The SELF-CARE Bootcamp


My 28-day food, fitness & feelings program!

Put yourself first – Look after yourself like never before – Take command of your time, boundaries and choices – Prioritise your health, happiness & fitness goals – Achieve easy body and mind transformation results – Feel completely amazing – Learn the art of SELF-CARE!

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It comes with a 100% recommendation!

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  • Fitness – Seven hours of incredible online workouts from 5 different female trainers (including Kick Boxing, Power Conditioning, HIIT, Yoga and Cardio Core) with a variety of training plans available whatever your levels or goals
  • Food – Wholesome, balanced & nourishing food principles, with easy eating plans and recipes , plus female-focused nutrition webinars by top nutritionist Zoe Kirby
  • Feelings –Psychologist and NLP practitioner Gill Harvey Bush provides a variety of educational SELF-CARE webinars to help you understand your own issues around Emotional Eating, Guilt, Self-sabotage, Self-destruct, Consistency & Habits to help you get great results over the 28 days AND keep them for life!


  • Your mini SELF-CARE Ebook, created by Janey to help you practice the art of SELF-CARE every day for 28 days and beyond
  • Daily ‘Rise and Shine’ emails each morning with a 5 minute motivational audio from Janey, easy recipes, a 3 minute SELF-CARE blog, your SELF-CARE quote image of the day and of course instructions on what you need to do that day
  • Daily ‘Wind down’ emails 6 days per week with a 5 minute ‘Time to switch off’ audio from Janey and a 3 minute wind down read or meditation audio/video


  • A variety of 3 minute ‘STOP – is this an act of SELF-CARE?!’ audio resources for you to use whenever you’re craving chocolate, want more wine, are heading towards self-destruct mode, can’t motivate yourself, are being influenced by others etc.
  • 2 x 15 minute WIND DOWN & LET GO relaxing yoga videos you can do at anytime
  • 4 x 15 minute optional weekend EXTREME SELF-CARE audios to inspire you to create some extreme self-care!
  • SELF-CARE Q&A audios throughout the 28 days for when you have questions.


  • No preparation needed apart from watching the 30 minute SELF-CARE intro webinar and familiarizing yourself with all the great SELF-CARE resources such as eating plans, mini ebook and recipes!
  • You get to keep all resources for life
  • You can download all videos and audios to watch and listen offline
  • It comes with a money back guarantee, if you do the program and you don’t like it or aren’t happy with the content, we’ll give you your money back.


You can start the SELF-CARE bootcamp at a time that suits you!  There are 28 days of emails and you can trigger these whenever you like, by clicking a link – it’s super simple!




  1. Body and mind transformation for women with a nourishing, not punishing approach
  2. Encouraging women to work with their bodies, rather than fight against them
  3. Teaching women consistency and follow through
  4. Breaking the self-sabotage habits that keep women in a yo-yo cycle
  5. Emphasis on understanding women’s personal emotional eating / drinking issues
  6. Self-motivation strategies to help women get up and DO, with switch-off strategies to get women wind down and RELAX
  7. Results with fitness challenges blended with mental kindness for women of all ages, sizes, goals and abilities
  8. A wholesome not restrictive eating practice
  9. Helping women move away from a place of stress and overload and towards a place simplicity and love
  10. Show women how to be more mindful of food, thoughts, movement and life!

Are you ready to look after yourself like never before?

More detailed information:

Fitness- more detail

  • Just 30 minutes exercise a day with optional add on for those who want more
  • Different options for different levels
  • An easier power walking and Yoga / Pilates program for those wanting to do a more gentle exercise routine
  • 20 x 1 page workout PDFs so you have workout ideas you can use in the swimming pool, gym floor and outside
  • Download the Vimeo App and you can watch all the videos offline, take them to the park or the beach or on holiday!
  • Over 7 hours of online workouts by 5 different trainers that will work every single muscle in the body:

Mondays: Kick Boxing with MTE & FFAP founder Janey Holliday Tuesdays: Power Conditioning with FFAP head trainer Katie Skrine Wednesdays: HIIT with former FFAP trainer and founder of The Army Girl’s Guide, Sarah Honey Lawson Thursdays: Hatha Yoga with Zoe Kirby Fridays: Cardio core with Crossfit nut & MTE office manager Lauren Pearce Saturdays: Freestyle – you can do what you want (we give you guidelines!) Sundays – Day off or yoga wind down videos. CLICK HERE to meet your SELF-CARE bootcamp trainers! CLICK HERE to read the four week fitness plan!


  • SELF-CARE food principles Ebook
  • SELF-CARE easy meals & recipe Ebook
  • Nutrition webinars with top nutritionist Zoe Kirby including: The common nutrition issues with women, the importance of nutrients AND nutrient robbers, hormones and cravings and why the wholesome, balanced approach rather than the extreme restrictive food approach is essential for true SELF-CARE
  • Plus additional easy SELF-CARE recipes into your inbox daily via the daily emails
  • Bonus SELF-CARE eating inspiration from Mindful Chef.


  • Your mini SELF-CARE principles Ebook containing what SELF-CARE is, your SELF-CARE tick list including the 3 secret SELF-CARE questions you need to ask yourself daily and with every food and fitness choice you make!
  • 5 x 30 minute webinars with Gill Harvey Bush
  • Daily audios that will help you get the right feelings for your own success.


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