Working with me is going to change your life and I can’t wait to get started with you!

  • Wondering how I can best help you?
  • Want to see the different ways my current clients are working with me right now?
  • Would like some tips on what’s right for you and where to start?

Read on!

What I offer to help you:

I am a very experienced mindset, life and business coach and there are a few ways to work with me!


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Meet some of my busy female clients and how they are transforming their lives with me! 

No two clients take the same journey. So here is what some of my clients are doing right now!

Time poor, chaotic life, but determined to think better, find solutions and put yourself higher up the to do list? 

Meet Sarah: She epitomises the busy modern woman! She’s juggling work, home, teenage children, neurodiversity challenges, step children, her partner, her health, self and MORE!

What she’s doing: She joined The Women’s Mindset Club in November 2022. She’s done RISE and 30 days to a high vibe life already. And is now working her way through Time BOSS, BEST and BEST:Business. She carves out time every other Friday to come to the live group coaching calls. And finds these live check ins and endless inspiration at her fingertips invaluable.

How does she listen: She listens to calls on her bed when she needs to escape her busy life! And often has the calls playing in the background as she tidies her house and works.

I always feel a sense of calm come over me, knowing I’m going to get an hour with Janey at the end of the week.

Determined to rebuild yourself after something difficult? Want to upgrade your mind and life in private? Would love extra inspiration and company at home?  

Meet Samantha: She is Mum of a teenager, whose husband works long hours.  She’d had a tough couple of years.  But by being dedicated to ‘just pressing play to something each day’, she has completely rebuilt herself, got her mojo back and remembered who the hell she is!

What she’s doing: She started with I’ve got the POWER and loved it. . She is now in The Women’s Mindset Club and making her way through BEST. She loves the combination of these mindset audios, the Q and As and group coaching calls. However, as a private person, she doesn’t ever come to the live group coaching calls herself. She saves them up to watch on replay!

How does she listen:  As she spends a lot of time by herself at home, she listens to some of the calls whilst she is cooking dinner, tidying up and doing housework. When she did I’ve got the POWER, she listened to the 15 minute audios at the start of her walk each day! And the longer ones she does whilst she is running too.

I love listening to my calls whilst on a run. Strengthening my body and mind at the same time!

Got a vision of what you’d love your life to be like? Want to build your inner strength, hatch a plan and quietly make it happen? 

Meet Jess: Jess has been a client for over a decade! She’s done every single program and been on every single retreat. And recently just left a senior position and corporate life after 20+ years to set up her female mentoring business to create the life she’s always dreamt of.  How cool is that?! She is married and has a 10 year old boy. Family is everything to her, but so are her life goals!

What she’s doing: She’s in The Women’s Mindset Club, but also currently combining The VIP Business Club and 121 sessions. She is always dipping in and out of the programs she’s previously done. Because she knows the value of the repetition of positive, helpful and inspiring information!

How does she listen: She listened to calls on her commute, when she used to work in the city. Now, she has a daily practice of listening to one thing before she starts working on her business to get her in a good frame of mind.

To anyone who has a dream or vision, a hunch or gut instinct that there’s a better life waiting for you. My advice is to go for it! And let Janey help you get there

Extremely tight for time? Want a better mindset and life tool kit? Know that if YOU are in a good place, you’ll be a better mother, partner, worker?

Meet Melissa: Melissa has three children, including a baby whose just turned one. She is a fabulous copy writer and runs her own business, Melissa Holmes Creative. She works around the kids; often in the evening when they have gone to bed. She knows that when she looks after her mind, everyone benefits. And, that creating some kind of work-life balance around the chaos is essential.

What she’s doing: She was a founding member of The Women’s Mindset Club. And is working her way through the mindset area. She likes to mix and match the programs. She has done 30 days to a high vibe life (and repeated it!). And is now combining I’ve got the POWER, RISE and BEST.

How does she listen: She mainly listens whilst she’s pottering around her kitchen. Or whilst taking a walk as her baby sleeps in the buggy. And, late at night when she needs a mood, mind and mojo pick me up! She comes to the Friday calls when she can, but usually watches these on replay.

My thoughts, feelings and behaviour have changed loads since I joined The Women’s Mindset Club

Want to work on yourself and be on your own side again? Have better boundaries? To boost your confidence and self-worth? To feel part of a positive tribe? Hit a milestone birthday in the best place you’ve ever been?

This is Becky! Believe it or not, she was sitting on the fence about doing BEST for about 8 years! And in January she bit the bullet and joined The Women’s Mindset Club. Becky is turning 50 next year and wants to have optimum mental and physical health for it.

What she’s doing: She’s got straight stuck into the BEST mindset audios! And has blocked out every Friday lunch time for the group coaching call.  In just a couple of months has reclaimed her boundaries, re-negotiated her work hours so Friday is her non-negotiable ME day. And discovering the joy AND domino effect of becoming your own cheerleader.

How does she listen: Rebecca listens whilst she is driving, ironing or having a bath. Yep you can change your life from your own bath tub!

