Putting things in perspective

I’ve got a pretty good mindset about things – partly inherited from my ‘can-do’ / upbeat parents and partly because I’ve read a lot around mindset being a lifestyle coach and motivational speaker. Why is it one of us reacts to something in one way, and someone else another?  It’s because we approach it with a different view point, interpretation or mindset.

There is a Japanese proverb that says ‘ The fish rots from the head’, i.e. when a fish dies, it rots from the head downwards, the analogy? Well that when our minds go, everything goes!  From all the reading, researching and practicing I have done with myself and with clients, I know only too well how when you start to have niggling doubts, self criticism and negative thoughts in your mind, that’s it, you’re off in negative whirlpool! This is of course is where more negative things start to happen and you find yourself thinking, living and being in a more toxic place.

There are a few ways I try to start my day in the best way and I try to make it easy for myself – I don’t have time for meditation and yoga with to do lists as long as my arm and 4 year old twin boys demanding my attention before school! But what I can do is spend a minute or so being grateful with what I have in my life – my health, my home, my family and my friends and I can also spend a few seconds reminding myself of how good I am – not in a conceited way, but in a healthy, emotional well being one. I give myself a little PEP talk each day and it revs me up for the day ahead!

This morning, I did just that, but I was also having one of those mornings where everything just seemed to be tumbling out of control and before long I was being a right grump! My boys were being demanding, my PA is away so I’ve been dealing with a few work things I don’t usually do, I receieved a letter saying I owed some money to the council, it was chucking it down with rain, I’d forgotten to do something, there was a technical glitch with something else and it was Monday…. You know how it goes – and arguably reacting to one probably led to another! And 8.50am, I was running late for the school run and felt like my day was doomed for disaster.

Then I heard an almighty crash – and just a few meters from my house, a motorbike and a car hit each other and the biker was flown into the air and landed on the ground with a thud.  It was absolutely awful. I asked if I could help, but there were other neighbours on the case who had rung an ambulance and helping the biker, and as they didn’t have children, I left and took my boys to school another way protecting them from the unsightly view.

After that, all I could think about was how silly I’d been to let all the little things get to me in the way that they did. How lucky was I that we were running late and it wasn’t us involved in the accident. How, in the blink of an eye everything you have could be taken from you. It made me put everything in perspective. BIG TIME.

In a modern world, we can let time pressures, to do lists, noise, distractions, children (or colleagues) and unnecessary stresses and strains get the better of us.  But really, in the grand scheme of things they are insignificant. The biker was ok, was quite badly injured but nothing life threatening, but it could have been different.

If you are injured, or lose your health, what do you lose? An awful lot. Most of what we worry or complain about in the modern world isn’t a) life threatening and b) important.

So today as you go on your way, spend a few minutes:

  • Being grateful of what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t
  • Being kind to yourself – giving yourself a pat on the back instead of criticizing yourself
  • Being glad you are alive and well and are above the ground not under it

Make life easier and nicer for yourself today…

Very best wishes,

Janey :o)

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  • Rowan October 9, 2012   Reply →

    Inspirational words as always Janey! Loving the new site and the new blog!
    Big X

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