The results are in!

We created a short survey for our SELF-CARE clients to fill out on Survey Monkey, and this what they said:


100% enjoyed the SELF-CARE bootcamp

100% thought it was good value for money

100% would recommend to other women

100% enjoyed the variety of five different trainers

100% enjoyed the morning and evening emails and audios

100% would do the SELF-CARE bootcamp again

100% enjoyed the bonus nutrition audios with Zoe Kirby

100% enjoyed the bonus psychology webinars with Gill Harvey Bush

100% found the bootcamp preparation and resources easy to follow


Find out more and book you place for the June SELF-CARE bootcamp over on the SELF-CARE program page!


Everyone has loved it!

“Amazing! Best boot camp ever!”

“Very inspiring. Feeling fitter than ever!”

“Having five different trainers makes this a unique fitness experience – different styles but one overall aim to make you fitter, stronger, leaner”

“I can’t think of a single woman who wouldn’t benefit from this.”

“The fitness alone was good value, but with the content and the FB group it’s excellent!”

Amazing value for money

“I just wanted to say that having done a few boot camps (a few years ago) I have found this one the best in terms of format and accessible information. I have been very impressed with Janey’s messages and delivery of content.”

“It’s been such a fab month and looking forward to achieving and learning even more in the next month. Everything fantastic well done Janey x”

What the SELF-CARE bootcampers enjoyed the most…
“Exercise videos, daily email and facebook group”

“That it’s a really all round boot camp. Not only about results”

“Pushing myself to do it was made that much easier by the small timings of training videos: warm up, 3 x 10 mins of exercise & then cool down!”

“It made you self motivated more than relying on the temporary bootcamp experience to motivate you. It felt very forgiving”

“My favourite thing is the emphasis on taking the whole view of self care, not just elements, but with the flexibility to make it your own.”

“Group support and variety – the focus on taking what works for you, on trying to create habits one at a time”

“Loved the shortness of the morning audios and they all contained such brilliant information. Janey, you must have had such a great time doing all this research as everything contained in the emails was really on point and relevant for us all.”

“A useful nugget in an audio or email greeted me every morning, and reminded me to wind down every night.”

“The Facebook group makes you realise that you are not alone and everyday there is a group of women trying to fit in working , families and looking after them Self . It’s a great way of getting fit both mentally and physically. Well done for a brilliant program!”

“Thank you for this awesome program, I am enjoying it so much”

Any personal breakthroughs or progresses made?
“Consistency, not being so influenced by scales drinking less feeling my body is stronger and healthier”

“Lost 10lb. Feel fitter, more toned & eating habits have changed for good.”

“I didn’t beat myself up when I didn’t do the exercise or read the articles – giving myself more self care!”

“My fitness and strength has improved dramatically and while there is still work to do, I have been wearing a pair of trousers that were too tight in March. More than that though, I have been mindful of how I treat myself and live my life, and it feels good.”

“Realising that structure and order keep me happy and I should start to prioritise routine”

“My fitness and strength has improved dramatically”

“Lost a lot of weight…”

“Acknowledging the importance of self-care, the strength I developed in my core from the workouts, that happy feeling you get when you feel so energised all the time and see your tummy a bit flatter than it was 4 weeks ago!”

“Implementing effective habits – taking responsibility for my actions – enjoying the more indulgent moments with no guilt!”

What were the three main things they took away from the bootcamp?
“Consistency, making more effort and being kinder to myself”

“Do it anyway! Self care means doing exercise, eating healthily, all in balance. Love the support of the group.”

“Always push yourself that little bit further on self-improvement & exercise. Put yourself on top of the list in self care. Make exercise & healthy eating one of the top priorities in your life.”

“That even though I don’t want to lose weight, there’s a regular exercise routine for me. Ask yourself/others “what are the reasons” instead of “why”.”

“Self care time is not a luxury, it’s essential and we’re better for it.”

