The Sugar HIIT bootcamp – Warm Up and Stretch videos

Here are your warm ups, which we ask you to do before participating in any workout video, including the Fitness Test.

If you are on a conditioning and pilates day, you can either do the cardio/conditioning warm up or the pilates warm up… or even better, you could do both!  But if you’ve never done Pilates before, please do the Pilates warm up.

It is very important to stretch after a workout, and there are two stretch/cool down videos below.


Cardio/conditioning warm ups

Warm Up 1 (password: MTE123)

Warm Up 2 (password: MTE123)


Pilates introduction/warm ups

Introduction to Pilates (password: MTE123)

Pilates floor technique (password: MTE123)


Stretch videos 

Stretch 1 (password: MTE123)

Pilates cool down and stretch (password: MTE123)