The Sugar HIIT Bootcamp – Pre/Post Natal info

If you are pregnant or have recently had a baby, you can still do the Sugar HIIT bootcamp but with modified exercise.


Here are two audios  and a video which explain more…

1) How to get the most out of this program if you are pregnant – Click here to listen

2) How to get the most out of this program if you’ve recently had a baby – Click here to listen

3) Here is a short video with Jo, regarding her Pilates videos if you are pre/post natal – Click here to watch (password: MTE123)


Please find below 4 x 5 minute ab exercises suitable for new Mums who’ve had their 6 week post natal check. Start by doing one at a time if you are a very new mum!

You can do these if your abs are still separated as they are not crunch type exercises, but please watch out for doming, pull your abs in tight the whole time and if anything doesn’t feel right ot hurts, please stop.

Post Natal Abs 1 (password: MTE123) the last move on this video is a reverse curl and some women find this too hard early on, if you feel lie your abs dome out on the reverse curls, just do minutes 1 to 4

Post Natal Abs 2 (password: MTE123)

Post Natal Abs 3 (password: MTE123)

Post Natal Abs 4 (password: MTE123)