Sometimes it’s good to go a bit nuts!

Let me start this blog by saying that whatever my body looks like, I still like myself and have respect for my body. When I get smaller or fitter, I don’t equate that with I am a better or more successful person, nor do I give myself a hard time if I choose to be a bit more curvy by training less and eating or drinking a bit more. I think this comes from two things 1) I am always healthy (even if I increase a dress size, it’s not because I’ve been shoving a load of junk food or sugar in my mouth) and 2) After years of being so body critical in my teens and twenties, I just became exhausted and decided one day to stop because it wasn’t serving me.   However, I’m a woman and every now and then I like to lock in and go nuts. And that’s what I’m about to do!

Two years ago, I trained my socks off for 8 weeks before my holiday in Italy and I’ve never looked as good. I was fit, strong and streamlined and I looked bloody good in a bikini and my short shorts. I didn’t get that body from sitting on my butt and dreaming of it, I worked so hard and I deserved to look like that.   For someone who has good body image and tries to live life as authentically as possible, isn’t going to get an amazing bikini body a little ego-based? Yes, perhaps it is. Perhaps we should all be striving to feel good whatever our body shape and size. But I’m a woman and I like to look good and I don’t see anything wrong with going  nuts to get what you want from time to time!  Two years ago, I wasn’t obsessed with my training,, I was just very focused and committed. I wasn’t grumpy when I ate light or turned the wine, I felt empowered. And my life didn’t improve because of the way I looked. But I just felt great. Not just because of my super-toned abs, arms and legs, but because I’d done something for me and completed a challenge I’d set myself.

For a Mum of twins, it was a good feeling to have done this, given myself a fitness focus, and yes put my bikini on and think ‘wow’. After all, as a Mum and especially a busy working Mum, the boys and business take a lot of my time and are often my biggest priority.  But right now with just under 8 weeks to go until my holiday, my body is going right at the top of my priorities and I’m making time for me to train hard and smart.  I’m going to go and get a ridiculously fabulous body for me, not for anyone else and I think that is key.

So what am I going to do?  Well luckily I created the Sugar HIIT Bootcamp and although I don’t need the sugar side as I’m totally sugar-free, the exercise side of it is incredible and I know it will completely change my body.


Each week for the next eight weeks I’ll be doing the following:

  1. 45 minutes of HIIT videos
  2. 90 minutes of Pilates and conditioning videos spread out over 3 days
  3. A 60 minute cardio endurance session
  4. A 45 minute Hiit sprint session
  5. Some top up 5 minute conditioning videos
  6. Having 3 to 4 alcohol free nights and when I do have wine limiting it to 2 glasses
  7. Carrying on with my low sugar / light eating, with perhaps a little bit of extra focus
  8. Sleeping lots with hardly any boozy social functions (I only have 2 big nights planned in the two months). You can’t have your cake and eat it when you are on a mission. Sorry, but many women kid themselves about this!
  9. Doing my daily health habits of coconut oil pulling, turmeric shots and bathing in Epsom salts to boost results even more and get my body as clean as possible
  10. Working alongside a great bunch of women and chatting to them on the Sugar HIIT online forum, so I’m not alone doing this! This is key for me (and many women), because whilst I write this I’m super-motivated but there will be days where I want to throw the towel in! Knowing I’ve got to check in with my team, not only creates camaraderie but it gives you the valuable support you need when on a mission.

throw in the towel

I’m also going to weigh and measure myself behind the scenes and take before and after pictures, so look out for blogs along the way as I make progress! This is not so key for me but whilst I know my body will change shape, the scales may not budge. I’m interested in body composition change, not less numbers on the scale.

Muscle and fat

Finally, I’ve mentally locked into this and got myself organized and prepared.  I’ve looked at my diary, booked in my training sessions and worked out how I can get the most out of the Sugar HIIT program. For me, I choose not to train as hard as this throughout the year because I do choose to prioritise my business and boys, and health over size. But every now and again, it’s all about me and that time is now!

I’ve found images of how I looked two years ago, I know how I want to look on my holiday in 8 weeks, I know how to get it and I’m going to just got for it.

My motto for my blitz 2 years ago was this… LET’S GO NUTS

And so it begins. And I can’t wait!

Janey x

P.S –

Our online bootcamps run all year round and up and coming dates include, Monday 6th June, Monday 4th July and Monday 12th September. For more info and to book your place visit HERE.

Hope this blog finds you happy and healthy!

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  • Gemma tossell June 1, 2014   Reply →

    This is a truly enspiring blog and I now feel even more determind to take control of a more healthier lifestyle! I have always trained on and off and my weight has gone up and down over the years but joining the fit for a princess had been like a breath of fresh air, I have had so much more energy and felt more body confident, I now want to make diet changes so I can feel like this all the time and feel good on the inside! I always look forward to training and feel this is the start of the new me! Thanks Janey!! X

  • Laura June 2, 2014   Reply →

    I am with you Janey – I have 8 weeks too, I am
    40 next year and going to have the body I deserve – did 5k this morning and level 1 of 30 day shred – tonight it is ffap class on Wandsworth common as the only night my husband is home by 7 – here’s to going nuts xxx

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