STOP making the tiger attack you – Here’s how!

Many women put themselves in fight or flight – and often daily too – just by the way they think, how they talk to themselves and what they pressurise themselves to do.

Their bodies literally think they’re being attacked by a tiger! From those 5 Cs of unhelpful thinking. The catastrophising, complaining, complex and critical thinking, creating stories and choosing stress.

As well as being way too busy, with blurred boundaries, rushing around, multi-tasking and not having enough breaks and headspace etc.

But when your body thinks you’re being attacked, its job is to protect you and help you escape from danger.

And there are some crucial emotional and physical reactions that are very important for women to understand.

Here’s what you need to know – and points 4, 5 & 6 most women have never heard of!

🐅 You probably know that when you’re in fight or flight, your heart rate increases in preparation for you having to runaway fast from that tiger. Your body also prioritises blood supply to your heart and lungs and large muscle groups.

🐅 But it also shuts down blood supply to the digestive system – with a huge impact on gut health, nutrition uptake and immunity when continually repeated. We also now know the huge link between the gut-brain axis. If we want good brain health, long term health and great mental health, we need to look after our guts!

🐅 It also increases cortisol into the blood stream (which once released and if not used, tends to be stored as fat around the middle). So after your body thinks you’ve been attacked by a tiger – and especially when it thinks you’re repeatedly being attacked by one – it will crave high energy foods and stimulants. So a repeated stress response WILL impact food cravings and weight gain.

🐅When you’re being attacked by a tiger, your body does not need emotions getting in the way. You have to get laser focused for action. This can be why many women who are in a permanent stress response get so stuck in the do-do-do zone. They lose self-connection. They ignore warning signs. They mask their true feelings. Because the body is being instructed that action and escape are the priorities. It doesn’t want to deal with emotions as this will impact your chance of survival.

🐅When you need to escape from a tiger you need to think fast and act fast. So a lot of modern day women are caught in sped up thinking and mega fast reaction patterns. This means they don’t take the time to think properly, nor be ON their lives enough. This is why it’s so easy to get stuck on that hamster wheel of life. And make the same mistakes.

🐅As human beings we are programmed to look for bad. But when you are in a repeated stress response, you put yourself onto a major high alert for it. This can create anxiety, impact sleep and influences your RAS filter (Your inbuilt algorithm in your brain that searches for what it thinks you need and want more of). And it can also mean women have resistance to create calm and quiet that they desperately need – because unconsciously the brain does NOT think that’s a good thing to do, when a tiger’s on the loose!

🐅Your brain also thrives from repetition and automation. So once you get caught in this consistent and often chronic stress response, it’s very easy to stay in it. Your brain even searches for more of what it’s got used to! When women say “Why do I keep doing this or living like this?”. It’s often because it’s actually become your autopilot and comfort zone; even though you don’t want it. Crazy hey?

This is what you need to do instead!

✅ Lean into to overwhelm – It really is a clue something needs to change. It means a tiger is attacking you.

✅ Lighten your thinking –Just by thinking better, the tiger stays away! Even if you have a busy life, the tiger doesn’t attack IF the story about all that doing is calmer and softer.

✅ Challenge the pressured narrative – That ‘should’ in your head is a TIGER! Especially if a catastrophic tone is thrown in!

✅ Compartmentalise – By segregating the different areas of you life, you will have a much simpler vibe about you. Your brain will work better. And this creates a sense of safety for you.

✅ Learn how to say NO more and without guilt – Guilt is a tiger too! And creating better boundaries and giving yourself permission for what you truly need, means your life will feel kinder and gentler.

✅ Channel your inner Grandma – Taking more breaks, having more quiet time, simplifying your life is such a stress-tiger-prevention tactic! Modern day women do NOT have enough headspace habits and breaks – and this means the stress dial ramps up.

✅ Get off your phone more – Info overload, negative information, going against yourself from incorrect comparison from the endless front of house images you see – these all add up and stir the tiger to attack!

✅ Get yourself out of urgent mode – Goodness me, this is crucial to protect yourself from that tiger! Panic, pressure and deadlines create an entirely different response in the body to the pace and patience you create, when things you’re doing don’t have to be done today.

✅ Learn to compromise well – Compromising is where you move away from fighting and into acceptance. In our world where there are so many options and opportunities, the tiger attacks when we’re trying to strive for it all and can’t make decisions.

✅ Deliberately create a better identity and life experience for yourself – You need to move away from the person who gets endlessly attacked by a tiger because of their current thinking, habits and actions. And shift into the identity of the person that doesn’t.

✅ Make a decision that you are NOT going to live like this anymore – And by rewriting your rule book for the future, you can depict whether you’re under constant attack, or whether in fact you free yourself.

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Janey x

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