How to get results and keep them!

One of the things so many people forget is that what you do to get results – is really what you need to carry on doing to keep them!

So here are my top 5 tips on getting great results AND keeping them…

You have to do and keep on doing. There is literally no other way, so it’s essential you see what you do as something that you do for life. A good analogy I use with my clients is to think of a shop. It can be successful, but once the stock is sold, you need to replenish it. Otherwise there is an empty shop, which can’t be a success. I think getting fit and staying fit is just like this – you can be successful temporarily, but you have to keep replenishing the stock if you’re to be a long lasting success. A shop with no stock isn’t a shop, the same way a fit person cannot stay fit without fitness, or a healthy eater can’t be a healthy eater without eating healthy food. What you do is what you are.  There is no way around this, so embrace it, see it for life and get stuck in!

One of the articles I share on my SELF-CARE bootcamp is about how a regular cyclist found climbing up a hill easy, until she didn’t do it for 6 days and then it got hard! It’s full of great tips, take a look HERE for more details and remember that this works both ways –  your body gain lose and gain fitness so quickly as one of my favourite image quotes below shows…

Be consistent not perfect!  I believe the best ways to approach health and fitness is to think of the 90/10 rule. Do what you need to do (eat healthy, exercise 5 times a week, have enough sleep, look after yourself, don’t be stressed etc.) 90% of the time all of the time. I think the desire to be perfect has an adverse affect on long term results.  Once people move away from the ‘optimum/perfection’ focus, they think they’ve failed, then give themselves a hard time and then give up. Give yourself permission to go off track, so long as you get back on track – quickly. Stick to the 90 % of the time all of the time rule and you’ll see the difference in mindset and most importantly, ACTION!


It’s all about habits! Habits are a learned behavior and they can be unlearned, but even better, replaced with BETTER habits. Find your habit’s function, i.e. what it does for you or give you. And then find something else that gives you that (or as near to that as possible). I always say to people that in order to change you have to change. And habits are what define you. Want to have a different character? You’ve got to look at those habits! On the SELF-CARE bootcamp, I teach my clients about non-negotiable habits – the things you define that you MUST do, no matter what. Start with one and build up, the more you do, the more they will become auto-pilot, then choose another one and build them up. No one said you have to change all habits and change your character over night!



You have to keep doing it when you don’t want to do. This is what we call on the SELF-CARE bootcamp the ‘Doing it anyway’ attitude. Too busy? Do it anyway. Too tired? Do it anyway. Don’t want to do it? Do it anyway. Afraid to do it? Do it anyway. Motivation is literally working out how to make yourself do. And do again. And keep doing! I went from being the most unmotivated person fitness and food wise to one of the most motivated. This ‘do it anyway’ mindset and also seeing my habits as me, were really the secrets to the change AND long lasting success. I often suggest to my clients to ask the question ‘What would Janey do?’. I am someone that is consistent and fit and healthy because I act like someone consistently who is fit and healthy. That’s it!

It’s about priorities. And upping your game to do what matters. If you’ve identified you want something, the only person that can make it happen is you. And it needs to be something that you prioritise. And prioritise over other things that you like doing too. The ‘upping your game’ mentality is an empowering one too, not just to help you do, but to do WHAT MATTERS.  Get clarity on what this is and then put a LOT of your attention to it. Thinking about something half-heartedly will mean you won’t have enthusiasm and nothing great was ever created OR sustained, without it!



YOU CAN DO IT. But you just have to do it.


YOU CAN KEEP IT. But you have to keep at it

If you need help with consistency, understanding habits, getting fitter, eating better and want to learn how to be self-motivated to train and eat well 90% of the time ALL OF THE TIME,  come join us on the 28 day SELF-CARE bootcamp, which is packed full of this stuff!  It kicks off every fortnight and I’d be delighted to have you join us J

Hope this has been helpful and inspiring!

Janey x




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