Summer Holiday Sanity Club

If you’re a woman heading into the summer holidays thinking “How will I manage to juggle everything?” – everything being work, kids, health, home and heavens above YOURSELF (!) – then you’ll love my Summer Holiday Sanity Club!

One thing my clients LOVE is seeing my back of house and how I use mindset techniques, tap into my motivation drivers and use simple but powerful practical strategies. To help me juggle positively, keep calm and create the right time and energy for all the things that are important to me – including my business!

This summer I’m working condensed hours with some clear and fairly big goals I want to achieve in my business. Plus I intend on having a summer of absolute fun with the kids too! I’ll be maintaining (and possibly even improving!) my fitness, I’ll be eating tasty, healthy, simple meals and also indulging guilt free when I fancy it. I want to keep on top of my home and I will 100% making enough time for ME.

HOW? Well I’m going to teach you what you need to do AND show you along the way – you’ll also have me supporting you all summer long, so you definitely won’t be alone.

I am a single Mum of three; nearly 14 year old twin boys and a 6 year old girl with a lot of additional needs (ASD & SPD) and I have them 100% of the time. Like many small business owners and Mums, I want to ensure that I’m on the ball to tackle any economy dips and be in a good place at the end of summer, so that Autumn and Winter isn’t stressful and an uphill struggle.

I know that if I can juggle positively, keep calm (well most of the time ha ha!) and create the right time and energy for all the things that are important to me,  I’m telling you, YOU CAN TOO! 

The Summer Holiday Sanity Club is now closed for bookings – but you can purchase the Summer Holiday Sanity Club preparation resources for £19.99 – which will help you take command of your summer, whatever you have going on in your life!

A “You CAN create your optimum summer holidays!” Zoom, mini ebook and spreadsheet –  Teaching you how to set the intention for the summer you want, get clear on any roadblocks you might need to find solutions for and working out your summer priorities and non-negotiables – including the FUN stuff and any MUST-DO work things. And of course how to start create the ultimate summer holiday sanity mindset!

And a “HOW to compartmentalise and manage your time over summer”  Zoom and spreadsheet – A more practical call to help you take command of your yes/no choices, boundaries, distractions, time wasters and energy vampires. Enabling you to be focused and motivated when you need to be but allow you to switch off and have fun guilt free when you want to.

You can download my spreadsheets, save them and tailor-make them to become your own!

The price for the Summer Holiday Sanity Resources only

This is for the two x 60 minute zoom replays and ebook / templates

IS £19.99! 

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Here’s to a healthy, happy and SANE summer – because we have the power to make it so!


Janey x