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Welcome to the Small Business Mindset Solutions and Support group!

In February, I set up a 5 day challenge to run from Monday 16th to Friday 20th March. But because of what is happening with the Coronavirus and the impact on small business owners and those working for themselves, I’ve adapted this 5 day challenge to become a 3 week Small Business mindset, solutions and support group until Friday 3rdApril.

It’s aimed at people who are self-employed, run a small business and/or work by themselves from home. And also perfect for those who might be thinking of setting up their own business in the future /looking to start working for themselves.

I will be able to help you with mindset switches, practical actions that you can take and lots more.   There are now unlimited Q and As and the Facebook support group will run until Friday 3rd April (possibly longer). If you know anyone struggling in business, particularly with all the changes taking place around us) please share this page with them so they can join us 🙂

This challenge, solutions and support group will be especially helpful to those who are currently feeling stressed, anxious or worried about how to make their business work and stay afloat in the current climate. As well as those who typically:

  1. Have an unhelpful negative voice in their head about their business or setting their own business up
  2. Feel out of control with work / home boundaries and want to take back command of those
  3. Never have enough time to get everything done
  4. Don’t have a clear and simple business plan or don’t know how to get a business idea to life
  5. Are confused about what  they need to do to achieve their business goals or set up by themselves
  6. Are easily distracted, often procrastinate and then give themselves a hard time afterwards as a result
  7. Have to do lists that are never completed or stress them out, or stacks of ideas about what they could do but can’t whittle it down
  8. Worry about what other people think of them, think that others are doing better than them or worry what could go wrong if they set up by themselves
  9. Have lost confidence in themselves, are scared of putting themselves out there, have fear about changing things in their business that aren’t working or indeed leaving their current job to go out alone
  10. Are exhausted from the business / home and /or kids juggle and want to nail better work-life boundaries FOR LIFE!


I am Janey Holliday, a mindset coach with over 15 years experience who has also provided small business coaching for the last 11 of these.

I became self-employed in 2001 when I was 24, set up my first ltd company in 2003 and my second ltd company in 2011.

I’ve grown a big business from scratch with no formal business training, nearly lost that business in the recession but pulled it through by sheer determination! And I then went on to deliberately set up a lifestyle business that has allowed me to move to live by the sea and fit my work around my children 🙂 

I specialise in improving business mindset – so boosting confidence and self-esteem and lowering stress and overwhelm. With a really practical angle – so looking at things like priorities, time-management, getting clarity on what you want and need to do and simple planning techniques.

In the last 18 years of working by myself, (and the last decade as a single Mum too!). I’ve also become a master of compartmentalisation, juggling and boundaries 🙂

And I believe business can be and should be fun! And that you can be calm in your business as you navigate change and overwhelm of the Coronavirus impact

In my own business journey, I know first hand the struggles of:

  1. Working by yourself (especially at home – all those distractions!) and dealing with post-office-depression
  2. Feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done in your business, making scary business decisions and choices and even just getting started
  3. Having fear and procrastination and feeling paralysed as a result as well knowing your self-sabotaging your success but can’t seem to stop it
  4. Knowing you want to make changes to yourself and your business but now knowing how to do it
  5. Losing confidence in yourself, especially by comparing yourself to others who are further down the line than you
  6. Not having clarity on what you really need to do in your business to take it where you want to go
  7. Having never ending to do lists and feeling like a failure when you don’t achieve them
  8. Getting stressed out by juggling everything that needs to be done with work / home and/or kids
  9. Getting pulled into work at times when you said you wouldn’t, losing all sense of boundaries and feeling guilty as a result
  10. And being so stressed with your business that you shut down and fall out of love with it, making you feel like a terrible person and total failure!

And I also know first hand the importance to being calm and focusing on priorities and solutions at times of crisis like this!

But here I am after all this time totally loving my work (more than ever) and I have great business-life balance boundaries. I’m more productive and more relaxed about my work than ever before – yes even at the moment! I have stripped out what doesn’t work, removed the energy vampire projects and I now have way more clarity and confidence, much less fear AND I’m the distraction management queen!

So come and join me on this uplifting and upbeat mindset challenge and let me help you turn your business mindset around!

The outline (you will have access to these videos as soon as you sign up and log in!):

Day One – Improving clarity with what you need to do so you can reach your business goals

Day Two – Boosting your self-worth and self-confidence in your business

Day Three – Nailing better business boundaries

Day Four – Obliterating distraction and procrastination

Day Five – Mastering the business / home juggle


Further information:

  • You will be emailed when the ZOOM Q and As will take place and given a link to join live. These are likely to be about 1145am 3 times a week between now and 3rd April.
  • You can ask me ANYTHING business related, not just about the topics above
  • There is a replay link available to all the Q and A calls.
  • There will be a secret Facebook group for group interaction, inspiration and the opportunity to ask me questions and look for solutions to business dilemmas you may be facing!
  • This challenge is aimed at women but is open to all!


How to join: 

It’s super simple!

Please click the sign up box below and once you’ve submitted your details you will receive an email to give you access to the Joining Instructions AND how to access the Facebook group.

(please note I am GDPR compliant and you will not be bombarded with lots of emails nor added to my mailing list unless you opt in to it)


If you have any questions, please let me know via info@janeyholliday.com

I look forward to working with you and supporting you over the coming weeks and I promise to make it as helpful AND enjoyable as I can!

Janey 🙂

PS. If you’d like to be the first to hear about new programs, bonus content and much much more, make sure you sign up to my weekly newsletter!

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