If you’re feeling exhausted, out of sorts or stuck in a rut. Maybe it’s time to RISE?

Let me help you move away from where you don’t want to be and to get in the zone and hatch a gentle plan to get you where you DO want to be.

Because where you are, is NOT who you are. So let’s get you out of your current reality!

And that’s why I’ve created the simple solution… RISE.

You need RISE if you’ve found yourself:

➡️ With a lacklustre, stagnated energy for life and feeling stuck in a rut

➡️ A negative, worried or stressy mindset that’s stripped you of your sparkle

➡️ Mental and physical exhaustion and feeling helpless and hopeless

➡️ Fed up, low, tetchy with people around you and feeling flat about yourself and your life

➡️ Juggling waaaay too much and can’t see the wood from the trees

➡️ And a lot of you can no doubt throw in some peri/menopause symptoms. Kids, partners or parents that require extra support right now – and even financial struggles too.


I promise you, that you CAN get yourself out of your rut!

I also know (as I was in this place not so long ago!) that one of the biggest battles or frustrations women have. Is knowing they want to create change, but they don’t have much left in the tank. So anything that might lift themselves or requires their focus or action, seems like such an uphill struggle.

You might even be heading towards a milestone birthday and you’re not where you thought you’d be in your life.

Or maybe Covid and the post Covid aftermath has stripped you of some inner shine.

Perhaps you’re determined to be the higher version of yourself as you grow another year older and you’ll be damned if Covid, modern life, & mid life will get in the way of this.

But you need help and support with this!

If any of the above resonates with you and you’re thinking you’d LOVE to feel truly fantastic again… Along with hatching a positive but simple plan for the next 12 months – you are in the right place!


So, how do you RISE?

Even though I am a mindset coach, in mid 2021 I was really struggling with my mindset, energy and self. Life felt very heavy and I didn’t feel like myself – physically or mentally.  And I hate feeling like that. So I decided to turn it around!

I knew 3 important things:

  • I had everything within me to change, everything! I just needed to get stuff off my chest, get super inspired and connect with my true identity again AND get clear on what I wanted from myself and my life
  • I was part of the problem! Yep, I needed to get out of my own way and remove the crappy habits, push through the justifications and take much better care of myself mentally and physically
  • I needed to take back command of my life and get a proper plan! To get clear on what I needed to do both practically AND mindset wise and get cracking with it now rather than another time. BUT… and this is VERY important –  with a different vibe. I chose lightly, calmly and cleverly (more on this if you choose to do RISE).

So I put my coaching hat on and by doing a few key things (that weren’t even that time consuming – why we’re going to get so much done in just a few hours!), I was able to turn this around and started to feel like I was back to being me and even had become the favourite version of myself. Thank goodness!

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The 5 steps from RUT to RISE

There are five key steps that we explore through RISE – the exact things that helped me and will help you transform from rock bottom to sky high! But without the typical push, go at a million miles an hour, do-do-do mentality.


RUT – We’re going to get clear on what you’re sick of, what’s dragged you down and any identity, habits or mindset you need to let go of – super cathartic!

DESIRE – Then, get crystal clear on exactly what you want, the specifics on where you want to be and the WHY – what I call the inspiration shift!

MAGIC – Is all about remembering your uniqueness and working out how to bring out your inner sparkle again – your true life super power!

DECIDE – Making simple decisions, with what you need to do, to start lifting yourself and turn things around. And then carefully break down the inspired actions, solutions, help and mindset you need into bite size chunks – your steps to the sky!

RISE – Mapping out your RISE, it’s all about setting the intention, living with intention and getting right behind your rise – your RISE master plan!

And the vibe of RISE as I said is a gentle one.  We go lightly, carefully and cleverly on RISE (or you can come up with your own words of course).


RISE is for clients who would like to have the RISE content to work through at their own pace.  As soon as you sign up you will receive a login for my Members Area and be able to access the RISE calls and workbooks.  You can listen at any time that suits you. There are 6 main audios (approx 30 mins each) that go through the RISE principles and self-coaching part of the workbook – they you go away and fill out section by section.

ON SALE! Was £99, now £49 And you need some tailor-made support afterwards, you can always sign up for a 1-2-1 with me!

RISE automated is available for men as well as women, so if you have any partners, brothers or male friends that are struggling right now, please tell them about RISE.

sign up for RISE – £49 


So many women have done RISE now and the feedback has been incredible!

“RISE was just what I needed and I can’t believe the difference in me in just one day! Highly recommend to anyone feeling negative or stuck in life”
“What a difference a day makes! Last night I went to bed believing there was no way out of feeling the way I felt, but going to bed tonight feeling excited about my life again. Thank you xxx”
“Janey, thank you so much for RISE, one of the greatest things I’ve done for myself in a long time. I found it very cathartic, I loved the format and found each section incredibly useful. The other women on there were so nice and I actually really enjoyed it, it didn’t feel like coaching and the day went so fast”

“Thanks Janey, My big take away from last week, was that you made me realise that I had been spotlighting on all the wrong things. I also found listening to the other women’s back of house so refreshing. I was taken aback as well by how different our RISE wishes were and found it very inspiring indeed. I’ve done all your programs and got so much out of them, but this has been my favourite so far, maybe because it was done in one day and because the impact was so immediate. Well done Janey x”

sign up for RISE – £49 



It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and bogged down with life. But I promise you, if I can rise from it all, you can too! This will be one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make in yourself and the most wonderful and transformational experience to end this year well. I can’t wait to help you!

Remember…  WHERE YOU ARE IS NOT WHO YOU ARE… Let’s get ready to RISE.

Janey x



If you have any questions, please email janey@janeyholliday.com

Another positive about RISE?


This program is on my GIFT TO WOMEN option (formally known as “give and gift it on“ )

This means that 5% of ALL my bookings – either from individual programs or my Women’s Mindset Club will be donated to Women’s Aid (Women’s Aid is a grassroots federation working together to provide life-saving services and build a future where domestic violence is not tolerated) via Work For Good.  Work for Good is an official platform that makes sales fundraising easy and legal.



Janey x