How to have a Remember who the F you are day!

If you are a woman who has felt a bit lost or discombobulated lately.

Or, maybe you’ve lost your mojo?

Perhaps your inner sparkle has been dimmed by something or someone?

You might be spending too much time looking after others.

Maybe you’re utterly frazzled from the last few years!

Working too hard.

Constantly chasing your tail.

Are a bit fed up of the life grind.

Beating yourself up about where you’re at.

Or who you’re not.

Perhaps craving something different.

A better life experience for yourself?

Would love to get behind yourself once and for all.

And to get fired up about the future?

Or, maybe in need of what my mentor calls a “2 inch lift”.

Well you, for sure, need a “Remember who the fuck you are!” day.

(NB if you don’t like the F word, you’re in the wrong place!)


It is SO easy for women to lose themselves in the modern world.

To disconnect with their true selves when they are juggling so much.

They brush their brilliance under the carpet as they go through challenge or chaos.

They drown in comparison because of social media and focus on who they aren’t, rather than who they ARE.

They lose confidence and clarity on their infinite capability, power and potential; as they listen to their annoying, nagging inner voice (or the opinion of others!), that takes them down a path they don’t even want to be on.

They are battered by information overload, which means they often can’t see the wood for the trees.  And don’t that all important headspace for themselves as a result.

They can easily forget their own worth, their unique talent, their needs, dreams, purpose and passions.

And they just forget who the fuck they are as a result.

And it’s fucking sad.

And I’m on a mission to change this!

I am very experienced mindset coach and have been changing women’s lives for 20 years.

I know most the tricks in the book to manage your mind, reframe difficulties, focus on the positives, bring out the best in you, deal calmly with plot twists. And to “happily do” life with a smile on your face as much as possible.

But I’m also a single Mum of three (14 year old twin boys and a 6 year old girl who is autistic). I have been a single Mum since my twins were 13 months old.  I had my daughter by myself in 2016. I have my kids 100% of the time. And I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in seven years.

So my life behind the scenes is what you might call a little bat shit crazy!

Your circumstances may be different to mine. But when there’s a lot going on in your life, you are caring for others, you’re got difficulties or stresses going on. Or you’ve just found yourself living a life or showing up as a version of you that’s not what you ever wanted for yourself.

I know how it feels to lose yourself, I really do.

It still happens to me now and again (why I’m such a big fan of having regular “Remember who the fuck you are!” days).

So whenever you feel like you’ve lost yourself in life.

Please STOP. And let me help you remember who the fuck you are!

Having a “Remember who the fuck you are!” day really is is a true gift to yourself.

A little time to be ON your life.

To be kind and compassionate to yourself.

Whilst also fucking waking yourself up!

And you’ll be AMAZED as to the difference in how you feel in just a few hours.

Every woman should have one at least once.

(I have one a few times a year now and I wouldn’t be without them!)

And having a “Remember who the fuck you are day”, means getting out your chaos, commitments, stress and struggles for a day (or half a day if you can’t find a whole day).

Getting yourself in a neutral, inspirational and if you can a little luxurious environment (this can be outside in nature too!).

And then working through some self-coaching questions that are designed to give you some real light bulb and life-lifting moments!

That will reconnect you with your soul.

To reignite the real you.

And get you the fuck fired up to a) Bring back the kick ass version of you that’s been temporarily buried.  And b) Create a kick ass future for yourself – whatever that means for you!

So, I’ve put together a “How to have a remember who the fuck you are day!” starter pack!

With everything you need for the day!

A day, which will take you from lost to liberated.

Exhausted to Empowered.

Forgotten to found.

You will be amazed as to how different you’ll feel!

My “Remember who the fuck you are!” day starter pack contains:

  • An 8 page E-book on how to create the ultimate day – with lots of advice and options for you to consider
  • A 10 page E-book with about 100 self-coaching questions for you to pick and choose and work through on the day – and these questions can be used as on-going journal prompts too – all designed to help you remember who the fuck you are!
  • And a little 25 minute audio that goes with it to help you get the most of this perfect ME gift!

But first, a few tips!

