wants you to eat better, but the other side forces you to eat  badly?
  • Have to control your food?
  • Does food control you?
  • Think about food all the time?
  • Are you fed up of food controlling you or you controlling the food?
  • Start the day with the best intentions but by 3pm tucking are into the biscuit barrel?
  • Over eat or under eat but can’t seem to break the habit?
  • Get towards your body goals and then self sabotage them?
  • Have beliefs and habits around food you just can’t seem to shift?
  • Are you wanting to finally move away from emotional eating but don’t know how to do it?
If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, this is the program you’ve been waiting for!
Betty H

Betty H

“Your course for me personally has been a series of light bulb moments followed by extreme awareness and now a sense of empowerment!" “I love it when I catch myself almost unaware, do I really want that? Why? And then move on, it happens in a flash”

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey

“I think one of my biggest things was to realise I didn't have to shift in a single step from a bread, sugar feasting beastie to a green smoothie, gym bunny!”

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey

“I really like Janey's very positive, upbeat, practical advice combined with Gill's more NLP background”

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey

“I tended to listen to the audios on the tube on the way to work. This worked really well for me. I wasn’t initially sure if the Q & A format would be helpful but actually I enjoyed listening to others issues and the advice - as it was thought provoking and often relatable to my own situation”.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey

“The best part of the program was the thought process it triggered”

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey

I'm much more conscious each time I think I want something to ask myself why - am I really hungry or is there is another reason - and then making a better decision about whether to eat (and what) and I am much more conscious of using food as a reward”

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey

“Really was astounded as to how much content, advice and examples were covered. The combo of Janey and Gill was brilliant, I looked forward to every call and I took so much away from the program that has also benefitted other areas of my life. A 10/10 for me!”


 Meet the Coaches

Gill and Janey first met when they were experts for a television series on ITV1 in 2007. With 28 years of coaching and mentoring experience between them, this formidable force started co-coaching high profile VIP clients, celebrities, families and couples.

In 2014, Janey invited Gill Harvey-Bush to be an associate coach on her online mindset program, BEST and the response was phenomenal. As a result Janey and Gill have created this emotional eating program, plus other collaborative online lifestyle programs will be coming soon!

Janey and Gill have both overcome emotional eating and disordered eating so not only speak as experts but also from the heart.


Janey Holiday

Janey Holiday

Founder / Read More

Janey Holliday is a motivational speaker, lifestyle coach and personal trainer with over 14 years experience working in women’s health.

Gill Harvey – Bush

Gill Harvey – Bush

Coach / Read More

Gill left her senior management position in the corporate world in 2003. Already having an Honours degree in psychology she went on to gain a life coaching qualification

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