Sugar HiiT

As a former sugar addict, I know how frustrating it can be to WANT to lower or quit the white stuff, whilst finding it impossible to believe that you can have a good life without it.

If you’re wanting to take back control of your eating (AND get fitter and stronger – an added bonus!) you are in the right place!

I struggled to manage sugar for years, then I went completely sugar free for about 10 years (and loved it!) and now I can have the odd bit here and there and it doesn’t trigger me. I completely transformed my relationship with sugar and trust me, if I can do it ANYONE can!

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The SUGAR HIIT program is for you if…

  • You want to reset your eating  and feel  inspired  make  different  choices
  • You’d love to improve your body strength and function
  • You have sloppy, sugary eating habits that have crept back in
  • You fancy a month long challenge to see what your body’s made of
  • You are concerned about your health regarding your sugar intake
  • You want to really understand sugar
  • You’re afraid of giving up sugar or resistant to giving up sugar
  • You’re afraid of giving up sugar or resistant to giving up sugar
  • You want a positive and supportive program that will inspire you to want to sort out your sugar habits for good
  • You want to do all you can to prevent chronic disease as you get older yet also feel and look the way you want to right now
  • You’d love to improve and strengthen your core?
  • Need a friendly but swift kick up the backside when it comes to exercise!
  • Want to try some HIIT workouts to boost your fitness and results?
  • Want a personal trainer in your pocket?
  • Want ideas on hassle-free healthier eating?
  • Would love a positive, judgement free sugar inspiration program

Here’s one of our Sugar HIIT bootcampers, Clare who could not believe how much her face changed in just one month! She followed the Sugar HIIT to the letter and was astounded to how much her body, face AND cravings changed in just a few weeks.


BB Clare Adkins face

SUGAR HIIT (that you can start anytime and repeat as many times as you like) includes:

  • Pre-bootcamp webinars explaining how to make the programme work best for you
  • A Sugar HIIT starter pack Ebook with everything you need to know about the program
  • A low sugar eating plan with shopping lists, low sugar photo food diaries
  • Daily motivational emails from Janey – includes a daily ‘Beating sugar’ audio, recipe of the day, an article about sugar and your daily sugar quiz!
  • A comprehensive but simple exercise program to follow
  • Over 4 hours of online video workouts including, Pilates, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and conditioning routines
  • Options for everyone depending on your ability and fitness
  • Fun and experienced trainers take you through your paces
  • You choose when you do your workout videos
  • Watch videos on any laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone
  • Also includes HIIT sprint audios
  • Lots of training tips provided too!


Sign up for SUGAR HIIT here!

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The Sugar Hiit Bootcamp – £29.99


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Remember you can begin the Sugar HIIT bootcamp at a time that suits you, it’s super simple to get started!  There are 28 daily emails and you can trigger these whenever you like, by clicking a link. And if you just want to do the Sugar part of the program, and leave the fitness part for now, that’s absolutely fine.  Any questions, let me know!