To have a “Remember who the fuck you are day!”, you need to ideally:

  • Book a day off for you and choose a venue – I like to have mine in a local spa hotel, some clients have had one outside in a place of natural beauty. If you can’t do one of these, you could go to a lovely café or restaurant. Use a friends house, or if you can’t get out of your own home, declutter and inspire up a room.
  • Get organised so you can ensure you aren’t disturbed – You really do want to be able to have a peaceful contact free day! Communicate with who you need to before hand, make all the necessary prep, so you can do what I call preparing for peace.
  • Think of something nice to wear and bring – Something that makes you feel like you, your favourite colour or outfit, a nice notebook and pretty pens, a lovely blanket etc. It makes such a difference and doesn’t have to cost much.
  • Plan some nice food – You don’t really want a Tesco meal deal on a day like today! You could book a lunch out, or put together a tasty lunch box for example.
  • Get into the right mindset – It’s all about being exploratory and expansive. And ready to embrace all breakthroughs and emotions!

Then on your “Remember who the fuck you are day!”  you can pick and choose a variety of the self-coaching questions I’ve put together for you.

Here’s a sneak peak!

And The 12 sections of the “Remember who the fuck you are day!” E-Book that I’ve put together, are:

💝ONE – Bring out your inner child, she isn’t fucking lost, let’s go get her!

💝TWO – The attributes you left behind when that fucking adulting took over!

💝THREE – Struggles are temporary, don’t lose the fucking kick ass you!

💝FOUR – Demons to fucking diamonds, time to get a grip on your thoughts

💝FIVE – Let’s breathe some fucking life back into you!

💝SIX – That shitty person that tried to take you down, it’s time to tell them to fuck off!

💝SEVEN – The Dorothy technique – You had the power all fucking along my dear!

💝EIGHT – The Hero’s journey – Time to slay those fucking dragons and get the treasure you want in life!

💝NINE – What others think is none of your fucking business!

💝TEN – Time to forgive yourself for fucking good!

💝ELEVEN – Upgrade your fucking life CV!

💝TWELVE – Creating your fucking feel good future list!


There are approx 5-10 questions in each section. And a couple of exercises. And you can cover as many or as little self-coaching questions as you want.

You can answer them in any order.  You can go into as much detail as you like. And skip questions you don’t want to answer.

And Here are a few examples from the E-Book!

  • What did you love to do as a child that you don’t do any more but would like to do again?
  • How did you show up in the world when you were a young adult, when you felt more free and less burdened by adulting or the pressures of life?
  • With a struggle that you currently have, that’s been weighing you down. Take a moment to imagine that you’ve got through it. It’s the future, your struggle is well in the past and you’re doing really well in life. How are you thinking, living and feeling? What does that future you want to say to you?
  • What are the things that make you feel truly alive? And make your heart sing? List them and pick one that you can schedule in your diary right now!
  • Write a letter to the person who’s taken some of your shine away and tell them exactly what you think of them. Get raw, real and use as much calm or as many expletives as you need!
  • Imagine you’re the director of your own life movie. What would you like the rest of your story to play out as?
  • List something you need forgive yourself for. What needs to happen so you can let it all go, or make peace with it?
  • List as many things as you can that have happened in your life that have brought a smile to your face?
  • What songs are on your “Remember who the fuck you are!” playlist?

These are just a few examples of some of the self-coaching questions. And as I said they are wonderful journal prompts too!

How to buy your “Remember who the fuck you are!” day starter pack!

It’s currently £9.99 in my 14 day Valentine sale and you’ll be able to access it (for life), via my easy-to-access membership area with an easy email log in.

Remember who the fuck you are day starter pack – £9.99

Your “Remember who the fuck you are!” day starter pack contains:

  • An 8 page E-book on how to create the ultimate day
  • A 10 page E-book with all the self-coaching questions for you to pick and choose from
  • And a little 25 minute audio that goes with it to help you get the most of the day

Treat a friend!

If you’d like to buy one for a friend or family member who desperately needs to remember who the fuck they are, please  buy via this button below. Then please email us ( their email address and we will email them access details within 24 hours!

GIFT OPTION! Remember who the fuck you are day STARTER PACK – £9.99


It may be easy to forget who the fuck you are, but it’s also easy to get her back!

And I’ve put this together, because I’d love as many women as possible to take themselves off for a “Remember who the fuck they are!” day.

Can you imagine if thousands and thousands of women treated themselves to a day of self-discovery and the positive ripple effect this would have?!

Also 5% of the sales goes to Women’s Aid via Work for good via my Gift for Women.

Hope you enjoy your experience and please let me know how you get on and the breakthroughs you get!

Janey x


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