Summer holiday proof your body and mind!

Busy Mum? Thinking how did the summer holidays come round so quick? And how you will juggle it all?

Worried how you’ll keep sane? Will you be able to find the time to exercise? Will your food management go out the window?

Look no further because I’ve created a mini ‘SUMMER HOLIDAY PROOF YOUR BODY AND MIND’ Ebook!

This eight page Ebook has some really useful self-coaching questions to help you hatch a realistic plan and 10 things I’ll be doing / have done to help me effortless organised and to balance everything out (especially if you’re someone who wants to get fit or stay fit this summer).

So whether you’re a stay at home Mum, a working Mum, or a single working Mum like me, this Ebook will HELP YOU this summer!

It includes:

  • 10 simple but highly effective self-coaching questions that will help you unravel your strengths, weaknesses, whether what you want to achieve is realistic, as well as looking at what self-limiting beliefs and habits you might have that perhaps have stopped you from having a happy and healthy summer before
  • 10 things I’ll be doing this summer as I balance out work, kids, a couple of breaks away, ME time and home, which are stacked full of top tips and advice to help any busy Mum
  • A variety of discount codes off all my 28 day online fitness bootcamps, my 12 week 10 Minutes a Day bootcamp (seriously great for busy women!) and my brand NEW Triceps Toner package which has 6 astonishing arm workouts (I mean even if you ended the summer with really strong and shapely arms that would be a bonus right?!)

All you need to do is sign up below and once you’ve activated your sign up, you’ll be emailed a link to access your Ebook straight away. Please note that I am GDPR compliant and you won’t be sent anything else unless you choose to opt in to it 🙂


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