Rise of the Female Entrepreneur – OUT TODAY!

I am delighted to share that I have co-written a book! It’s out TODAY! ON International Women’s Day 2024.


Step into the captivating world of resilience, determination, and triumph as you delve into the pages of “The Rise of The Female Entrepreneur”. From humble beginnings to remarkable achievements, these women have fearlessly confronted challenges, turning them into stepping stones towards greatness. Their narratives not only exude success but also reveal the rawness of vulnerability, the resilience in setbacks, and the unwavering dedication to their passions.
By holding this book in your hands today, you’re not just acquiring a collection of inspirational stories; you’re also extending your support to our chosen charity, Women Supporting Women – The Princes Trust Charity. Your investment goes beyond the pages—it’s a commitment to self-discovery, empowerment, and inspiration.
These women aren’t just remarkable; they are trailblazers, visionaries, and role models shaping the future.
Don’t miss this chance to uplift your spirits, find motivation, and embrace empowerment.
Available on Amazon in paperback and kindle (which can be read on any device)  CLICK HERE to purchase.
(The introductory price of £6.99 for paperback and 99p for kindle is for the first 48 hours. After that the price goes up.)

More about Janey

Janey Holliday – AKA The Women’s Mindset Coach – is an experienced mindset, life and business coach, who has been changing the lives of women for 23 years. She teaches women how to think differently to live better. Empowers them that anything is possible. And helps women build a practical life and time management tool kit like no other. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Her audio programs are described as ‘green juice for the brain’. And Janey’s upbeat, fun and transparent coaching style, is what brings women from all over the world, back to her programs year after year.  Janey is a sought after motivational speaker and has delivered over 40 live TV slots as the GBNews’ mindset expert.  She passionately believes that women can still make their business dreams come true, even with back of house challenges. And as a single Mum of 3 and SEN Mum (her 7 year old is autistic with ADHD and now home schooled), she likes to inspire by example. That when you see blocks and barriers as hurdles – and get over them – the sky is still the limit!

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Hope you enjoy the book and email me janey@janeyholliday.com if you have any questions!