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If you’re a female small business owner and you’re wanting to create a successful and enjoyable business, you’ll love my weekly dose of SMALL BUSINESS LOVE. An upbeat and inspirational newsletter dedicated to helping female small business owners get right behind themselves and their product and services, whilst also helping them push through roadblocks…

Whether mindset, motivation, fear, confusion, confidence and impostor syndrome. As well as the practical side of things such as time management, boundaries, compartmentalisation, technology and all those sorts of things that can really hold female small business owners back. And stop them shining bright and getting on with great business. AND having a great business-life balance.

I do NOT believe we should be eating, living and breathing our businesses 247 – that’s not the freedom most people set up their businesses to create! I want us to love our businesses. And be super focused when we need to be and then switch off properly (guilt free) when we need to be!

I’ve been a small business owner since 2001 (23 years as I’m writing this!). And I have been a business coach for over 15 years too.  I also have experience of running two very different kinds of business myself; my previous bootcamps business that I built from scratch and went from turning over £25k to £300k in a few years (which I closed in 2019 after 16 years).

And my current business; a lifestyle online coaching business that I started in 2010 and absolutely LOVE. Which has enabled me to a) move to Devon in 2017 as I could work anywhere in the world b) only work about 44 weeks of the year and c) take and collect my children from school each day AND carve enough time out each week to spend with my parents 🙂

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