The Money Manager

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Become a Money Management Master! A six week program to help women take control of their personal finances!

Whether you’re disorganised, busy, overwhelmed, scared, hate dealing with finances or all five of these, this is the positive, practical and empowering online program that you’ve all been waiting for!


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It doesn’t matter whether you are in thousands of pounds worth of debt or earn hundreds of thousands of pounds, it’s essential that women master their personal money management.

More and more women are coming to me for coaching sessions who are really struggling with their personal finances. Some have a lot of fear, worry and overwhelm about their debts, others spend money without thought and just hope for the best, many are in denial.

Most don’t have ANY idea of exactly what is coming in and out each month and don’t have clarity on what they spend their money on. Others just don’t know where to start with managing their money or have resistance and roadblocks.  And not one client seems to have found a SIMPLE system that means they can effortlessly be on top of their personal finances, for life!

As a single Mum of three, who used to hate all things financial, I’ve learnt over the years that being on the ball with your money management (regardless of your financial situation and income) is a really empowering feeling that positively impacts all areas of your life. We’re also living in a fairly unstable financial world, so now more than ever , it is crucial for women to take command of something so important that often gets brushed under the carpet.

It took me YEARS to find a super simple system that works (and a positive money management mindset to go with it!). But I’ve found it and I wish I had known years ago what I know now! When I share this with my clients, they love this system too and they also wish they’d become a money management master sooner.

So I’m absolutely delighted to be sharing it all with you on this brand new, practical and uplifting (YES even when dealing with finances!) six week program!

The money manager program is now available as an automated program with a year’s access to the Money Manager secret FB support group!

The cost and further details

  • £79.  BEST clients can pay the discounted rate of £69.
  • Includes access to online support group (which I am on Monday to Thursday and Saturday morning) where you can connect with the women on the program and ask me questions 🙂
  • You do not have to share any personal finance information with anyone to complete this course.
  • Please note that to do this program you need to have excel (or the equivalent software). You only need a very basic knowledge of how to use excel, there are no fancy formulas or anything like that!
  • You will be emailed the Money Manager Spreadsheet template which you will fill out using the calls from week three.
  • Please note this is a money management program, I’m not giving financial advice or teaching you how to make more money.
  • Of course if you decide to ever need to get advice from a financial advisor or want to increase your income, everything I teach you on the money manager program will massively help
  • To get the most out of this program, it’s advisable to space out the calls and when it was run live, it was a section a week. Please allocate an hour  or so each week (from section two onward) so you can collate any information you might need to fill out the money manager (recent bank statements, get bank / credit card log ins ready etc.) and complete the money manager spreadsheet if you want to do this in six weeks. Otherwise, please just make your way through the content in your own time frame!
  • Finally, I MAKE THIS AS FUN AS POSSIBLE! I used to HATE managing money, whether personal or business. But I got out my own way, used some great mindset tricks and with the money manager template, you will find things SO much more easy and enjoyable.

How the money manager is delivered

  • There is no pre-program preparation
  • Your main call content will be delivered via a combination of audio webinars (with slides) and videos with screen flows (so you can see me completing the money manager sheet step by step)
  • All can be watched on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • This program is hosted in a password protected page on my website that you access 247,  where you can watch the videos and online tutorials, download templates and access all the Q and As
  • You get to keep all resources for life

If you have further questions

Please do not hesitate to send me an email with any questions you might have to info@janeyholliday.com




SECTION 1 – Making money management your friend!

Part 1 – 35 minutes – Learning to love money management by removing worry, chaos and denial. Includes creating an empowering money management mindset and money management de-cluttering tips.

Part 2 – 35 minutes – Exploring your money / money management beliefs and most importantly, how to create new ones!

SECTION 2 – Own it! It’s time to take control of your money management once and for all

Part 1 – 35 minutes – This call will help you gather all the things you need to put your positive money management in one place.

Part 2 – 35 minutes – Creating a super simple money management system at home that will actually work for you, no matter how busy or disorganised you are!

SECTION 3 – Your money manager set up!

Part 1 – 35 minutes – Getting your money management spreadsheet set up! You will be emailed a spreadsheet template via email and on this call I will go through how to start setting up your template.

Part 2 – 35 minutes – Adding to your money manager and continuing to take command of your income / outgoings and improving your money mindset

SECTION 4 – Completing your money manager

Part 1 – 35 minutes – In this week, we will carry on completing your money manager spreadsheet which will include doing your current month’s personal finance breakdown and / or planning the next month’s as well.

Part 2 – 35 minutes – Credit card management – How to manage your credit cards so that you don’t get stressed about owing money, are using them wisely and don’t miss payments. (If you don’t use a credit card now, you might need to in the future so even if you aren’t in debt, you’ll get loads from this call)

SECTION 5 – Staying on top of your money manager

Part 1 – 35 minutes – Going through your simple 20-30 minute weekly money management practice so you stay on top of your money manager for life

Part 2 – 35 minutes – Planning your next quarter and simple home filing systems for any paper work you might have

SECTION 6 – Beautiful budgeting and clever spending

Part 1 – 35 minutes – Beautiful budgeting – There can still be a shame around budgeting and being frugal, especially for women who never thought they’d have to in life. But on this call, I switch this all up so you’ll be happy and proud to budget

Part 2 – 35 minutes – Clever spending – Being clever with spending can mean that you’re able to have more disposable income without massive adjustments to your income. I share the top ways you can do this AND get you to face up to your previous spending habits so you can draw a line and move forwards positively.

Bonus tutorial – The money manager for small businesses or women who are self-employed.

How to implement these personal money manager strategies into your work!

PLUS includes Facebook Live Q and A’s, Q and A audios from when this program was run live in 2018 AND any new Q and As that I do as and when new questions come in!

This program is for you if you answer yes to any of the following:

  1. You are fed up of being stressed about your spending / debt habits
  2. You don’t know what comes in and out of your account each month and simply hope for the best
  3. You don’t have one simple system for managing your personal finances (online and paper)
  4. You often get surprised about your bank balance and or credit card balance or you get a knotted feeling in your tummy when you look at them
  5. You don’t look at your bank / credit card statements regularly
  6. You have missed payments on your credit card or find money coming out of your account that you don’t know what it’s for
  7. You run out of money each month
  8. You earn good money but as a result don’t think you need to manage it or know you can manage it better
  9. You feel guilty about spending money and/or feel bitter about being careful with money
  10. You spend your money to please other people or keep yourself in a certain group or circle of friends / acquaintances
  11. You don’t have a positive attitude and vibe about money / money management
  12. You want to manage your personal finances better but have no clue where to start
  13. You don’t like finances / spreadsheets / taking fiscal responsibility
  14. You are not 100% sure that the job you have is safe or your partner’s job is on the line and/or he’s been made redundant
  15. You are in a difficult relationship that you might want to get out of at some point
  16. You’re going through a divorce / just become a single parent
  17. You are worried about the world’s financial situation and would like to take more control over your finances so you aren’t caught out should there be a big economic downturn
  18. You’d like to be a better spender so you only spend money that you want to on things you really enjoy
  19. You find the electronic money system we have today much harder to manage each week and month and crave a simpler way of doing things
  20. You feel that you often waste money (whether you have it or not)
  21. You have a partner who isn’t good with their money or negatively impacts your money
  22. You are not in the financial situation you’d like to be in at the moment
  23. You get stressed and/or lose sleep about your personal finances / lack of money management
  24. You’d like to finally have total control of your personal finances
  25. You’d like to become happy and excited about your personal finances





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