I am just loving being in The Women’s Mindset Club. I’m so pleased that I pushed through my fear and joined. It really is life changing. And genuinely didn’t think it would have such a positive impact on my life in such a short space of time.

Want to improve your mindset and health? Deal with life’s plot twists better? Get your business mojo back? And make the rest of your life the best of your life?

This is Julia! Julia in her fifties decided to go on a life adventure, so moved to a completely different part of the UK and set up a brand new business! Covid hit the following year and her business was really affected. She has been recovering and rebuilding her business since. As well as her confidence and self-care which had taken a battering. She also had some family challenges to work through too.

What she’s doing: She is in The Women’s Mindset Club and making her way through BEST and BEST:Business. And has also recently had a VIP Fast track VIP day with me. We did four hours of coaching across two days and tackled a lot of different things that needed addressing in one big hit. Which she found invaluable.

How does she listen: Julia spends a few hours a week in her car and this is where she listens to most of her audios! And this spring she has put a self-care plan into action; involving daily morning walks and one of my audios to kickstart her day!

The VIP Fast track day created so much space in my head. And having a clear plan of action (alongside Janey helping me to give myself permission to things I knew I really needed to do!), was such a relief.

Need help to make big changes in your life, want tailor-made support, but don’t have the head capacity to take in other people’s stuff?

This is Lynda! Lynda came to me last autumn, absolutely frazzled. She had got herself trapped on the hamster wheel of life. And was in total shut down mode, not knowing where the hell to start.

What she’s doing: Lynda is combining fortnightly 121s, with The Women’s Mindset Club She is listening to one audio a day as a non negotiable.  She has listened to 30 days to a high vibe life as an easy start, most of BEST 1 and about to start Time BOSS. And we’ve scheduled her to start I’ve got the POWER on Monday 8th May.

How does she listen: She’s listening to the audios in the car or on the treadmill (so she doesn’t need to create more time for the audios!).

I’m blown away by Janey’s ability to get me to listen to so many audios in such a short space of time when I’m so tight for time. I would be lost without them now and I’m making more changes than I ever thought possible!

What about you?

Think you need 121 support?

  • Book in for a one-off power hour with me, of if you think a block or 5 or 10 sessions, we can have some regular sessions or longer sessions.
  • If you want to work with me on-going, we can build a VIP package for you over 3, 6, 9 and 12 month blocks.

(NB: 121 sessions take place in school hours, term time only)

CLICK HERE to book a 121


Thinking about The Women’s Mindset Club but wondering “where do I start?” 

There is no right or wrong way and all members do different things!


You have access to 6 incredible mindset programs! 30 days to a high vibe life, I’ve got the POWER, Overwhelm No More, Procrastination Buster Bootcamp, RISE, BEST 1 & 2 and BEST:Business (the business version of BEST)


These, as the name suggests are shorter, bite size bundles of teachings and topics, inspiration and education that will help you with your mindset AND time management, health, fitness, business and life.


Here is a link to a pdf that shows you a quick snap shot of what’s involved in my individual programs and bite size bundles that are available now and coming up.

As well as the prices and what’s involved in all my services!


Feel free to download and keep.

And scroll down for some examples of where to start and what journey you can take!




Some ideas on where to start once you’re in, if you decide it’s for you!

Here are some journey ideas for you:

Time poor? 

  • Start working through the Time BOSS Express (mostly audios; so you can listen on the go!).
  • This mini program has been designed to help you take back control and create more time, energy and headspace!
  • Do this and you will create time for the things important to you!
  • You could also set off the 30 days to a high vibe life alongside it – as these are just 5-8 minutes a day.
  • Send in any questions around your time struggles immediately, so we can help you from the get-go.
  • And make sure that you come to the “life management planner” group coaching call that is usually on the 3rd Friday of the month – where I share my time management and life planner for the month ahead and answer any time management questions!


  • If you’re overwhelmed in life, you need my content more than anyone! So please don’t disappear, instead let’s help you get started as simply as you can.
  • 30 days to a high vibe life is an obvious option as literally 5-8 mins a day.
  • Just listen to that every day for 30 days and I know you will feel completely differently.
  • If making your way through other content seems scary or too much, just do the 30 days to a high vibe life in month 1 and email in where you’re at so we can get you some immediate bespoke advice via the Q and As.
  • You may prefer, rather than listening to every Q and A / coaching replay, to just listen to your own. Or check the summary and listen to the parts you think are most helpful to you

Lack motivation?

  • I would go straight to I’ve got the POWER and set off the 40 daily audios, which are just 15 mins each a day for 40 days.
  • You can download the (optional) goal setting Ebook and work through that if you like.
  • But these audios by themselves, are just brilliant to fire you up AND help you understand your own motivation methods and sabotage patterns.
  • Just press play and you’ll be away!
  • After this, or even alongside it, you could start working your way through BEST. Many clients have said how these two programs really complement each other well!
  • Email in your motivation blocks and we’ll help you via the Q and As straight away. And use the live Friday group coaching sessions for an offload and that all important accountability and camaraderie!
  • You may find that if you’ve been under stress, you may lack motivation . This is a self-protection response NOT laziness!
  • If stress is a big part of your life, you may want to consider RISE or BEST.

