She remembered who she was and the game changed – FREE masterclass!

This is one of my favourite quotes and there have been quite a few times in the last few years where I’ve had to take back command and remember who the hell I was!


It’s so easy isn’t it to get pulled from pillar to post. To get bogged down with the juggle and monotony of work, home and kids. To get caught up in the stresses and pressures of being a grown up!


We can lose ourselves, lose our confidence, lose our self-worth and do the things that we think we should, rather than what WE really want.


Women’s energy can be completely flattened by doing too much. And when we’re not shining bright in ourselves, that’s when we forget who we really are, we focus on the negatives and get caught up in comparisonitus and feeling low.


2020 has been a year when many women have been surviving not living and I know stress and frustration levels have been high.


Well if this is you and you’d like to end 2020 feeling truly connected to who you are, or maybe you’d just love some lovely nuggets of mindset inspiration from me to lift you up, then watch my “She remembered who she was and the game changed!” masterclass.  This masterclass was recorded recently, and the replay is available on Zoom. Sign up below and you will immediately receive an email with the replay link.


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In the masterclass I share the main reasons women forget who they are…. And the MOST important things you can to reconnect with the real you and take back command of your time, thoughts, energy, choices, passions and actions – so the game changes for you!


I know how it feels to not feel yourself and to have forgotten who you are. I also know how fantastic you feel when you reconnect and remember you you really are. And this is a super upbeat and action packed masterclass – full of top tips and tricks that you can implement straight away!

Janey x

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