Thank god I was a mindset coach before becoming an SEND Mum!

But oh my goodness, I’ve had to learn mindset on another level as I’ve navigated my way through the soul destroying SEN system.

Including adapting my life bringing up my autistic / ADHD daughter (8) who needs A LOT  – also by myself as a single Mum with 2 older siblings!

And now adjusting to home education since deregistering last September her after she was failed by mainstream education.

All whilst running my own business. AND creating time and energy for ME!

So whether you’re just starting out on your SEN parenting journey. You’re in the midst of the depths of despair and can’t see any positive light at the end if the tunnel. Or whether you know you need to do things differently before you lose yourself and your sanity!

You will get SO much from this.


On this workshop I share:

  • My SEN journey and my major AHA moments
  • The 6Cs of unhelpful thinking to avoid and how to think differently to live better
  • The 10 mindset techniques I can’t be without as a SEND Mum

These include:

  • Put your focus on what you CAN control and learn to let go of the rest
  • You are only as happy as your unhappiest (or self-regulated!) child
  • Understanding maps of the world; no one knows what it’s really like in your world
  • You can have a hard life AND a happy life
  • How when plan A is off the table, you can choose to thrash the hell out of plan B 
  • What you must do to lower worry, regret, guilt, stress, anxiety and comparison
  • Affirmations to reprogram your mind and support you in dark times
  • Operating and parenting from a place of trust not fear
  • Compartmentalising your thoughts, times and emotions and be where your feet are
  • Superheroes need fuel – How to create enough time and energy for you (Yes it IS possible)!

When I ran this live earlier in the year, here’s what some of the women said:

“Absolutely amazing Zoom Janey!! Its was bloody fantastic, thank you!” 

“I’ve just listened to it for the second time round. This has probably been the most useful help I’ve had on my whole SEN journey. It was incredible”

“I wish I had known this sooner. So insightful and helpful. Many, many thanks indeed.”

“Every SEND Mum should watch this. It has changed so much for me”

“What incredible advice. You have transformed how I’m seeing myself, my son, our life as it is now and our future. Thank you so much Janey!”

I have re-recorded the masterclass as a pre-recorded session. And it’s on ME!


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