“1. I always thought I was quite organised but I need to plan more if I’m going to stick to the goals I want to achieve. 2. Being single, freelance, living alone and not having children means I don’t have a routine imposed upon me by anyone else and while I’ve always seen that as a freedom I think I’d be happier if I did! 3) Just do it!”

“Healthy eating as a lifestyle choice for the rest of my life. Ensuring that I commit to self-care as a priority”

“Consistency not perfection with regards to eating -you can always fit in exercise if you really want to -always consider how you want to live your life and live it that way! For me this is being mindful, productive and happy, eating well and being fit and strong”

“Reduce booze, make time to exercise…..seriously be gentle with myself, but not allow that to be laziness….self-care means you need to push yourself to sometimes”

How would they describe the SELF-CARE bootcamp in three words…
“Fun, inspiring motivating”

“Life changing, mind and body care, amazing”

“Energising challenging enjoyable”

“Refreshing, innovative, powerful”

“Empowering, insightful, life-enhancing

“What were the three main things you’ve taken away from this programme?

“Consistency, effort and being kinder to self”“Life changer, inspirational, fantastic

“Supportive – the group to each other and the course for yourself. Dynamic – who knew self-care could be active, and how quickly many people got things happening/changing for themselves. Rewarding – it feels good no matter the size of a change or how small a thing you do…the group really help you feel good about yourself”

“It just works :-)”

What they would say to women thinking about doing it…
“Go for it you won’t regret it”

“Do it! It will change you for the better!”

“Just do it you won’t regret it!”

“You’ll definitely benefit and you definitely won’t regret it”

“Don’t worry about whether you can afford it, worry about whether you can afford not to.”

“Just f-ing do it!”

“Don’t rob yourself of an amazing opportunity to make self-care a part of your life! Let Janey and her team help make the positive changes to your health and lifestyle that you have always wanted.”

“DO IT. You will it have so many positives to take away”

“Go for it – great exercise videos, great support from Janey and an amazing group of loving, caring wonderful women on the Facebook group.”

“Give it a try, it’s the best program out there”

“I have just followed the Self Care bootcamp for 2 months and it has surpassed my expectations! I found the combination of mindset audios and exercise and nutrition perfect and easy to follow.  It is much easier to pop on a workout video than try to arrange classes with 2 small people at home.”

“Today I realised how much I have changed since starting these online programs. Physically, I am so much stronger, fitter and leaner. Personally, I am more forgiving of my self, more self aware of what works for me and what doesn’t. Mentally, I’ve continued on my journey to live in the moment and this SELF-CARE bootcamp has seen me really focus on what makes/keeps me sane. Clearing the house before bed so I don’t start on the back foot, working out first thing, dialling down the tech, creating better habits. I thought I was mainly focusing on exercise, food and wine but turns out a whole bunch of other stuff crept in. I know it’s not the end of this bootcamp but I was feeling reflective and wanted to share”

“I signed up to the SELF-CARE bootcamp to help me lose weight and get fitter. I wasn’t that bothered about the self-care angle really, I didn’t think I needed it or would find it useful, but how wrong I was! This program has surpassed all my expectations in so many ways, but mainly because I’ve started to look at myself and my choices and my life completely differently. Yes I’ve lost weight and got fitter… big tick! The workouts were brilliant and I loved that I could dip in and out of them and mix with other things. But I’ve also learnt to leave work at work, AND I also leave work earlier (my friends are shocked by this) and I leave work early guilt free!! I’ve also created an evening routine thanks to all the suggestions on the program, that has meant I’m ending my day relaxed and organised – but without stress or guilt. I’m sleeping so much better which has a positive effect on my eating choices the next day and I’m also now finally starting to realise the importance of being consistent and locking in for life. I loved all the content on habits and a habit’s function, I wish I’d known about all this stuff sooner. Such a great program and I can’t wait to start all over again as I’ll know I’ll get even more from it a second time round. If anyone is reading this and thinking of doing it or not sure if it’s for them, my advice is to sign up and do it, you will take so much from it, whatever your situation and goals!”

Find out more and book you place for the June SELF-CARE bootcamp over on the SELF-CARE program page!