What if I’m not keen on doing all the online videos or are worried whether I can do them?

We believe that challenging workouts form a big part of SELF-CARE, but we appreciate that not everyone wants to do the workouts we provide and that is absolutely fine! For those who don’t want to do all these videos but would prefer a more basic / easier exercise routine, we provide a variety of training plans that incorporate power walking workouts and pilates and yoga, these are available for you to see once you’ve logged in. However please note that there are always options for everyone on all videos!


What if I already do some of my own fitness classes or are a member of a gym?

We have lots of women who do our programs who either already to go to bootcamp classes like FFAP or have a gym membership or enjoy things like running or cycling etc. The great thing about our workouts is that you can mix and match them up with any current training plan or passions. As there are only 30 mins of online workouts a day, you can double up days or switch days out. Many people do our programs a few times back to back as they love them so much and if you were to do that you could get through all our videos around your current fitness schedule over a couple of months rather than 28 days. We would always encourage a variety of workouts, so if you’re doing lots of running for example, perhaps focus on the conditioning, kick boxing and yoga workouts to balance out what you’re already doing. Once you have logged in, we provide you with a variety of training plans that blend our videos with other workouts to give you further ideas!


What if I don’t have time to get all the food needed ahead of the program starting?

We will be encouraging you to EASE in to this bootcamp because being stressed and overwhelmed is not the art of SELF-CARE! If you have time to get an online shop ordered with some food from the SELF-CARE food principles list before your program starts, great! If not, please don’t worry! Your Monday emails always contain 3 x 5 minute healthy eating recipe ideas so without even thinking too much you can ensure you have a healthy Monday dinner and we say that so long as you’re organized by the start of week two, that is absolutely fine.


How much time do I need for this bootcamp?

On logging in:

30 minutes to listen to the SELF-CARE introduction audio when you log in (we recommend you do this before the program starts)

30 minutes to familiarize yourself with all the fantastic resources we provide such as the mini Ebooks (but these can be done at anytime and not necessary to read before you start the bootcamp)

Total: 60 mins if you do everything

Monday to Friday:

5 mins in the morning to listen to your Rise and Shine audio

40 mins for your workout (including your warm up/cool down)

5 mins in the evening to listen to your Wind Down audio

6 minutes if you want to read your 2 x SELF CARE

3 minute read articles in your Monday to Friday emails – these are optional and nice add ons, can be listened to any time

Plus a few minutes to read your email / daily quote image / click through to any recipe links we include – again optional

Total: 60 mins if you do everything (about 3.5% of your day!)

Saturday and Sunday:

There are no daily rise and shine or wind down audios at the weekend. Saturdays we ask you to do a workout of your choice (anything from 30 minutes of videos to a 90 minute power walk) and Sunday is your day of REST!

  • On Saturdays we release 4 x inspirational SELF CARE audios with Janey of 15 minutes over the four weeks
  • On Sundays we release 4 x educational FEELINGS audios with Gill Harvey Bush of 30 minutes over the four weeks
  • Plus we have the brilliant bonus nutrition audio webinars with Janey and Zoe Kirby which you can access any time.


We must stress that these are all add-ons and do NOT have to be listened to each weekend!