Food Diary Analysis

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This is a simple, audio based automated program where you can listen to Janey analyse real women’s food diaries including over 15 webinars.

They are packed with top tips and food management tricks and range from total food diary overhaul to small tweaks that add up to big differences!

This program is available as an automated program only meaning you can start at any time! 

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Program Outline

  • 15 hours of audios that you can listen to on the move via Smartphone or Tablet
  • Within them, Janey shares her food principles, how to change food effortlessly and they are stacked full of food ideas
  • There are a real mixture of women, of all ages, shapes and sizes
  • You will be able to take lots of things from each audio and apply them to you as Janey incorporates practical lifestyle advice around the food diary analysis
  • She looks at partner and family food management, how work and stress levels affect eating, creating better work-life balance to impact food better as well as wine management and some aspects of emotional eating
  • You can dip in and out of them as you wish and the bootcamps that these were taken from and shared received such positive feedback on how useful, inspirational and practical they were


  • Want to know more about food, but want a really simple program?
  • Want to hear new angles around food and food management?
  • Would like to learn more about how to implement better eating strategies that fit in with your life and circumstances?
  • Want to be able to listen to as much or as little as you want to?
  • Would like ideas on how to tweak, improve or overhaul your food?



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