The Busy Man’s Bootcamp

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The no-nonsense bootcamp for busy men is here.

Beat procrastination, improve motivation and nail organisation.

It combines 15 minute workouts, food prep hacks, easy eating plans with shopping lists and simple tips. Read on to find out more…

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  • 28 day highly flexible and simple program – you choose what and when.
  • You can also stretch this bootcamp longer than 28 days if you’re very time poor or condense it to make it shorter and more intense
  • 6 hours of online fitness videos – all you need is a set of hand weights, a resistance band and (optional) ankle weights.
  • 15 minutes a day 6 days a week for 3 weeks
  • Or 30 minutes a day 3 days a week for 3 weeks (or however YOU want to do it!)
  • Final week – YOU CHOOSE! Whatever you need you do!
  • All over body workouts designed to get the maximum results in the shortest amount of time
  • Optional power walking + podcast sessions each week
  • 8 x 30 minute helpful podcast audios
  • Access to all your program content a week before so that you download your videos to the Vimeo app if you want to and watch without Wifi
  • This fitness program is adrenal friendly


  • The focus of this bootcamp is about IMPLEMENTING positive food principles by getting organised with food, getting stuck into food prep and following simple food planning strategies
  • There are 9 x 7 day eating programs to choose from, including one vegetarian one and a 7 day vegan eating plan – and all come with week-by-week matching shopping lists!
  • A couple of the eating plans will include how to mix and match Mindful Chef recipe boxes – and their new 15 minute meals are BRILLIANT if you’re busy!
  • You can also get £20 off your first recipe box too, your code will be sent with the joining instructions!
  • As well as eating on the go breakfast, lunch and snack ideas that are easy to put together
  • These are in your Busy Man’s Food bible which also includes a section so that you can tailor make everything to you as well!
  • This is available one week before the bootcamp starts so that you can GET ORGANISED!


  • As you’re busy, I know you don’t want your inbox clogged up or the pressure to have to listen or read something each morning.
  • So your inspirational emails will contain a jump-start tip, an inspirational quote and one helpful coaching question with a 3 minute audio that goes through these. These are sent Monday to Saturday
  • You will also receive 3 x GET READY FOR THE WEEK emails on the Sunday nights on day 7, 14 and 21 which will help you get ready for the next week ahead and contain helpful tips and questions and an audio that goes with this too
  • You can listen to these whilst making a cup of tea, getting dressed, emptying the dishwasher etc.
  • You can opt out of the daily emails if you want as all the daily email content is available in a Busy Man’s Top Tips E-Book! Which means you get the tips and tricks in an easy to read and printable format 🙂



Hand weights (2 sets if you want to go heavier on legs and lighter on arms or vice versa). Sports Direct have some AMAZING deals on triple weights sets like THESE where you can get three sets of 1kg, 2kg & 3kg for just £11!

Ankle weights (I use ½ kg). You can get a set of ankle weights for about £6 HERE. Amazon also have some great deals.

A resistance band I use a medium resistance band – you can buy one for £5.99 HERE

this bootcamp is for you if…

  • You are busy!! But still want to be fit and healthy
  • You can procrastinate about getting to your fitness sessions but you know you’d feel and look better for doing them
  • You want to be more organised with your food but need simple food planning strategies that can be adapted to different days depending on what you’re doing
  • You often eat on the go and need quick and easy meal / snack ideas
  • You want to avoid information overload but would still like to be inspired
  • You’re looking to maintain your current body shape, strength, tone and shape with effective workouts that will challenge and benefit your body
  • Or you want to become fitter and stronger without dragging yourself through lengthy cardio workouts that you hate
  • You’ve been stuck in a rut with working long hours and want a simple fitness reset
  • You have an adrenal issue and have been told not to do heavy cardio sessions
  • You want a powerful but low impact fitness program that doesn’t take over your time, energy and life


fitness outline

For the 28 day program, there is a different focus on each day with brand new videos each week for the first 3 weeks and then in the final week, you choose!

You can follow the 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week format or if you prefer (this is what I’ll be doing!), you can do 30 minutes 3 days a week.

These workouts are stackable! Which means you can add the bonus cardio workouts to them or do 2 or 3 conditioning workouts at a time and repeat later in the week if you want a more intense program.

You will have information on how to make this program work for you in your Busy Man’s Exercise bible.

MondayUpper and lower body flow – These are workouts I do a lot which mean you alternate from upper to lower body moves. I’ve devised workouts that flow effortlessly from one move to the next and because they are upper / lower body moves, they fall under PHT workouts (peripheral heart training). This means you burn more calories too as your body has to work harder to pump the blood to different parts of your body!

TuesdayGlutes and legs – Think squats, lunges, kick boxing, floor work, no lower body muscle left untouched here!

WednesdayCardio Core – These aren’t heavy cardio workouts but mix and match combination core moves with some cardio moves that maximise core use

ThursdayTriceps and obliques – Trained triceps and tight obliques are great! Even though these muscles tend to be weaker, they adapt and respond very quickly! These workouts will challenge but change you 🙂

FridayUpper and lower body flow 2 – Your second upper and lower body flow workout of the week will basically target muscles that haven’t been worked or involve moves that progress from videos earlier in the week.

SaturdayCircuits Saturday – The Saturday circuit workouts are fun and use pattern and layer training rather than your typical circuits class! Lots of great moves, all mashed up, working you hard so you can then kick back guilt free over the weekend!

SundayREST DAY – You’ll need it! And of course you can swap your rest day around if you need to 🙂


There are 3 x 15 minute cardio workouts

CLASSIC CARDIO – Cardio moves that get your heart rate up and will give you an effective endurance workout

AIR HIIT – The moves that take you off the ground and make you feel alive

GROUND GROAN – The low to the ground cardio moves that make you groan but you know they work!



This program also includes 90 minutes of Pilates workouts which were part of the Sugar HIIT program. These 10 minute online videos are a great add on to the workouts on this program!





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