Live group coaching Q and A sessions

There are 6 live Q and A sessions – at 115pm on fortnightly Fridays – dates as follows:

  • 26thApril – replay below
  • 10thMay – replay below
  • 24thMay – replay below
  • 7thJune – replay below
  • 21stJune – replay below
  • 12thJuly



Friday 26th April

I covered:

  • Some simple overwhelm-lowering techniques I’ve been using myself in a very busy / over-loaded week!
  • 3 questions sent in looking at 1) How to prioritise what to do first when so much needs to change 2) Future money worry 3) How to move away from complaining and catastrophising when the world / country / NHS / schools / Police seem to be in such a state.
  • And we also covered some big AHA moments women have had so far – which were great to hear!
  • As well as live questions around boundaries / people pleasing / self-made pressure / judgement and self-kindness required moving forwards.
  • And some useful exercises to try!

REPLAY – LISTEN HERE – Passcode: X%gp2W@5

Friday 10th May

  • Mini updates and AHA moments from what women have listened to so far, including:
  • Really listening to deeper thoughts that get brushed away and connecting with the inner version of us
  • Sitting with our feelings (Bonus audio below) and challenging ‘just get on with it’ habits from childhood that meant you didn’t listen to yourself / sit with feelings
  • Removing denial that ‘I am overwhelmed / overloaded’ and owning some of the decisions you’ve made that mean you’re living the life you are – AND not grumbling about them because if you can change them or happily do them!
  • ‘Something needs to give’ concept and leaning into this!
  • Time-blocking and more flexible ‘energy’ blocking, i.e. ‘what do I need to bring into the next part of my day / this role in my life. Or setting the intention for how you want to show up through busyness (and/or difficulty or grief)
  • Challenging your ‘enough’ standards!
  • Evening and morning routines
  • How protecting one area of our life sometimes costs another area (or part of us) and deciding what we want and need from now.
  • Rethinking vibe and adjusting language to match and help create a new energy / focus for an upgraded life experience
  • And lots more!

REPLAY – LISTEN HERE – Passcode: 8g!0Xc^F

Friday 24th May

  • What some women have taken from the ‘Live like Grandma’ concept both those live – and a couple of questions sent in
  • Including how to handle when you “start to question everything” around what you’re doing with your life!
  • And how to not feel overwhelmed when what you want is so far away – and how to break things down and create  minuscule momentum (I shared some things I’m doing too)
  • The importance of using more powerful visuals to train and remind yourself of certain things!
  • Compartmentalisation question, looking at the NOW / NEXT / FUTURE list
  • Pushing back on to do lists – including questioning the reason why certain things are on there!
  • Feeling lonely in a busy world and how to create more connection time
  • Looking at values and how and what are important to you and what you need to feel aligned in life
  • Considering “Where are the people who are living the simpler life you crave”?
  • How busy women can find grief an inconvenience to doing what they have always done at the pace they have – and how to lean in and learn from what this might indicate in our belief system OR the way our brains naturally work
  • Having more compassion, less guilt and less difficulty in life, by deciding to ease up a bit
  • Procrastination and how to understand it and break it – shared some quick tips on a few angles. But remember you have access to my 21 day Procrastination Buster bootcamp in The Women’s Mindset Club too – just 10-15 mins a day for 21 days – CLICK HERE to be taken to the bootcamp directly)
  • Not worrying what others think of you / whether people like you – and how this can really lower your mental load and overwhelm. AND moving away from this can indirectly lower the over-doing in your life
  • Some half term overwhelm lowering – with a bit of “Live like Grandma” humour, ha ha!

REPLAY – LISTEN HERE – Passcode: Z*97Yez+

Friday 7th June

  • A super positive update from one of you re major tech time breakthrough!
  • How to deal with ‘crop up’ crisis scenarios
  • Someone who knows she needs to complete this course and make changes, but she’s so tight for time and finding hard to make time
  • Hot seat coaching, addressing patterns of getting caught doing things you don’t really want to do
  • Hot seat coaching, looking at time / energy blocks
  • Hot seat coaching, feeling ‘time ticking in your head’ pressure and reacting to pop up demands from others
  • And lots more in between!

REPLAY – LISTEN HERE – Passcode: TrV4kM^.

Friday 22nd June

  • What to do when you know there are changes to make, but you’re completely overloaded. And you know it’s going to take time to make those changes. Where to start, mindset and practically.
  • What is the real priority and what are you doing all the things that support this?
  • Difference between overwhelm and burn out. In particular looking at mental strain and stress, emotional exhaustion, cognitive weariness and what you can do / avoid to help yourself out
  • Exquisite self-care (not candles and baths!) – but taking off non-essential things off your to do list, information boundaries, routines to take out the thinking, the ‘reverse lie-in’ and anything we can create / reframe to protect us and our needs
  • We also covered reframing certain blocks / life goals and creating better energetics with them, by changing language and how we see them
  • And lots more!

REPLAY – LISTEN HERE – Passcode: 9T+0c8%N