Food Management Made Easy

The ultimate food management program – never diet again!

The ultimate online program for those who want to understand food better and nail food management for life!

Hours and hours of positive, practical, educational and inspirational content, coaching and advice. All delivered in upbeat webinars and audios that you can listen to at a time to suit you.


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Week 1

  • What to eat
  • What not to eat

Week 2

  • Daily planning
  • Weekly planning

Week 3

  •  Labels and low fat learning
  • Understanding sugar

Week 4

  • Metabolism and calories
  • Portion control and self-satisfaction

Week 5

  • Weekend Food Management
  • Partner and family food management
  • Eating on the go

Week 6

  • Eating on the go
  • Beat the bloat

Week 7

  • How hormones affect food management
  • How stress affects the body and food choices with Craig Coman

Week 8

  • Long term health
  • Janey’s two week food diary

Week 9

  • Self motivation and staying on track
  • Creating your own food management plan and principles

Week 10

  • How to use the power of your mind to make better food choices with Gill Harvey-Bush
  • Your course overview- food management for life!



Do you want to:

  • Stop dieting and think about food less?
  • Know more about food, food labels and food choices?
  • Have better energy and vitality?
  • Live as long as possible?
  • Be as well as possible?
  • Manage your food better?
  • Stop the food  from controlling you?

Then this is the course for you and includes:

  • 20 hours of Janey’s incredible food management webinars
  • You can listen to the webinars at any time to suit you, anywhere in the world and you get to keep all resources for life
  • Weekly self-coaching exercises to help you get the most out of the program
  • Money back guarantee, if you don’t like the course or find it useful, you can have your money back!

I am emailing you to say the biggest thank you for changes in my lifestyle and well being that have resulted from my participation in FMME and the Best Body. As an aside, my husband did a modified version of FMME before Christmas and lost 16lbs in five weeks, so he is completely on board too! In my opinion, Weight Watchers and all other slimming concepts should ultimately be outlawed and only the Janey Holliday system should be allowed to prevail, as honestly they are the only principles that can become an intergral part of your day to day existance for the rest of your life!

I have always been quite health conscious, and interested in food and nutrition so I thought of doing FMME just out of curiosity than a real need for it. However, I actually was surprised by how much information and very thorough indeed the course provided and I have really learned, as well as clarified. a lot in term of food principles and how to have a life long sustainable healthy diet. FMME is much more than a weight loss tool, it’s indispensable for anyone interested in having a practical, family friendly approach to their nutrition and long term health. A really worthwhile investment. Anelise Pesa

Before I started FMME I had appalling eating habits; a diet of convenience food and ready meals, too much caffeine and sugar. I’ve been dieting for 25 years and I think my body was feeling abused as I just couldn’t lose weight anymore. I was obese, bloated, sleeping badly and had little energy. In just five short weeks I have changed everything and feel great. I am less bloated, my skin looks great, my energy levels are increasing and I’m sleeping better. I’m also losing weight but am no longer obsessed with the scales so not quoting numbers here (but I know in time I will soon be moving to just ‘overweight’ then to ‘healthy weight’). This course should be part of the national curriculum thank you Janey I feel like I have got my mojo back! Kay

In summary, FMME has got so much educational, relevant, inspiring content and it certainly lives up to it’s claim to be about helping you achieve healthy eating (and healthy attitude) for life. It’s sad to think how ignorant most of the general public are about how and why to eat well and how their bodies function so that more people take responsibility for their own health and less NHS resources are “wasted” on issues such as obesity, diabetes and even cancer. Eating well has not only helped me lose weight and gain energy but it has also impacted positively on my emotional wellbeing. We should be taught so much more of this stuff at school but now that I’m finally on the right track, I intend to provide that education for my children. Megan

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The top 10 mistakes women make with food and Food Management workshop

On 27th January 2015 Janey ran a Food Management workshop in Kent, and as it went down so well she decided to record an online version.

On this 60 minute webinar, Janey includes:

  • A brief overview of  her food management experience as a health professional over the last 14 years
  • Her 3 core passions around women and food
  • Her food principles explained
  • The top 10 mistakes women make with food
  • The 5 secret ‘Janey’ switches with food mindset
  • Some more info on what to eat and what not to eat
  • A short overview of the Food Management Made Easy program

The webinar is jam-packed full of tips and tricks and costs just £5. Please CLICK HERE if you want to buy it.

You will also be sent a copy of Janey’s juicing mini ebook within 24 hours, where she goes through her  juicing principles, juicing tips and favourite juicing recipes.



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