Mindset letting you down? 

  • BEST is your best bet!
  • But if tight for time start with 30 days to a high vibe life as just 5-8 mins a day and that will get you your mind upgrade started fast
  • Then, start BEST from the beginning and work through (ideally chronologically) all of BEST 1 and BEST 2 calls.
  • To maximise your mindset and BEST program experience, make you sure you send us a mind dump of where we are do we can help you ASAP!
  • You’ll not only get bespoke advice to your issues, but hear me and my co-coach Gill Harvey-Bush (psychologist, master NLP practioner and mindset/performance coach) give tons of advice and techniques to other people’s mindset issues; that are completely transferrable to your life scenarios too
  • Please just send us an email of what you’re struggling with and we will help you turn it around in no time!

Stuck in a complete rut? 

  • Simple. Start with RISE.
  • This program – which is just 6 x 25-30 mins audios and mini self-coaching Ebooks for you to work at a pace to suit you; will give you the chance to offload where you are (very cathartic!), to regroup and recalibrate.
  • AND, help you not only build an action plan but also help you tap into your intuition and capability.
  • From here, you can build on this with something like I’ve got the POWER. Even with 30 days to a high-vibe life alongside it.
  • Many people also move on to BEST after RISE too.

Business stressing you out?

  • You need BEST:Business!
  • Start with this and if time management and boundaries are in issue, you may want to make your way through Time BOSS Express alongside it.
  • If you struggle with motivation in your business, then you could always set off the I’ve got the POWER audios too (remember these are just 15 mins a day).
  • We also cover business related things on the Q and A sand Friday group coaching calls too.


You may have some personal roadblocks to joining too!

We know from just about all of our clients that there is likely to be some kind of personal block to changing your life.

Here’s what we see a lot!

A self-confessed procrastinator?

  • Either as an “I’ll do it when” justification! Which means you’re likely to be waiting for the right time.
  • In my experience, there is never a right time. And delaying the inevitable (which is a wonderful new life experience!) is why sooooo many of my clients say “I wish I’d done this sooner!
  • The time is NOW!
  • Or maybe you’re procrastinating because you’re afraid? This is completely normal. Because procrastination is often a stress response. Maybe you have fear of change. A fear of what a better life will mean. A fear that change will be difficult (it’s not with me by the way!).
  • We have lots of resources around procrastination.
  • But what I can tell you right now is once you get going. Once you get to where you want to be.
  • It will feel AMAZING! And you’ll be so proud of yourself.


Don’t trust yourself? 

  • If you’re someone that has signed up for things before and not done anything with them, again you are not alone!
  • I don’t ever want people to sign up and not do anything with it, I want to help you, not just take your money.
  • You could either a) sign up for a month and sign out again if you don’t use it.
  • Or, as some clients do, pay for a year upfront. And use the FB group or even email us for accountabilty.
  • We can also set reminders in the office to pop you an encouraging email once a month.
  • But if you don’t trust yourself this is going to be linked to an unhelpful belief/s. And repeated patterns of behaviour don’t change unless you change them. And we can help you with this!
  • You may also want a 121 now and again.


Think you might self-sabotage? 

  • Self-sabotage is very common and something we cover A LOT in a variety of audios in the hub and via the Q and As.
  • Firstly, never beat yourself up about it. Sabotage is UNCONSCIOUS. Which is why it happens without you a) realising it until it’s too late and b) It is very complex and layered, so shows up in uncanny ways!
  • If you are a self-saboteur, this is down to core beliefs. And the only way to change this is to understand where they came from and override them!


Money tight?

  • Basically get in the hub and maximise your investment!
  • How can you do this?
  • 1) Sign up for a month for £49.99 and give it all you’ve got! Listen to as much as you can, set off the daily emails so you can keep them and sign out just before the second payment is due to come out.
  • 2)Sign up for the £99 10 week pass,  listen to as much content as you can and ask as many questions as you like!
  • My other tip is to not look at the cost but look at the value!
  • Read my most read blog of 2022 called “The price I paid to get where I am today”.


Can’t make the live calls but still want tailor-made advice?

  • Just send in questions and we can cover for you!
  • We can do this via the audio Q and As (you literally just email in as much or as little as you like) and we will give you 20-30 minutes of advice.
  • And we can do the same on the weekly group coaching too.
  • There is no limit on the questions you can ask either. One year, one woman submitted a question just about every week and she got her money’s worth AND some!


Click below for full info and to sign up for The Women’s Mindset Club



Remember ALL programs that are in The Women’s Mindset Club, can be bought as individual programs!

VISIT HERE if that’s more for you.


All the details for the Corporate services I provide can be found here

And if you have any questions at all on the above, please just pop me an email at