Time to reclaim you and your life?



I’ve been helping women for 23 years this month.

And what I’m seeing everywhere, is just how many women are losing themselves in the juggle of a busy life and noise of the modern world.

AND; really struggling to be the boss of their own lives right now!

If this is you, read on! (because I have some top tips and an inspirational freebie – and we are going to turn it around!)

In my experience, most women are so overwhelmed at the moment, spinning way too many plates. Doing too much. But also many often confess to being stuck in excess smart phone use and crappy social media habits. Doom scrolling anyone?

Many women know that they want to make some positive (or desperate!) changes in their life. But either they don’t know how. Or, what I see a lot; is they just don’t have the time, energy and headspace to tackle it.

Also – mainly because of the tech infused modern life we find ourselves in – women frequently find themselves so easily getting pulled into TOO many things!

Which massively impacts their mojo, mindset, mental and physical well being. It robs them of time they don’t have to waste. And it also means self-connection (and for many self-confidence) is at an all time low.

I’m also sensing just how many feel that time is slipping through their fingers and fast.  I mean does anyone else find it utterly crazy to think that it’s nearly a quarter of a century since the Millennium?

“I need more hours in the day!” is something nearly every woman says when they come to me for help!

Along with “I’m so tight for bandwidth!”. And “My brain is so frazzled, please help me!”

So today, I’d like to kick off a really positive mission to inspire you (that means breathe life into by the way!) to….

Reclaim YOU and YOUR life, once and for all 💕

Because we only have one of them!

Let me help you find the ways to create more time and mental energy for you – AND the things and people you LOVE too!

In an amazing book, first published in 2011, called “The top 5 regrets of the dying”. Bronnie Ware, a palliative care nurse, shared the top 5 regrets she saw.

They were :

  •  “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”
  •  “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.”
  • “I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.”
  •  “I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.”
  • “I wish I had let myself be happier”

I think a lot of these are absolutely still relevant to us these days.

But I also believe our generation’s biggest life regrets in years to come, are going to be more along the lines of:

  • “I wish I hadn’t spent so much time on my phone”
  • “I wish I had slowed down and found more time, energy and headspace for the goals, dreams, people and things that were truly important to me”
  • “I wish I hadn’t fried my brain taking in information and images of others I just didn’t need, that kept me off my own path and compromised my peace of mind”
  • “I wish I hadn’t wasted so much of my life looking at what others were doing and beating myself up as a result”
  • “I wish I had created better boundaries, so I could have been more present and engaged with those I loved”

We can’t control technological advances, that bit is out of our control I’m afraid.

(Although we do now know that they are designed to keep us addicted, so we do need to watch this!)

But we 100% CAN take back the reigns of our own lives moving forwards from today!

And even if your phone use is at optimum levels (I’ve never ever heard this in my practice, but great if you’ve achieved this!). What I’m going to share now will still enhance your life.

It’s not all about tech management. But also about your mindset, time and choice management.


So are you ready? Because operation #reclaimyouandyourlife begins right now!

The definition of reclaim is “To retrieve or recover (something previously owned or lost). Or obtain the return of”

But it’s important to understand that we didn’t just lose ourselves or lose control of our lives overnight.

It’s what I call the ‘normalisation’ of the accumulation of things that creep up on us so slowly without as realising it.

So what we have to do, is gradually claw it back!

  • Thought by thought.
  • Minute by minute.
  • Choice by choice.
  • Boundary by boundary.
  • Habit by habit.
  • Tweak by tweak.
  • Smile by smile 😃

And it starts by being more ON your life, rather than rattling around in it (which is so easy to fall into when you’re so busy).

And, by reminding yourself that you CAN 100% change your ending – so you DON’T have any regrets!

My approach if you don’t know, is always upbeat, fun and practical.

Yep, even when making big changes. And especially when we need a big fat reality check of where we are and consider what the hell we’re doing with our time and lives!

So let’s make this as light hearted, positive and enthusiastic as we possibly can.


Here’s how we’re going to do it!

You need to:

  • STOP overconsuming other people’s lives – and START maximising, building and consuming yours!
  • STOP wasting time doom scrolling (or your tech rabbit hole of choice)- and START building more positive and life enhancing habits and routines that will create the time and vitality you’ve been dreaming of!
  • STOP watering the grass of other people’s lives – and START watering your own! We need you to start growing way more flowers on your patch of grass!
  • STOP taking so much information in that you don’t need or is an energy / mojo vampire – and START clearing headspace or switch up for inspiration; that helps you shine bright and breathes more life into you!
  • STOP comparing and filling in the blanks about how others ‘must’ be thinking, feeling and living (let me tell you 95% of this is total fiction)  – And get those blinkers on! START challenging the unhelpful stories you’re creating and focus on you waaaaay more!
  • STOP the catastrophising thinking that takes you down – and START feeding your mind with goodness to lift you up!
  • STOP thinking you have time to make your goals and dreams come true – and START making the great stuff happen in your life now!

We really do only have one life. Let’s not waste it. Let’s fully embrace it!


MY GIFT TO YOU… A 40 minute inspirational top tips audio!

I’ve put together 10 key tips to help you reclaim you and your life, into an upbeat, jam-packed audio!


  1. Whatever you don’t you don’t change, you are choosing! This is the foundation for owning where you’re at and empowering you to start making better choices!
  2. How to be more ON your life! Encouraging you to get off the hamster wheel and create some long overdue headspace.
  3. When you say yes to something, what are you saying no to? When you really look at the impact of what you’re saying yes and no to, you’ll be astounded as to the AHA moments you’ll have
  4. Taking command of tech boundaries! Every client that comes to me with overwhelm issues or stress / depression / feeling out of control of their lives, we look at this. It is SO easy to fall into crappy habits. But there are little tweaks that can make such a difference!
  5. Creating your optimum week! I could not be without this. It helps me be the commander of my time EVEN with multiple challenges and compromises going on behind the scenes. This is how I transform my client’s lives with clever switch ups!
  6. Building your optimum mindset and identity! Yes you choose your thoughts, your narrative, your attitude, your habits and your identity. And it’s easier than you think to take back the reigns of this!
  7. That there are more (easy!) solutions at your finger tips than you realise! Oh my goodness me, solutions are EVERYWHERE when you decide to search for them. You just need to uncover them.
  8. The importance of getting your blinkers on! You, you and YOU! Over everyone and everything else. The modern world has stripped us of our ability to naturally focus on ourselves and get pulled into the bright shiny object syndrome.
  9. The compound effect! This is your game changing approach that goes against the grain of all or nothing and big and bold change. This is the missing piece of the puzzle for so many!
  10. What are you waiting for? The time is now I promise you! But the “I’ll do it tomorrow… another time… when I…” is pure procrastination. Often caused by your mental load that puts you into a place of stress (procrastination is a stress response). Or, because your limbic system has taken over and is diverting you to do more things that make you feel good temporarily (doom scrolling being a classic example!). This is why understanding motivation and procrastination is crucial. Because the feel good factor you’re really after ISN’T the divert you find yourself in. But the making the amazing things in your life actually happen!

“Putting myself first was a quiet thing, soft and certain, a gentle rebellion, long over due”

So, how about we get you to start putting yourself first?

How about you rebel against the norm?

How about you focus more on YOU?

And create time, energy, trust and momentum to #reclaimyouandyourlife

So over to you!


Remember, your journey belongs to YOU!

Janey x

PS – You may also be interested in my Women’s Mindset Club too!

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