Sugar HIIT

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This bootcamp is perfect for those who want a food, fitness and lifestyle reset especially those who have sugar addictions tendencies and want to train smart!

It combines HIIT, Pilates and conditioning videos alongside a series of powerful and informative sugar-focused food and mindset webinars, with additional support via emails and audios to help you understand and lower or beat sugar.

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Program Outline

  • Start any time!
  • Pre-bootcamp webinars explaining how to make the programme work best for you, available before the program starts
  • A Sugar HIIT starter pack Ebook with everything you need to know about the program
  • A low sugar eating plan with shopping lists, low sugar photo food diaries
  • Q and A’s during the bootcamp with Janey
  • Daily motivational emails from Janey – includes a daily ‘Beating sugar’ audio, recipe of the day, an article about sugar and your daily sugar quiz!
  • You get to keep all resources for life!
  • A comprehensive but simple exercise program to follow
  • Over 4 hours of online video workouts including, Pilates, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and conditioning routines
  • Options for everyone depending on your ability and fitness
  • Fun and experienced trainers take you through your paces
  • You choose when you do your workout videos
  • Watch videos on any laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone
  • Also includes HIIT sprint audios
  • Lots of training tips provided too!

Here’s one of our 2014 sugar HIIT bootcampers who could not believe how much her face changed in just one month!


BB Clare Adkins face



You can start the Sugar HIIT bootcamp at a time that suits you!  There are 28 daily emails and you can trigger these whenever you like, by clicking a link – it’s super simple!


Is this program for you?

    • Do you want to reset your eating?
    • Do you want to improve your body shape or size?
    • Have bad eating habits crept back in?
    • Fancy a month long challenge to see what your body’s made of?
    • Concerned about your health regarding your sugar intake?
    • Want to try some HIIT workouts to boost your fitness and results?
    • Want to really understand sugar?
    • Do you want to help your partner and children eat better?
    • Want to try Pilates to improve and strengthen your core?
    • Want to do all you can to prevent chronic disease as you get older yet also look good in a bikini or your little black dress?
    • Want a positive and supportive program that will inspire you to want to sort out your sugar habits for good?
    • Need a swift kick up the backside when it comes to exercise?
    • Afraid of giving up sugar or resistant to giving up sugar?
    • Want a personal trainer in your pocket?
    • Want ideas on hassle-free healthier eating?
    • Would like to do this alongside a group of like-minded women?
    • Then the Sugar HIIT is for you!






I absolutely LOVE the new videos! The HIIT ones yesterday were hardcore but brilliant and the Pilates videos I did this morning were a nice change and surprisingly challenging. Well done Janey and team, the Sugar HIIT is fantastic!

C Adkins

I’ve lost a total of 18 lbs in 4 weeks and I cannot believe how much my face has changed shape too! The biggest change has been my appetite, I’m just not as hungry anymore and don’t feel the need for Sugar. I also had an Ofsted Inspection last week and didn’t touch a drop of sugar despite being stressed out of my head!

I just wanted to email in to say thanks so much for today’s audio. It was completely eye-opening for me as I’ve never really thought about my sugar story before and what I tell myself in my head about why I should have it or need it!

I lost 8lbs in the first 7 days! I feel and look so much better from having no sugar, lowering my carbs and eating clean. Thanks!

In the first week, I lost 4 inches from my waist and my tummy area looks completely different, I am amazed!

Sue Weston

The daily emails are absolutely brilliant. I look forward to the daily recipes and the articles just blow me away each time I read them. Janey’s audios are eye opening and hugely inspirational. What a comprehensive programme and incredible value for money. I’m so glad I signed up!


I’ve lost 53 cm over my body, nearly 21 inches! Funnily, I don’t feel the need to ‘treat’ myself today with a pudding or something sweet which I might have done before ironically for being good!

I cannot believe how much content you get! The daily audios were the best part of Sugar HIIT for me. I cannot express how much they have helped me get off sugar. The videos and forum were great too, absolutely fantastic program. Thank you!

Great group, great results, great fun. Loved the Pilates and Hiit videos

Great programme, 7lbs weight off with some new muscles to boot and I have survived a month of no cakes in the office thanks to mindset change (they are literally there every day!). Now just going to hit replay on those Audios

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