The Sugar HIIT bootcamp – Sprint audios

Your sprint audios are used on Friday in Week 1 and Monday in Week 2, but should you wish to do them sooner, you can download them from the link below (scroll to the bottom of this page for instructions on how to download audios to iTunes/Dropbox!)

20 min Sprint audio 1

25 min Sprint audio 2

Sprint audio 3

Sprint audio 4


The sprint audios are designed to jog and run to, but you can also do them on the cross trainer, bike and stepper if you wanted a low impact option. You can also power walk and walk faster on the surges.

To get the most out of them and if you haven’t done them before please do the following:

  1. Warm up properly first
  2. Spend a few minutes getting into a steady state jog
  3. Press play and listen to my voice over the music that tells you what you need to do
  4. They are fairly simple instructions that are designed to make you run faster and further, helping you reach that higher intensity you might not get to by yourself!
  5. If the sprints are too long, please press pause and recover, or stop sprinting and go back to power walking if you need to.
  6. They are 20 and 25 minutes long and more sprint audios will be released throughout the bootcamp.
  7. Have fun and enjoy them!


Please remember these sprint audios are free add-ons to this program and we are not selling them to you. We don’t have the rights to the music, we have simply made them to help you out. Please don’t copy or share them. Many thanks!


How to download audios to iTunes

How to download audios to Dropbox