Summer holiday proof your body

If you’re a Mum with school age children, the chances are you may have already written off your fitness for the summer hols. Maybe you’re telling yourself you won’t have the time, or you’re not in a routine or it will be too difficult juggling it all.   Perhaps you’re suggesting to yourself that eating healthily will be too hard as you’ll be out more, having to grab things on the go or being more social with BBQs and holidays.

And it’s this time of year when that’s when women say things like ‘There’s no point’ or ‘I might as well leave it until September’. But there is a point – your health, well being and sanity! And yes you could leave it if you want to. But you don’t have to. It’s about a choice and if you want to make that choice –great. But don’t listen to a bunch of excuses if deep down you’d like to make a different choice!

One of the underlying reasons women tend to think like this is because of a powerful self-limiting belief – which is what I call the ALL OR NOTHING mindset.

The belief that you have to put in 100% and be perfect – otherwise don’t bother. This fails women on every level because it simply isn’t true! And when women go into ‘nothing’ mode, they often go into self-sabotage mode, then feel worse about themselves, then eat or drink more and so the vicious negative snow ball begins.

I believe women must move away from striving for perfection, and instead aim for consistency. Which is happily doing things less than perfectly – but ALL of the time – including the school holidays!

It means keep showing up and doing, despite the summer holiday juggle BUT crucially taking time off and indulging guilt free as well, to ensure you enjoy your Summer fun – life is for living right?!


So here are 10 ways to summer proof your body and balance out your focus and fun!

  • Create an adaptable routine – Work in 3 to 5 day blocks rather than thinking about your whole 6 to 8 week summer holiday. This helps you in a few ways, firstly because if you’re anything like me each day and week will be different and also you’ll learn along the way. That means you can adapt things as you work out what works and what doesn’t. Working in smaller chunks helps massively with organization too AND food planning.


  • Do less but do it – I won’t be training for 75 mins a day 5 days a week as I normally do. So I will be lowering my training slightly but not stopping completely. Also for me, there will be some days where I won’t be able to exercise at all. But this is OK! Days off are part of my success. My summer holiday mindset around exercise is this: on the days I can I will and I’ll work hard and on the days I can’t I won’t – guilt free!


  • Buddy up – This can mean with a friend so you help look after each other’s kids so you get a break to train, or you could have fitness dates where you train together and the kids hang out near by in the park or in your garden if you’re working out at home. Or, use a support group like our SELF-CARE bootcamp secret Facebook group that means you’re checking in and accountable with other ‘virtual’ Mums (For more tips on accountability, CLICK HERE) who are also working out over the summer hols! Seeing how other women are squeezing their exercise in and getting healthy food ideas is so, so helpful!


  • Blend online workouts with outdoor activity – The winning formula in my view! I prefer exercising outside but in the holidays, I blend 30 to 40 minutes of online workouts with as much outdoor activity as possible. I prefer to get my workouts done first thing whilst the kids are happy watching a bit of TV, then we’re outside on the move as much as possible. I like to aim for at least 10,000 steps a day over the summer too. Longer days and lighter evenings means you can all take a stroll after dinner if you haven’t clocked enough in the day as well.


  • Know the difference between reasons and excuses – We have a saying on the SELF-CARE program called ‘Do it anyway’. Kids off school, do it anyway, raining, do it anyway, don’t want to, do it anyway, tired, do it anyway, you get the picture! Be better than your excuses ladies and see any barriers you have as hurdles – and get over them!


  • Follow the 80/20 rule all summer long – As I’ve already touched on, consistency is key. Usually I like to follow the 90/10 rule but for me this drops slightly over the summer to an 80/20 and maybe 70/30 some weeks. Another good tip is to give yourself a mark out of 10 or a % of how well you did that day. Some days you may only give yourself a 50%, othes maybe a 90%, but each week aim for an average of 80% and you’ve nailed it!


  • Lock into mini challenges – Whether it be five online workouts in five days, no sugar for a week, no booze for three days or going to as many classes at your local park or gym in the 10 days before your holiday – little mini challenges help you lock in and do something different. It can be little things like drinking 2l of water a day or making your own picnic everyday rather than buying unhealthy things when you’re out. They all add up. These can be done in little pockets that you choose to do around what you’ve got going on. Change them each week too, depending on what you’ve got on. Our SELF-CARE girls love doing these things with each other! At the moment we have a group of girls on a press ups challenge, others doing double workouts, others not using their Iphones as much, others not drinking. They really work!


  • Give yourself permission to go off focus – I teach my clients that going off focus and having blow outs is PART OF SUCCESS AND SELF-CARE! But you need to be clever not to waste calories and toxins on food, drink, things, activities or people you don’t really enjoy and most importantly enjoy them guilt free! I can’t wait to get stuck into some ice creams and extra wine over the summer, but they will be eaten and drunk with a smile on my face!


  • Create your summer holiday non-negotiable habits – These are one or two things that you are committed to doing that are literally non-negotiable (like brushing your teeth in the morning). Maybe it’s juicing every day or doing 12,000 steps. Perhaps no wine before 6pm or 4 workouts a week. It’s the no matter what mentality, i.e. the things that you know will have a positive impact on your health and well being and you’ll do them no matter what!


  • Use the SELF-CARE mindset – The question we get the SELF-CARE girls to ask themselves, literally all of the time is “Is what I’m about to do an act of SELF-CARE?” Sometimes a glass of wine is an act of SELF-CARE, the second or third might not be. But also “Is what I’m feeling an act of SELF-CARE?”. This is why so many women have stopped feeling guilty about taking days off and enjoying indulgences from our programs. But also why more of them are able to get to their workouts because they see pain and a challenge and getting their workout done as an act of SELF-CARE!


So… if you’re a woman who wants to summer holiday proof her body, try the above tips and if you need support and encouragement (and perhaps a swift kick up the backside from time to time!) over the summer holidays, come and do my SELF-CARE bootcamp!

They kick off on Monday 17th July and Monday 31st July and it doesn’t matter if you join in a few days late. You build your bootcamp around you and we don’t believe in perfection or the ALL OR NOTHING mindset!

We also have a 241 offer on at the moment which means you and a friend can share the cost of a full price bootcamp (£49.50 each) which is just £1.75 a day, woo hoo! Don’t forget to check out the amazing testimonials HERE or full program details and how to book are HERE!

Any questions let me know and I look forward to supporting you busy Mums over the summer months – WE CAN DO THIS!

Janey x

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